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The Phantom (H. Hook) | Descendants by Musical_Lady_7
The Phantom (H. Hook) | Descendantsby Music Is Life
"Trust a daughter of Hades to fall in love with a ghost" (UNDER MAJOR EDITING) "The daughter of darkness Has found her light She was his goddess In the da...
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XJ → Harry Hook ✔ by abouttoexpplode
XJ → Harry Hook ✔by scuffed
Shan Yu could be argued to be the cruelest villain of all time. Maleficent terrorized a kingdom, never really killing anyone; Jafar did nothing more than pull the string...
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Walls Could Talk | Harry Hook (on hold) by skylarstyles56
Walls Could Talk | Harry Hook ( Skylar💕☁️
"Just because you're Uma's first mate doesn't mean you can boss me around." I spat. Harry tilted his head and smirked. "Oh yeah?" I pursed my lips...
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Harry Hook Imagines by dun_like_joshua
Harry Hook Imaginesby Band Genius
A lode of Harry hook x reader stuff. Not all content is mine, but I will always give credit to the writer if the story is not one of my own works
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Mal's Little Sister (Harry Hook) by -anonymous_fangirls-
Mal's Little Sister (Harry Hook)by Currently fangirling
Melanie never really fit in with her family, yes her mother is Maleficent but since being stuck on the island it is as if nobody is truly evil anymore. Until Melanie was...
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Hellfire • h.h by illyriandreamer
Hellfire • h.hby em.
Forgiveness isn't easy to find growing up on the isle. She had never forgiven her father being the way he was growing up, and she certainly didn't forgive her mother for...
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Harry Hook Imagines by woahwoahwoahcentineo
Harry Hook Imaginesby woahwoahwoahcentineo
Bunch of imagines for the disturbingly sexy Harry Hook😉😉
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Something More (discontinued) by amypond115833
Something More (discontinued)by Amelia Pond
For the people who ship Uma and Harry. This takes place after the events of descendants 2. Although Uma's original plan to take over Auradon failed, she has a new pl...
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NEVERLAND ( HARRY HOOK ) 1 by darthxlinsey
NEVERLAND ( HARRY HOOK ) 1by lins [semi-active]
❝i didn't think you remembered much of anything from that night.❞ ❝trust me, doll, not even a dead man can forget about stealing a kiss from your lips.❞ OR in which the...
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BLISS. ( harry hook ) by scalzottoxo
BLISS. ( harry hook )by kairi.
BLISS. in which a royal meets a rebel. ( harry hook x female!oc ) ( cover by @harryslewis ) ( descendants two. )
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Huma Oneshots by blue_baby_
Huma Oneshotsby 🐙🐙🐙
Huma oneshots and oneshots inspired by songs. 👑Ranks👑 #1 in songs (August 10, 2019) #2 in descendantsfanfic (September 29, 2019)
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Before by nightgirl1217
Beforeby Danica
It's Katherine Lawson's first day in high school. She's a freshman who just moved in to California from Texas. Katherine has many things planned for her 4 years in high...
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To The Evil Side Of Evil? (Harry Hook X Reader) by Scarlett_XX_
To The Evil Side Of Evil? (Harry Scarlett_XX
You're the daughter of Scar. Your name is Scarlett. Everyone tells you to look out for the pirates. But is every pirate the same? And what if a person let you turn to th...
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Daughter of the Isle // Descendants 2 by TheQuietHufflepuff
Daughter of the Isle // TheQuietHufflepuff
Six months after they decided to be good, the VKs return. Mal is struggling with being the future Lady of the court and is losing control. Mia wants to go back to the...
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Rotten to the Core // Descendants 3 / Harry Hook by TheQuietHufflepuff
Rotten to the Core // TheQuietHufflepuff
Auradon is seemingly picture perfect, but the VKs know better. Little do they know, a new threat, one no one expected, is coming sooner than they think. Between absent...
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Got Me Hooked||Harry Hook x Oc||Book 1 by alilbitneedy
Got Me Hooked||Harry Hook x Oc|| ♡
Chloe De Vil is the daughter of Cruella De Vil and little sister of Carlos De Vil. She was left on the isle when her brother and friends left for Auradon. She joins Um...
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royal | harry hook | descendants 2 - ? by aestheticarielle
royal | harry hook | descendants Arielle Monessa
In which Grace, daughter of Mother Gothel, suffers heartbreak when she must leave her boyfriend Harry on the Isle when she is invited to attend school at Auradon Prep, a...
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Back To You ((Mal x Harry)) by Dovely4ever
Back To You ((Mal x Harry))by Dovely4ever
Mal doesn't like being in Auradon, so she goes back to the isle and reconnects with a certain pirate ;) **// mature scenes,, might contain strong language //**
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Come Little Children~ HARRY HOOK* BOOK 1 by alvarezsamy
Come Little Children~ HARRY HOOK* Samy O Alvarez
Willow Sanderson is the daughter of the eldest Sanderson sisters, Winifred. She and her friend Mal were close until Mal, Jay, Carlos and Evie were send to Auradon. After...
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instagram• chameron  by umaspirates
instagram• chameron by 🕊
when two childhood friends finally become more
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