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Fated to Pretend (Thorin x OC) by Valaina777
Fated to Pretend (Thorin x OC)by Valaina777
Dianna Aiken died. Or so she thought, waking up instead in Middle-Earth. Can she change the fates of those meant to die? COMPLETE
Treasured Love | Thorin Oakenshield. by _CrystalFox_
Treasured Love | Thorin CrystalFox
[COMPLETED] One fateful day, Keena Gredan never would have thought to meet 13 dwarves and a Grey Wizard in her hobbit hole where she lives with Bilbo Baggins. They had...
Daughter of a King by ThorinsChild110
Daughter of a Kingby Arulla Návíán
Young Arulla Durin is snatched away from her home in Erebor when she was only 20 years old(Which is like 9 or 10 in dwarrow years) 70 years later, her friend Gandalf com...
Wunderkind (LOTR/Narnia Crossover) by catalan_andrea
Wunderkind (LOTR/Narnia Crossover)by Andrea Montes
Aurelia is the daughter of the late Queen Jadis and of Coriakin. She has befriended and battled alongside Peter, Susan, Caspian, Edmund, Lucy, and their cousin, Eustace...
DEEP END ' KILI by bloodfiction
DEEP END ' KILIby lots
in which Elvira is the last fairy in middle earth
Short Affections (Thorin x Reader x Bilbo) Book 1 of 3 by AWSOMEwh69A
Short Affections (Thorin x AWSOMEwh69A
Update schedule: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 【Completed】 《Edited》 〔②/⑦/①⑦ - ③/①⑥/①⑦〕
The Half Breed Ranger by wolfandphoenix
The Half Breed Rangerby Wolf and Phoenix
Amanda, a half breed between Elf and a Dwarf. She was taken in as a baby and trained as a Ranger. Gandalf asked her to join a company of 13 Dwarves and a hobbit, in orde...
Devotion (Thorin/OC) by Anna_Donovan
Devotion (Thorin/OC)by Anna_Donovan
She goes by many names; the fearless one...blood runner...chain breaker. She has lived through many things. She had seen many faces. But will any of this help her when G...
A Sword and A Shield [The Hobbit X OC] by MsGameinIt
A Sword and A Shield [The Hobbit MsGameinIt
A young and skilled mercenary, Rose's past is more intertwined with Thorin Oakenshield and his dwarvish company than she cares to admit. It becomes a problem when Gandal...
A Very Unexpected Journey (Dwalin LS) (Under Editing but completed) by Sierra1979
A Very Unexpected Journey ( Rylee Sierra Russell
(This story is on my Quotev account Rylee79 if you want to go read it there, it may be a little different because I may change a few things.) Athena is one of the last S...
Harry Potter and the Dwarves of Erebor by jumpingmanatee
Harry Potter and the Dwarves of jumpingmanatee
Harry Potter died after the final battle. But the Valar took pity on him and decided to grant him another chance at life in Middle Earth, as a Dwarfling. Now alone in a...
An Unexpected Journey? You Better Believe It! by bangtanforeverduh
An Unexpected Journey? You bangtanforeverduh
A girl was backpacking with her dogs to her cabin in the woods for a nice, relaxing hunting trip and falls asleep in the snow in New Zealand. She wakes up in a forest th...
The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey Edition (IN EDITING) by nellsaan
The Hobbit - An Unexpected Nelly
*This story is under editing* He was Earthly; she was Aerial. He was made of clay and iron, his mind was blood and gold; she was made of fire and dreaming, despite her...
The Rebel (Thorin x OC) by iAltoSax
The Rebel (Thorin x OC)by iAltoSax
Bellethiel is a she-elf who has lived a long life. Along with this life has come many trials and suffering. She has a dark and mysterious past that is some how linked to...
I See Fire (The Hobbit/Reader) by oribukristal
I See Fire (The Hobbit/Reader)by Turquoise Fairy
Thorin and Co. appear in Y/N's back yard, but not long after she discovers a secret about herself that will take her on a journey through Middle Earth, along with her ne...
All I've ever known by LuthienCalaelen
All I've ever knownby Annelise Hairt
Love is complicated. Especially if you were forced to marry someone who doesn't even like you. But for Mivera, unlike most arranged marriages, has grown to love the stub...
Elf of Fire and Light (Book 1 Fire) Hobbit/LOTR Fan-Fic by SexyBitch99
Elf of Fire and Light (Book 1 SexyBitch99
Miranda has grown up on earth with her parents in their cabin home in the woods. Her mother works surrounded by nature and her father is a businessman. She had a very st...
A Treasure Beyond Compare by ValinorsTwilight
A Treasure Beyond Compareby ValinorsTwilight
A down on her luck writer has a strange encounter with a wizard and finds herself transported to Middle Earth. She finds herself in the employ of Bilbo Baggins and is so...
FREE - ( Hp x hobbit fanfic ) by ElieHeartfilia
FREE - ( Hp x hobbit fanfic )by Elie
After being wrongfully accused of Cedric death, harry spent an entire year in Azkaban. A mysterious figure in his dream tells him he could finally have the love and fami...
The Fifteenth Member (Thorin Oakenshield/OFC) by Lady-Gisborne
The Fifteenth Member (Thorin Lady Sharpe
When Mereniver Hador, a girl in her late teens, is discovered to be a memaid, she has to run. She flees into the forest in hopes that she will never be found but of cou...