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The Side Character's Hidden Boss! by GirlUnderSun
The Side Character's Hidden Boss!by Holy
A 20-year-old genius medical student transmigrated to a book she read during an experiment and became a female supporting character named Mo Li. In the book, Mo Li was o...
Always Your | KIM TAEHYUNG FF by yoontaew0ofics
Always Your | KIM TAEHYUNG FFby o_c_m
A mafia who ruined her life and now he wants to be her ONE & ONLY!! will she give him a chance to be her ONE & ONLY!??
TWOTW - The Worst Of The World by sugarlovesit
TWOTW - The Worst Of The Worldby sugar
I'm Aliyah Ronha. I'm a designer. Since my parents give me everything, I might be a bit spoiled. Ochi Academy is an ominous school..but my parents insist I go there. I...
Finding The Lost Crown [ONGOING] by Brave_Lily
Finding The Lost Crown [ONGOING]by Brave_Lily
(BOOK 2 OF WIN BACK THE CROWN) Tik Tok Tik Tok Time is running. Will she able to find her missing memories? Piece by piece, how far will she go to find the last piece? ...
The Map Bearer by jirogzy
The Map Bearerby jiro
Keratin is half-man, half-wolf. He is also the leader of the warriors from the blue wolf clan. When wolves from the four clans begin to turn up dead, including Tekenna...
The Missing Girl  by Nikki_1022
The Missing Girl by Nikki_1022
Sally, a 14 year old girl, just moved to Strothwell with her family.A few years ago her mother was diagnosed with cancer, so they moved to Strothwell for a new start.Sal...
Pieces of You by KateNorth
Pieces of Youby Katie
A perfect town is hiding ugly secrets. One dead body. One missing person. And a killer who is only just getting started... Blaire Olsen is the girl everybody wants to be...
Blood On Her Hands by angelica_is_a_person
Blood On Her Handsby angelica_is_a_person
A lot of things can go wrong at a wedding, murder is never anticipated to be one of them. After someone is killed at her sister's wedding, Mickey finds herself aiding a...
Mysteries  by ObsessedTolu
Mysteries by I'm obsessed
When murders starts to occur in your town, there's no solution on how to solve it or why It's happening, what would you do? would you try to help? or would you escape? e...
Los Buenos Maridos(The Good Husbands)| a VMIN story- the Finale to Regrets? by poijeunaibi
Los Buenos Maridos(The Good 포이즌 아이비
"es una niña y un niño hermosos" (it's a beautiful baby girl and baby boy)
Hold On by itz_raymond50
Hold Onby itz_raymond50
"I know what you want" Jedrek whispered on her neck,his hot breaths sending goosebumps all over her skin as she squirmed,her pretty ass rubbing on his hard mem...
Amazon XD-51 by PARADOXXX07
Amazon XD-51by Heather
"Wrong move your dead"
Les Aventures d'Antoine Burton by Yunobo_9
Les Aventures d'Antoine Burtonby Hastor
Un cris stridant déchira le silence de la nuit. Du sang taché les vieux pavés de la ville. La peur l'empêcha de s'enfuir. On ne pouvais crier ainsi que dans une état de...
Astrodroirs and the Cave of Answers by Surabhi_Singh
Astrodroirs and the Cave of Answersby Surabhi_Singh
Five teenagers are destined to stop the monsters from destroying the village of Kokoto, they just don't know what they are supposed to do.
💖PYAR TO HONA HI THA💖 (coming soon) by moran_fantasy
💖PYAR TO HONA HI THA💖 (coming Harshita Sharma
peep in the story, so that you can get better description
The Man of Many Hats by ErichW
The Man of Many Hatsby ErichW
After detective Casey Hunt's biggest case leaves his mind in pieces, he is now a prisoner inside his head, while 7 hats (alters) are now in control of his mind. They eve...
Call It What You Want (daily updates) by dustychalks
Call It What You Want (daily Jhalak
A pick your own genre / ending story. Choose between a sweet ChickLit love story or a Thriller Romance. When a grumpy billionaire fake dates a sunshine barista to unders...
Empty eye's  by BAD-Karma_
Empty eye's by Alivia_was_here
George, a normal kid living a normal life. Suddenly finds himself in a group home. As he lives there he finds dark secrets, broken hearts, and death. Will he be able to...
Don't blame me (An epistolary inspired by Taylor swift's album reputation) by fangirl_gorgeous
Don't blame me (An epistolary MorpHeuS ❤️
Shamaine Suarez a 25 years old woman who fell in love and got married way back 2019 to a man named Dextier Falcedo Jr, a two-married couple who are living happily in a l...