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me and him. Bkdk by EvelynLausk
me and him. Bkdkby evie
One small, fragile boy. One tall, strong boy. Together. bkdk quirkless au Started 30th of August 2022. Ended 19th of October 2022.
ToriSai: Toritsuka's Psychic. by finneysbaseball
ToriSai: Toritsuka's 𝐽𝑒𝑟𝑟𝑦
HEYO SO basically this Torisai there will be angst there will be fluff and there will be yaoi okay.
war zone || eren yeager by passthebongg
war zone || eren yeagerby passthebongg
╰┈➤ ❝ [ in which, esther tybur and eren yeager have history they'd both rather forget. though faith keeps disturbing their peace, and brings them together again to make...
SwanQueen Texts by maikeakua
SwanQueen Textsby hella gay
When Regina gets Emma's number as well as other citizens of Storybrooke, what will their messages look like?
Whats my meaning to u (slender x bacon) by LoathingTest
Whats my meaning to u (slender x Bon
this is a joke I hate my old chapters. So that's why there's chapters called <>(i didnt know what to call them) u can read them if u want lmfao‼️ Art creds: offica...
Olivia Rodrigo x Sabrina Carpenter (this is also a joke) by wutisthis1234
Olivia Rodrigo x Sabrina a whore
This is a joke but you asked for it so here you go you sick fools
It started with a kiss{COMPLETED} by SincerelyNirvana
It started with a kiss{COMPLETED}by Amy Y
Based on my oneshot series secret makeout session! From the moment they met to the moment they had their first kiss(despite it being a drunken kiss),Dave Grohl and Krist...
A romance y/n novel 🥺 by ace_supremacy
A romance y/n novel 🥺by midnightducks
Y/n is a 5 inches tall girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her waist is 2 inches and she is not very popular. She has thick, wide, luscious, and curvy hips. She runs tr...
(This is a joke) Sabrina carpenter x Olivia rodrigo by wutisthis1234
(This is a joke) Sabrina a whore
This is a joke. I do not ship / condone shipping real people
Drako x reader oneshits🥺🥺🤞 by uenive
Drako x reader oneshits🥺🥺🤞by ⋆𐙚₊˚⊹♡
DRACO IS BROCKEN🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😃😈🔪🔪🤨‼️😃😃😈🤷‍♀️🔪😆😝😃‼️😐😝🤬💕👹😍😃😫😐🤪🤨😝🙄🔪👶🥵😃🤪‼️🥺👹🤪☺️😎😆🔪😍🤨☺️‼️🤪🤨😐🤬😆🤷‍♀️‼️😃🤷‍♀️‼️🤷‍♀️🥶😎😈🤬🤬�...
Outsiders Preferences (+ more) but Realistic by alex_curtis9
Outsiders Preferences (+ more) Alex
Realistic preferences, headcanons, and more (if I can think of) of the Outsiders characters. This is just for fun. It's supposed to be stupid lol. I literally just thoug...
Pregnant squidward x spongebob x Patrick (NSFW) by imalittebitch_
Pregnant squidward x spongebob x I hate Toeburt.
I came up with this in math. Also if the story sounds like it changed writers it did some of my classmates helped 💀🖐 also I lost the og version so it starts off in the...
tally hall stories but AI generated by drunklovesick
tally hall stories but AI generatedby ketamine
i didn't write this story its from ai story maker and i think its kinda funny to put it in here
y/n slander by vikebike
y/n slanderby vike
y/n got sold to one direction. what happens after? this book was written with @langeok. also pls take this as a joke, we were just bored and had nothing else to do. all...
Hot smut by ihaveasuperhugecock
Hot smutby 🐈
It'll make you nut faster than when I run out of breath walking up stairs
let it all out (shit edition) by nagihoe2020
let it all out (shit edition)by andrea
im so sorry you have to read this but its ok IF YOURE VANESSA AND YOURE MY SISTER PLEASE DONT READ THIS **I DO NOT SHIP OUMASAI** #11 in shit kink 2/9/21 😍😍😍 #112 in...
The Giver Cursed Ships by PeanutPie08
The Giver Cursed Shipsby Peanut
Me and my friends made this as a joke. November 2021 update: Omg, this was the funniest thing me and my friends made in ELA. I miss writing this stuff with my friends!
I missed by Poki_Yeet1
I missedby Ghosty_b0i
Genya and and Sanemi try to shoot Donald Trump but miss
Paw-sitive (MhaChat) by TheExplosiveAss
Paw-sitive (MhaChat)by ᑕOᑭY-ᑭᗩᔕTE
In which, unknown, a random girl got added to a group chat! Follow her on her journey filled with chaos deluxe! PS: Characters used here aren't mine. Just the story. PP...
A Chaotic Teenager In Remnant by GodofChaos1
A Chaotic Teenager In Remnantby
Exactly what the title says. I am sorry for making you read my work. CRACK!!! CRACK WITH PLOT!!! BARELY ANY PLOT!!! HAITUS! PS: The writing gets better and more consiste...