JAGA IMAGINES (otp prompts) by Ladygagafanfiction
JAGA IMAGINES (otp prompts)by ♡
a bunch of Jaga (Shipname of Jared Leto and Lady Gaga, which will probably never happen but let me live.) imagines based off of my own ideas or prompts I find on Tumblr.
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In Love With Her// Jared Leto x Lady gaga by HeavenlyGAGA
In Love With Her// Jared Leto x 💙GONE MAD💙
What will happen...If a Popstar who is known by her bad habit, ended up loving a Rockstar...who is known by his wild thoughts Cover by @ladygagafanfiction
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- Jared Leto Imagines by letosbabe
- Jared Leto Imaginesby E.
He's addicting, his love is addicting.
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Yikers, Jilben is a bit scary  by NattysmyNameu
Yikers, Jilben is a bit scary by Natty
This is something for me and my friend so yeah... This is about her boyfriend's potential loss of virginity will go Read with caution, we were- I wasn't on crack while d...
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