Benna by luusuede
Bennaby luusuede
What can happen when the Bronx's king pin known as "Black" crosses paths with little miss Benna Leé. From raising her baby brother with her elder brother, to d...
  • innocent
  • drama
  • feature
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Broken by yumgucci
Brokenby 𝕷𝖊𝖆 ♡
Sixteen year old Izel (EYE-ZEL) has been going through the rough patches every since she was young. Her father passed away before she was born, and her mother went and g...
  • alsinanation
  • thug
  • gắng
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What You Need (Thug) by kaylachinam
What You Need (Thug)by kaylachinam
He had the whole bad boy/thug thing going on. His pants were sagged just enough and he had multiple gold chains hanging from his neck and a gold watch. He also had 3 pho...
  • tattoos
  • 19
  • young
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❤️ Not Looking For Love . by GoldenSlim
❤️ Not Looking For Love .by Urban Junky .
All Dyamon's Life She Had To Struggle . Her Father Left Her Family . Her Mother Is A Abusive Drug Addict & She Hates Her Big Sister & Her Boyfriend . So All She Has Is H...
  • love
  • pain
  • hurt
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In Love With The Opposite  by Tydoll_
In Love With The Opposite by Ty💕🦄🍭
"You need to stop playing hard to get before somebody else snatches his ass up" "I can tell he's not my type" "Let a real nigga treat you righ...
  • lucascoly
  • urban
  • aaleeyahpetty
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Just Us || Dave East Love Story by Kixxminikex
Just Us || Dave East Love Storyby Tree.Jayy
It's just us, like it's always been.
  • love
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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Digga (BWWM) | Completed by KarterSinclair
Digga (BWWM) | Completedby K.Sinclair
  • thug
  • highschool
  • whiteboy
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All of Me by UrbanGlitter
All of Meby UrbanGlitter✨
• This book contains SEXUAL CONTENT and VULGAR LANGUAGE, so in order for you to see ALL parts of the book, you have to FOLLOW me, some chapters may be PRIVATE• I have no...
  • love
  • fiction
  • generalfiction
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Lil Attitude. A Nba Youngboy Story by NbaGangg
Lil Attitude. A Nba Youngboy Storyby Youngin 🤪❤
Key moves down to Louisiana. She meets the NBA members and gets close with them especially Kentrell. They have ups and downs. WARNING !!!! this is my first book so it's...
  • hood
  • nbaboomer
  • wattys2018
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NYC by Clarencenyc_
NYCby Clarence White
New York, the big apple, broadway , this is what you think about when people say the words new york right? Wrong. What about the gangs, the prostitution, the drug lords...
  • karinjinsui
  • gangsta
  • newyork
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Finding My Way by XclusiveTee__
Finding My Wayby XclusiveTee__
Jamyla didn't ask for the lifestyle she was forced into it . Going through a lot of obstacles trying to find her way to happiness...
  • love
  • urbanstory
  • kingpin
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Raped By My Step-Brother!! by jmuaah
Raped By My Step-Brother!!by Clueless
I moved into the home of my mother's fiancé, and was thrilled to be greeted with a mansion. However, when I met the two sons that lived in the home, my life suddenly bec...
  • love
  • man
  • cheating
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Possibility //A$ap Rocky Story// by Hot_topic_jada
Possibility //A$ap Rocky Story//by خوبصورت پاگلپن
"Get her"I heard them yell. I ran as fast as I could and made it to my truck. I unlocked it and got inside and then locked the door. I tried to turn on the car...
  • loyalty
  • urban
  • thuglove
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We thuggin together by Arianna9
We thuggin togetherby Arianna <3
Copyright © 2013-14 All Copy Rights Reserved Trust nobody. Is the mentality Ciara has adapted to over the years. After a crazy night with her mom, she finds herself in...
  • rumors
  • school
  • thug
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Who's bad now? by SharonnaLewis
Who's bad now?by Queen_of_smiles101
"What are your trying to say" "Like I said girls can't fight" "Drew you better get him before your going to need a new second in command" I...
  • gangleader
  • volience
  • queen
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Arranged Marriage To A Thug by LilYusif
Arranged Marriage To A Thugby Lil Yusif
18 yr. old Monica got the surprise of her life when her parents told her she had an arranged marriage. It just so happen the Arranged Marriage was to the 20 yr. old str...
  • thugslove
  • teens
  • love
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New Balance by lolwydkira
New Balanceby Princess
Most of us are hurting, Most of us are searching. Someone to love, Someone to understand. You're my Salvage. You're my Balance. ...
  • urban
  • hood
  • daveeast
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Suri Sloan (Dave east) by 50ShadesofAlsina
Suri Sloan (Dave east)by The Official Ricia.
Suri Sloan (S-uh-re/ Sl-own) . "Get out man Suri, I don't want you here no more." "Kade you said you'll always be there for me, you told me you LOVE me!&q...
  • cheating
  • mature
  • nickiminaj
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down for you ➳ ybn glizzy. by idfwubruh
down for you ➳ ybn ♛ //
zion never thought that he would fall in love, until he met kenzie. ✨ started: 041918 ended: 052618 [ down for you © idfwubruh 2018. all rights reserved. ]
  • forever
  • pregnant
  • love
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Gun Show || Dave East||  by MerissssB
Gun Show || Dave East|| by ✨ MerissssB ✨
The music bumped through the whole house. Lora was dancing with some guy, leaving me to sit by myself on her couch. To the left of the couch was a kissing couple and to...
  • maturethemes
  • thug
  • daveeast
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