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~I Love You~ Thomato Fanfic~ by Elumini
~I Love You~ Thomato Fanfic~by Elumini
A short fluffy Ayato x Thoma Fanfic, I wrote when I was bored! Enjoy~ 🫶
Gay gay homosexual gay by 4ndr3__exe
Gay gay homosexual gayby Andre
Ayato, the young master of the Kamisato Clan, meets Thoma, a foreigner from Mondstadt, and then they fuck :)
genshin smvt book (reupload) by ratkoonz
genshin smvt book (reupload)by call me rat
Someone reported my last book or something so now it's gone :') take this reupload of what I have saved all the x readers are gone I'm sorry I only write ships now i on...
The Bet (Kaebedo) by Estelle273
The Bet (Kaebedo)by Alix
Kaeya made a bet with his friend that he could make the class genius fall in love with him... But what if nothing happens like he planned ? °°° This story focuses on the...
Thoma x Ayato fanfic (idk what title to put here) by smvt_enjoyer
Thoma x Ayato fanfic (idk what Grace
Thoma bottom and Ayato top (ehe) warning: there's some smvt there so be careful ehe enjoy~
Thomato smüt ig? 😟😟 by fyu0sereyaro
Thomato smüt ig? 😟😟by sereyaro
!!TW: Contains nsfw, disturbing things and other stuff, if uncomfortable don't read!!
thomato oneshots by plainboat
thomato oneshotsby maiaa
no bitches cuz they gay 🤷‍♀️ prob mostly fluff bc
♡Thomato♡ /nsfw/smut/kinky by yukio_pl
♡Thomato♡ /nsfw/smut/kinkyby katyrs_ll
I was just bored so have fun with this :>
Only for you. [Thoma x Ayato] by astrxwrxtes
Only for you. [Thoma x Ayato]by astrxwrxtes
[Thoma x Ayato fluff] Thoma and Ayato had been close friends for as long as they both could remember. They'd been in each others lives for so long that neither of them h...
Blinded by Love by Xen_con
Blinded by Loveby Xen_con
Credits to the artist, Notocco on Twitter! This is my first ever Genshin Impact Fanfic, so my apologies if it's bad! This is also a Ayato x Thoma story, if you don't lik...
°..she's the better option..° by Kuunikuzushii
°..she's the better option..°by Kuunikuzushii
just some juicy ayathoma because yes <33 angst?? maybe 👀
High school days with you (Thomato) by danhenngg
High school days with you (Thomato)by Sheng
Thoma and Ayato's adventure in high school and how they slowly fall in love art cred tiniditii (Twitter)
Night Always Blooms on You by yyroax
Night Always Blooms on Youby rora
"i'd like the bill." the bluenette sat back down. "right, on it!" thoma leaped to get the bill for the man. after he came back he saw the bluenette s...
The Ultimate Genshin Impact One Shot Book by Cyyesz
The Ultimate Genshin Impact One Cy
Why am I even still on Wattpad? I can't even think of proper book titles anymore... Oh well, this is an one shot book, obviously. In here I write random scenarios I thin...
Into Your Arms by CatoSwirl
Into Your Armsby ᕕᐖᕗ
One leader and one helper, Thoma peacefully helps around the Kamisato Estate to keep things steady, of course that's his job, right? A festival is coming around the corn...
One love ( Ayato x Thoma)  by eulaxambersolos
One love ( Ayato x Thoma) by -Amballs-
Idk thoma x ayato ig, ayato's the top and thoma's the bottom
[Thomato] Every Little Thing by brainrot_exe
[Thomato] Every Little Thingby brainrot_exe
Ayato has always been known to be refined and dignified, mild-tempered and kind. There isn't a single person who doesn't have a high opinion of the young student. Then o...
solar eclipse of the heart // kazuscara by kyoreoz
solar eclipse of the heart // kyo ! 💗
two highschool boys meeting on the first day of highschool, slowly falling in love. // note: probably no beta read, but ill try my best to not make mistakes \\ lowercase...
"i like gay ppl" Genshin chatfic by Sussykhunn
"i like gay ppl" Genshin chatficby Sussykhunn
i have no idea what this is but yeah a plotless chatfic bc I'm goofy n lazy... unless????? i love xiabedo