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Soulmates by Fangirlandiknowit
Soulmatesby Sam Hawthorn
(OC x Thorin) Elysian Theron is a princess with out a kingdom. Her home was lost to dark forces and now she is trapped in Middle Earth separated from her family and frie...
My Prince, My King, My Love by Bookworm_Creativity
My Prince, My King, My Loveby Katherine McCormick
Thorin Love Story - The Hobbit Fanfiction ~~~|~~~ Natali Laine is half dwarf half elf and is a single mother of two twin boys of the age of 7. Natali is an old friend...
Bloodstained (Thorin x OC) by StarryNight2202
Bloodstained (Thorin x OC)by StarryNight2202
After wandering Middle Earth for almost three centuries, Agarwaen, an elven outcast, gets roped into accompanying a dwarven company on a quest to reclaim their homeland...
Hobbits, and Saiyans, and Dwarves, Oh My! by jumpingmanatee
Hobbits, and Saiyans, and jumpingmanatee
An infant Saiyan girl was sent to Middle Earth. Was it to conquer it or to save her from the destruction of her own world? Follow the Saiyan Kumiko as she finds a home i...
The White Armoured Shifter. [The Hobbit FF-ThorinxOcxAragorn Love Story] by Slytherin_Qu33n
The White Armoured Shifter. [The Eli Santos
Ayrn is a shifter. But her form is rare and extremely powerful as even in the lands of middle earth she is rare, for she is a Unicorn. The last and only female Unicorn...
The Hera (Thorin/ The Hobbit fanfiction) by genabeefrost123
The Hera (Thorin/ The Hobbit Wren Ackerbeefrost
Araya is a Hera. You're all probably thinking so she is a goddess with a funny name (like Hera in Greek mythology). No. A Hera is a powerful creature of many races and...
Dusk (LotR Fanfic) by BlazinFae
Dusk (LotR Fanfic)by -
(Sequel to Dawn.) Dawn who by now has settled down and gotten married with children, surprise visits her old friend Bilbo on his 111th birthday, only to discover that sh...
Protector (The Hobbit) by authorloveswolf
Protector (The Hobbit)by authorloveswolf
The heirs of durin will fall The skies will darken A dark power awoken Another will shift there life thought to be done but prowling she does not expect what is to c...
An Experiment Gone Wrong by CaligulousAqua
An Experiment Gone Wrongby Amanda
A young Bosmer named Mara gets thrown into Middle Earth after her, and her companion Lillith, have an experiment that went terribly wrong. Find out if she returns to Sky...
Dawn (A Hobbit Fanfic) by BlazinFae
Dawn (A Hobbit Fanfic)by -
Princess-general Kahlahari of Mirkwood had always had a knack for getting herself into all sorts trouble. Her father, sadly a rather short tempered Elf, has had enough o...
The Warrior Queen. The Warrior and The King - Book II by dogdriver
The Warrior Queen. The Warrior AKDogDriver
It has been ten years since Kaylea Wolf rode out of Erebor. Now she returns to find the life of Thorin Oakenshield is much changed, but the love between them has remaine...
What if... (A Hobbit Fanfiction) (UNDER MAJOR EDITING) by Shokumotsu
What if... (A Hobbit Fanfiction) ( uhhhhhh
What if... Bilbo had never signed the contract? What If... Bilbo had a twin sister? What if... She went in his place? Would the results be the same? Probobaly cussing. C...
The Hobbit: Can't Look Back (Choices) by ATYPICAL28
The Hobbit: Can't Look Back ( Cali Naranjo
With no place to go after a terrible disaster in her city, Mira Goldwind has no choice but to follow the advice of a strange wizard and hope that she can help someone el...
My love ( Thorin Oakensheild love story) (On Hold) by MariaKlemish
My love ( Thorin Oakensheild MK
Thorin Oakensheild has never liked elves ever since the day that Smaug the fire breathing dragon came and destroyed his home. When Gandalf went to get the 15th member of...
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The half elf Daughter of the Mirkwood king by izzyjonas
The half elf Daughter of the Izzy
This is about a Exiled elf princess who is part human and part elf she was exiled for helping the dwarves She went to try and find her half sister but she failed she re...
Under the Moonlight (The Hobbit Fanfiction) by TheFANFICTIONerd
Under the Moonlight (The Hobbit Little Miss Valeska
Evangeline Dhra'nagrall the fairy and Belle Dheai the dwarf lady hear news of a band of old friends grouping together to reclaim their homeland of Erebor. Excited, they...
Adventures Of The Powerful, Strong, and Desperate by alliekatt314
Adventures Of The Powerful, alliekatt314
Allie, Sam, Grace, Emily, Alex, and the company may be halfway to Erebor but their troubles aren't over yet. No they are in fact just beginning. Emily has a nasty run in...
Written In The Stars by LostInABook19
Written In The Starsby Middle-earth Girl
No one could have prepared her fate. Even before she was born, there was a whisper that one day, 'The Prophecy' would show up and alter the course of history. How true t...