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Making A Bad Boy by sasha_94
Making A Bad Boyby Sasha
Leigh Desmond has always been the bad girl, the girl who didn’t care about anyone’s feelings, the girl who broke all the rules, and didn’t need anyone. That is until she...
  • slumberparty
  • badboy
  • running
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Bodyguard | PJM (EDITING) by bangtanreigning
Bodyguard | PJM (EDITING)by Certified Idiot
The letters kept coming, threatening her. If Lee Kyung Mi, daughter of a popular surgeon in Korea, doesn't give the Mafia 3 million dollars in the next month, they'll ki...
  • bts
  • threatened
  • bodyguard
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Secret twin 1D - Book 1 by 1dnarnianlou
Secret twin 1D - Book 1by Musketeer 1
Skylar Tomlinson is Louis' forgotten twin that he never spoken of after he auditioned for the x factor. Skylar is bullied And tormented and called a liar when all she d...
  • boobear
  • nightmare
  • carrots
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Take Me Back by GiveMeCrazy
Take Me Backby Bella O'Brien
A lot can change in nine years. Sam's life has had a whole lot of different crazy. She's working for a top secret organization, her step-mom and dad are dead, her brothe...
  • son
  • trained
  • millionaire
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The Ex-Wife To The Billionaire by KittenWoman99
The Ex-Wife To The Billionaireby KittenWoman99
Michael and Kelly Gavis are back, but something is going on. Michael and Kelly are getting a divorce and Kelly doesn't even know why. Michael kicks Kelly out of the hou...
  • lies
  • blackmail
  • ex-wife
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Book Series You'll Love by clichelover05
Book Series You'll Loveby clichelover05
These are the book series that got me hooked and addicted, enough for me to read the sequels. Hope you like them! Feel free to suggest your own personal favorites! ;-) 0...
  • innocent
  • second
  • work
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Dragged Down By Her past by KylieAlyssa
Dragged Down By Her pastby KylieAlyssa
Amelia Reyes was just trying to live her life like a normal person. A normal person was not who she was though. She had ghosts from her past that would forever pop up to...
  • girlfriend
  • prisoner
  • hostage
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The Perfect Emma by ChemistryOfLife
The Perfect Emmaby Alice
The Ghost Killer, a famous Los Angeles murderer has been hunted by the LAPD for years, undetected. The murderer was sly and great at their craft, barely leaving a clue t...
  • serial
  • detective
  • murderer
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A Daydream Away by beautifulremains17
A Daydream Awayby Britt
Please don’t look over here. Don’t notice me. I silently pleaded, but as always luck was against me because I suddenly found myself staring into a familiar pair of sea g...
  • sound
  • lying
  • narnia
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The Mafia's Deal by YoursTrulyAlphess
The Mafia's Dealby Sarah Kay
Sella had it all, she had the looks the money and the popularity. Her comfortable lifestyle flipped upside down when her father's multi-billion company was shut down by...
  • force
  • marriage
  • blackmail
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I Am Bree by WriterByNight12
I Am Breeby WriterByNight12
"Tell me you don't feel it." He whispered against my lips, and the trembling that had ceased at the feel of his lips against mine began again with renewed vigo...
  • cousin
  • bree
  • cinderella-ish
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Cade De'Angelo Story. by HarleeGrey
Cade De'Angelo Harlee Grey
Cade had just received a phone call from his father Carlo, fuming that his little sister Ava was knocked up by an older man 13 years her senior. He of course already kne...
  • fiance
  • threatened
  • arguing
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touch \|/ hold by GreenTies
touch \|/ holdby Tyler Brooks
I froze as I heard the springs of my mattress creak at the new extra weight. Pretending to sleep, I untensed my shoulders as I felt their eyes stare at me. Whether I pre...
  • siblings
  • romance
  • suicide
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The Thorns of a Rose[on pause] by starlight-dreams
The Thorns of a Rose[on pause]by starlight-dreams
When she finally knows he loves her back she must leave for the 76th annual Hunger Games. Torn away from everything she has ever known in District 7 and thrown into an a...
  • love
  • romance
  • hungergames
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The Alpha Princess by EdwinaCooke
The Alpha Princessby Edwina Cooke
Paula was made Alpha of her pack when her mother and father lost their lives protecting the Redwood pack. Everyday she fights the stigma of being a female Alpha while wo...
  • woman
  • business
  • alphina
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Lost Generation by Deskireee
Lost Generationby Desk
  • illegal
  • threatened
  • threat
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Miss Perfects Dead... by __-Username-__
Miss Perfects __-Username-__
This isn't a story about some good girl finding a bad boy and becoming bad herself. This is the story of Carly Poe. The perfect, sweet, pretty, popular girl that every o...
  • runaway
  • stalker
  • carly
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Anonymous  by micahbotha
Anonymous by micahbotha
She's in solitary confinement when something weird happens? What will be the outcome of these weird happenings ?
  • daughter
  • threats
  • family
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Evicted by halosfall
Evictedby halosfall
Every day people are thrown out of their homes, sometimes because of circumstances that they can't control. This poem offers an insight into how some may feel.
  • scared
  • money
  • hurt
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