This World by ab_cey
This Worldby ab_cey
"kinda poetic" tales and rants-from the magical world of humans, Earth-by me
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Heyyyyy by Poison-Seafoam
Heyyyyyby KillerMeme
Just stuff
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The World We Have Forgotten /Myosotis by Kanashi_Kako
The World We Have Forgotten / Ziaine
Did you know? People don't live or die. They are just remembered or forgotten. That's why I will never forget.
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Living In A Lifeless World by KaliSkalberg
Living In A Lifeless Worldby Kali
Changing the world we live in day by day.
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Truthful Tales Of The Unknown by 3zDannyz3
Truthful Tales Of The Unknownby Danny
TRUTHFUL TALES OF THE UNKNOWN collection of stories that brings familiarity to the table. recognising that not everything is as it can see withing the blink of an eye ev...
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The Words From Inside by BatGalByNight
The Words From Insideby BtwImGone
Everything I say in this book is my own words. This is basically my diary, except I want to tell the world about my problems, it make me feel like I'm jot alone. Your mo...
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This World  by spacebunny00
This World by §Grey Rose§
This world was meant for you.
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My poem is about the world and the perspective of after we die, if we will come back and how that will be possible.
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This World by ChristienDenise
This Worldby Sasu_Saku
What kind of world do we live in? "Where love is divided by hate."
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Bitch please by pompomok440
Bitch pleaseby pompomok440
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Unspoken by vxolent
Unspokenby Kymberlee
Dad dies... We move... Erick created chaos... Just what I was hoping for.
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My place in this world by Eminemrapgodforever
My place in this worldby Eminemrapgodforever
A lost girl named Sam might just find her place in this world. She also may find something a little bit extra as well...
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The Onslaught-Pagan Church by Nagato
The Onslaught-Pagan Churchby Koranteng Joshua Yaw
Jeremiah 2:10-11 Has it ever been heard that a nation has changed it's gods, even though they are not gods. Friends for 6months since April 2011 i have kept silent hopin...
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