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My Child by ShaunJohn190
My Childby Shundray Johnson
Loki laufeyson is born on Jotunhiem and was raised there. When he finds out that he's engaged to Thor Odinson. To him being engaged to a mere Asgardian is beneath him bu...
  • lokilaufeyson
  • happilyeverafter
  • parenting
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"I care about you a lot, brother.." by MatchaLatte0105
"I care about you a lot, brother.."by Matcha Latte
WARNING: The following story is about Thor x loki. If you don't like this ship, pls ignore it. Thank you ...
  • thorki
  • thorxloki
Thorki~They can't lie....  by Hadal84
Thorki~They can't lie.... by Hadal84
They loved eachother but they never said.... But after thier mission in New York. Something happened, after that then they had to tell each other about their love. ...
  • avengers
  • thorxloki
  • nohurts
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Estoy aquí by EstephanOrihara0523
Estoy aquíby IDNYHN
Han pasado ya dos años desde que Loki escapó de sus celdas en Asgard, y en todo ese tiempo, Thor no ha parado de buscar día y noche su paradero. Agotado regresa a casa y...
  • yaoi
  • boyxboy
  • winterphanter
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Thorki Fanfiction - 30 Days Writing Challenge by Alexx1004
Thorki Fanfiction - 30 Days Alexx
Up we go. 30 different stories coming up for the next month because why not? I pick Thorki for this challenge because that's the ship that I have most ideas to write abo...
  • hiddlesworth
  • loki
  • thorki
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Loki's Time Travel Journey by Vivian_Kai
Loki's Time Travel Journeyby VivianKai
Authorized fanart of 云想 from Lofter. Post--Thor: Ragnarok. In which Loki accidentally exchanged his soul with his younger self ( from Thor 1 ). ( Translated by Vivian...
  • godofmischief
  • godofthunder
  • thorki
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Trust Me With Your Life (Thorki Fanfic) by TenshiFujoshi5
Trust Me With Your Life (Thorki Tenshi Fujoshi
I am writing this because I just want to drown all my sadness caused by INFINITY WAR. This has nothing with infinity war but some of the character present in the movie m...
  • bxb
  • avengers
  • thor
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(Original first deleted) Starker Dirty Secret... by Hella_spicy_boi
(Original first deleted) Starker Love memes
Spider man has a crush on Tony Stark, but could he keep the secret.(ORIGNAL, GuYs I got it back) enjoy!
  • tonystark
  • ironmansmut
  • thorxloki
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Forced Love - Thorki (Thor x Loki) by PhanGirl010
Forced Love - Thorki (Thor x Loki)by From The Ax
Loki was never adopted and lived with his family. The only problem was that his father and the king of Asgard had made a plan that their two sons would marry each other...
  • hiddleston
  • loki
  • dark
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Thorki : Color doesn't define your beauty by toothlesslover098
Thorki : Color doesn't define toothy
An arranged marriage brought them together. Can they make it work? cover by virushoney also Albino loki idea is by them as well. I just want to make clear Thor and Loki...
  • intersex
  • lokilaufeyson
  • thorxloki
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Once (Thorki Fanfiction) by GaiaShallRule
Once (Thorki Fanfiction)by Gaia Skotadi
"If only you knew 'Brother'. If only you knew the pain I have felt. The ways I have suffered... It was for you... Not Odin, not Frigga, but YOU. I have been torture...
  • thorxloki
  • natasha
  • avengers
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Thor x Loki (Thorki)  by MEOWZI_official
Thor x Loki (Thorki) by KittyCat MEOWZI
The god of mischief just can't tell Thor about his feelings, so he hides them with lies and fighting. The god of thunder has been visiting Earth for quite some time now...
  • avengers
  • thorki
  • thorological
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Loki imagines  LOKI X READER  by lokilokiodinson
Loki imagines LOKI X READER by lokilokiodinson
Loki imagines, just read and y'all will know what I mean
  • lokilovestory
  • lokiimagines
  • loki
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44 Nights by kneeltolokilaufeyson
44 Nightsby kneeltolokilaufeyson
Thor and Loki are the princes of Asgard, destined to rule the realm they reside. While Thor is away at battle Loki has to suffer the consistences of them being caught in...
  • slash
  • asgard
  • thorki
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starker College au by Ship_lover_3000
starker College auby Deku
Tony - 21 peter - 17 Peter - a trans guy & little (age regresser) Peter and Tony go to the same college. Read to see what happens
  • tony
  • marvel
  • marvelships
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Thorki oneshots by Angel__boi
Thorki oneshotsby Angel of the lord
If u don't like. Don't read. Just some stories or our gods.
  • loki
  • boyxboy
  • thor
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What They Do. by TweetTweetSB
What They TweetTweetSB
This story was created by DatNewBee, she took down the story and 'vanished' from her main platforms but luckily my friend managed to download the chapters before she too...
  • drama
  • addiction
  • thorki
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Be mine - Valentine 2019 (STARKER/THORKI/STUCKY) by the--chimaera
Be mine - Valentine 2019 ( noxxx
Una mini historia fluff (con un poco de comedia) protagonizada por la santísima trinidad <3 Prompts sacados de la pagina Starker Paradise en Facebook
  • stucky
  • gif
  • valentine
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Help by givemeraki
Helpby Pandasaurus
In which Thor helps his "brother" in his first heat.
  • thorxloki
  • yaoi
  • thor
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Trees by samfuckingwinchester
Treesby รαм ฬιηcнεsтεя
Thor, son of odin, heir to the throne, was quite lonely, until he found comfort in going through the forest. he found the comfort within a boy that lived in that forest...
  • marvelcinematicuniverse
  • thorxloki
  • laufeyson
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