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We Promise You  by killer_raven
We Promise You by killer_raven
One day everything seems to change. A boy's day by day life suddenly shifts when he's confronted by two boys with one desire. Can a nobody become a somebody?
Eiffel Tower- Colson Baker & Pete Davidson  by Fanfictionorwhatever
Eiffel Tower- Colson Baker & Fanfictionorwhatever
Eiffel Tower- A threesome with two guys and a girl, where one guy is hitting it from behind, and the other guy is getting head. The guys are high-fiving over the girl...
Loving Them  by icexbaby
Loving Them by Icy Girl ❄️
Alphas Awaiting, Leonardo and Bronco DeLuca have been searching for their mate since they turned 15 years old and began their training with the elders. Emerson Richards...
Unforeseen Circumstances by welch_gummies
Unforeseen Circumstancesby welch_gummies
Your daddy knows you're a flame Your daddy knows you're a flame Oh child don't you know Your daddy love come with a life time guarantee Your daddy knows you're a flame D...
Never Say Never by DrxcoIsMyPxpi
Never Say Neverby Angela 🖤
Don't question it pls- 😗 Ships: Tanjiro x Y/N x Giyuu Extra: I got this idea while i was listening to a Giyuu playlist- I am rlly in love with him and Tanjiro so I tho...
The Jewel in the Rough by mcdinkley101
The Jewel in the Roughby mcdinkley101
Jules was a high school student suffering from constant torment from others Chrissy was a high school teacher just trying to survive her life What happens when the two c...
♡Daddy's Girls by OnyxNoelCat
♡Daddy's Girlsby My Real Name Is Kenzie
♡Two best friends, one in collage and the other followed her bestfriend. They work at a strip club. What happens when a kingpin wants both of them?
EFFERVESCENT ⇀ Twilight [SOON]   by atinyidea
EFFERVESCENT ⇀ Twilight [SOON] by bonnie
A Retelling Of Twilight. Genevieve Jessalyn Montgomery used to be more than what she is. Or maybe it is now that she is more than what she was. Time was complicated and...
Me and You: Can we make it? by Expressyourselftt
Me and You: Can we make it?by Expressyourselftt
Gina, Jamie and Alex continue on their quest. Or do they? Be sure to read Me and You: The Beginning before reading this one!
Wish upon a star by hazey_bunny
Wish upon a starby Bunny
I've had I crush on them for years well since my first year here, I can't stop thinking about them. will they feel the same or think I'm a weirdo.
All the Love We Create by DCarlisle045
All the Love We Createby DCarlisle045
Finding a partner is hard. If you add in being polyamorous, married and living in a conservative state you may as well be asking for Bigfoot.
Charmed by sagerage
Charmedby sagerage
Give it a shot if you dare.😔
The Broken Alpha Queen//On Hold by stolyourkidfromlowes
The Broken Alpha Queen//On Holdby Bella
Alicia Smoke was the only female alpha in the world. Her wolf's strength forced her and her sister Alexis to leave their home in Europe at the age of twelve. She was now...
I Don't Care by akira3636
I Don't Careby Hailey
The Kings are very famous and rich. As part of the upper society they have an image to maintain. Meet Alexi King, the youngest some of the King family. Alexi is black pa...
Serenity by WeKindaDead
Serenityby Le Angry Bat
||{•------» Serenity «------•}|| In which Aubrey Williams must deal with the aftermath of being captured by the Avengers **** Aubrey Williams hasn't had the best life. S...
Beronica Smuts & Oneshots by buggies_heart
Beronica Smuts & Oneshotsby Calia (KAY-LEE-UH)
A bunch of Beronica smut, fluff and angsty oneshots. requests open ❤️
His Two Leading Ladies  by onlymeh123
His Two Leading Ladies by OTF&NBA WIFE
Dominique and Jayda are the celebrity it couple and they fall in love with a regular high school girl from the wrong side of the tracks what happens when media pressure...
Thruple by sadistsoulz
Thrupleby sadistsoulz
When she was 24 years old she has a shocking discovery that she likes women. She always had Heterosexual monogamous relationships, but it was due for a change. Catherine...
Deeper (boyxboy) by phyxsis
Deeper (boyxboy)by phyxsis
Kiegan came to Crimson High thinking he'd dread everything about it. His thoughts were similar to "An all boys school will be dreadful" What will he think now...
The thruple by oliviapagan12
The thrupleby oliviapagan12
3 guys meet unexpectedly. One a guy that looks like a girl, two a guy that talks about how black he is, and 3 the guy who acts like an E-boy. Will they stay together th...