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unspoken thing » jj maybank by perfectpetrova
unspoken thing » jj maybankby .
When two people like each other, but never say it. [ Season One of Outer Banks ] jj maybank x fem!oc published: 24 february 2021 completed: -?
Time Will Tell by SandyLoyd
Time Will Tellby Sandy Loyd
Romance and adventure…a trip to where an American tradition began… Libby Edwards, a gifted horsewoman, unwittingly wishes herself back in time to Louisville, Kentucky ju...
Butte Star Romance **Finished** by CowboyTakeMeAway721
Butte Star Romance **Finished**by NeverGiveUp
Just a girl with a dream. A dream of becoming a horse trainer. Cassidy gets the chance of a lifetime and a cute cowboy named Colton to work with on Butte Star ranch, one...
Bronze by NovemberRider
Bronzeby Alyx Barter
~Book One in the Five Rings Rescue series~ Welcome to Hoola Ranch, where the voiceless are heard. Nestled in the mountains of North Carolina, Hoola Ranch is the place w...
Cross Creek Equestrian Academy (Completed) by xoxoAffinity
Cross Creek Equestrian Academy ( Mattie
Cross Creek Equestrian Academy is one of the most prestigious riding schools in the United States. It accepts only the most elite riders in the country. - Blaire Grant i...
Bloodless Day by NovemberRider
Bloodless Dayby Alyx Barter
No one knew what to do with the colt. He was unpredictable. Dangerous. A coursing speed rippled through him, but something menacing came with. He was a wounded sailer in...
Lilac's Chance by NovemberRider
Lilac's Chanceby Alyx Barter
Lilac, it sometimes feels, has always been running. Running on the backs of her family's Thoroughbreds. Running from her obsessive father, her cruel sister. Running fro...
Pounding Hooves, and Thunderstorms {Sanders Sides Horse AU} by DewdropStudios
Pounding Hooves, and Droplet
Janus, Remus, and Virgil all come from different backgrounds and are different breeds, none belonging in the wilderness. But despite their differences in breeds and form...
BRAVE: the story of a horse (completed) by Mackey_Moo
BRAVE: the story of a horse ( Sophie & Mack
I suck at descriptions so... Enjoy the book!
The Super Filly by wavesofbeauty
The Super Fillyby savannah
16yr old Caitlyn saves a horse that will change her life forever. But how will this mare and her soon to be born foal change Not only Caitlyn's life but Caitlyn her sel...
Heart and Soul (rewrite) by TootsieRoll2017
Heart and Soul (rewrite)by Tootsie
Run. Run faster. Run harder. Run until your legs give out. Run until your heart stops. Run until you can't. The life of a Thoroughbred. My life. From potential champion...
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Sorrel Hill: Returning To Kiley by HensleeRodeo102
Sorrel Hill: Returning To Kileyby HensleeRodeo102
Five months have passed since the disappearance of Jack and Promise, Kiley Tyler's last hope on finding her horses was diminished. She's barely holding on on the inside...
Flying high by ashywashy55
Flying highby ashywashy55
Lani Hershwood is a normal 14 year old girl until she meets Blue, a troubled young thoroughbred gelding. Horse of the year is the biggest horse event in NZ will the...
North Oak, Book 1 - BORN TO RUN by AnnHunter82
North Oak, Book 1 - BORN TO RUNby Ann Hunter
Endeavor by switchthediagonal
Endeavorby switchthediagonal
Maya Sander breaths horses, and has been riding since she was 3 years old. At 16 years old, she rides at Cedar Field Stables and teaches lessons and trains horses. Maya...
Cowgirl Love by HollywoodRunner7
Cowgirl Loveby Sierra Bennett
One day a group of teenager girls, Elena Lane, Mayella Addison, and Paige Smith finds an auction for horse and finds their new barrel horses, Hollywood Runner(Holly is...
The Perfect Frame by NotSoOrdinaryMe
The Perfect Frameby Kate
An alcoholic father changed Skyler's summer. One summer. That's all. Skyler had to pack up her horses, her brother, and move to her grandmother's house, a woman she's n...
Earning Trust by EventuallyLove
Earning Trustby Laura Lynnn Mfjdb
She was an equestrian since birth. Everyone joked that she was born in the saddle. It was her life. That is until the accident. Since then she has feared ever getting ba...
Center for Equestrian Writers by NovemberRider
Center for Equestrian Writersby Alyx Barter
Tired of looking for a good equestrian book? Want to rant about the stallion trope, or the academy trope? Want to WRITE about the academy/stallion trope? Well here we g...