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Who Killed Agatha? (Published Under PSICOM Publishing Inc.) ni VChesterG
Who Killed Agatha? (Published Vince Chester
Sixteen-year-old Agatha, a famous author and high achiever in school, had everything to live for. That's why when she jumps to her death, her best friend questions the c...
She Is He The Reincarnated Daughter Of Cold King  ni SiyntaxError
She Is He The Reincarnated Yiyi is not Xixi
He is lazy, numb, sleepy head, smart and most of all he is the type of man who does not care what happens in the world. he died for his stupidity. He crossed the highway...
Crown of Astria ni Aria_Aeldra
Crown of Astriani Seriouslene
✓ | Tagalog | Because of Astria Kingdom's wealth and economic success, the throne was broken by violence, the crown was earned by treachery. To seek revenge and justice...
The Mysterious Girl of Choralais Academy  ni eunianie
The Mysterious Girl of Choralais .
[ COMPLETED not yet EDITED] Highest Rank Achieved: #1 in Fantasy #1 in Mystery #2 in Adventure #3 in Thriller #8 in Powers #16 in Academy #20 in Magics Reinesmee Jordai...
RED EYED PRINCESS ✔️ ni kimlyshane22
You can hide, but not for too long. Start hiding now, Coz' if i find you. Are you ready to face the death? I can kill you with my own bare hands. -Deidine
I hate billionaires: So, I hate my child's father. ni NikkieREN
I hate billionaires: So, I hate RedCandy
Lori wants to get pregnant because of her father's wish. She found a cute guy at the bar and decided to do it with him. She succeed. She's pregnant now. After 6 years. ...
My Brother's Obsession (Hamilton Series #1) ni Snow_Bear
My Brother's Obsession (Hamilton Aleiahxess
CLAIRE DELFIN a Grade 12 student. She's 17 years old girl who want a peaceful life. Not until she met her Brother ALEXANDER HAMILTON. He's 21 years old. Magiging masaya...
SEX WITH A GHOST ni hoelynini
Si Isha ay isang dalagang naghahangad ng "thrill" sa kaniyang buhay. Sa pagbabakasyon n'ya sa probinsya ay mangyayari ang hindi n'ya inaasahang pangyayari na b...
Ang Lihim Ng Sitio Puti ni cleffhanger
Ang Lihim Ng Sitio Putini Cleffy Garcia
Walang ibang hangad si Dra. Chenimeth Bayron kundi ang makapagbigay ng libreng serbisyo sa mga kapos-palad. Dahil dito, napagpasiyahan niyang sumama sa isang grupo ng mg...
Reincarnated as the idiot daughter (COMPLETED) ni Suna_Min_Chiii
Reincarnated as the idiot Martina Alexandria Berog
Venice Alfonso, is an assasin in her previous life. She got the beauty and skills and no one can deceive her because she got the mind. Until, her partner killed her. She...
My 15 Brothers And Me [Under Major Editing] ni Hazeszy
My 15 Brothers And Me [Under Haze
Sypnosis Andilyne Dave was just a typical senior highschool student. Lumaking mag isa at namuhay ng tahimik. Not until his father surprised him one day telling her that...
Mystic Club: The Paranormal Detectives ni Illinoisdewriter
Mystic Club: The Paranormal 🌸𝓛𝓸𝔀𝓵𝓪 𝓟𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓸 🌸
When everyone thought that they figured out all the puzzling mysteries that surround them and that everything has its own scientific explanation, Colbie Corryl Quizon ca...
The LeFevre Mafia (1): Sold to the Mafia Boss [PUBLISHED UNDER POP FICTION] ni grysorange
The LeFevre Mafia (1): Sold to Grace Orencia
The LeFevre Mafia Series: Marcus LeFevre's story 1st installment of the LeFevre Mafia series. All LeFevre stories are interconnected. PUBLISHED UNDED SUMMIT MEDIA'S POP...
The Unknown Maiden (UNDER REVISION) ni qirlNsh4dow
The Unknown Maiden (UNDER REVISION)ni 𝓭𝓸𝔀𝔂
[ TUM: BOOK ONE ] A maiden with crystal blue hair appeared in Greece Academy, her eyes were white like it's representing the light of heaven. She's radiating a powerful...
Dragon Flames ni azeoxero
Dragon Flamesni anglcmryn
There is a certain time in the world that dragons normally exist with humans. But human develops power that can beat them gone until there is no trace of their existence...
K-High (Korosu High) Under Revision ni Jxneau
K-High (Korosu High) Under Revisionni Juneau
A school where killing is the only way for students to graduate. Four Factions, Four Captains, One weapon. Date Started: March 2017 Date Finished: June 2017
Taming the Princess  ni HellLockheartII
Taming the Princess ni Hell Lockheart II
I am a Princess but never lives in a fairytale. My eyes were waken up how cruel our world is. I'm different from others. Others' only holds two elements but I am holding...
The Abandoned  ni HericaGlam
The Abandoned ni Herica Glam
DON'T READ!! NOT EDITED!! JEJE DAYS!! Tristesse was abandoned ever since she was a child and always longed for her family's warmth but she found it after she met and mar...
Hades Academy ( Completed ) ni elyjnxx
Hades Academy ( Completed )ni Jen
Zouie Raine Martinez is so thirsty of love and care of a family and friends. Her family never treated her as a family that's why, she became a rebel and always got into...
EMPIRE HIGH ni mscresantine
Empire High was built for the Empire Society: Reapers, Gangsters, Assassins and Mafias. And as the classes starts, a nerd girl named Fuschia will enroll. A lady who has...