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Spacewives Oneshot by randoctorsong
Spacewives Oneshotby Ran Kristiansen
Thirteenth Doctor and River Song Oneshot All credit to the right owner, I'll repeat, all credit to the right owner. I didn't own any of the stories, i kept it here for m...
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Doctor who x reader  by Agent-Lokitty
Doctor who x reader by SpecialAgent-Lokitty
A series of doctor who x reader fics 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th River song Amy Rory Rose Clara Dhawan!master * means self harm and other themes If you wanna see anyone...
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[0] ASTRA | DOCTOR WHO by LuisaMachowski
[0] ASTRA | DOCTOR WHOby luisa
"per aspera ad astra" or some adventures overflow into other pages {companion book for the adiutrix series} {i do not own Doctor Who}
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13th doctor x reader drabbles. by spyrowrites
13th doctor x reader spyro
#1 IN THIRTEENTH DOCTOR CATAGORY. originally posted on spyrcs, these are a bunch of thirteenth doctor & reader prompts, drabbles and one shots. many of them inv...
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Infinite Potential | Doctor Who by ninjahood
Infinite Potential | Doctor Whoby NH
Doctor Who Oneshots!
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Easy | The Thirteenth Doctor by TransformerLover16
Easy | The Thirteenth Doctorby 💫Olivia L. Salt💫
[BOOK ONE OF THE 'CHARLOTTE KHAN' TRILOGY] "Always thought I was hard to love 'Til you made it seem so easy, seem so easy." *** After Charlotte Khan, the eldes...
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Starlight by Immortality-to-go
Starlightby ༒༺ 𝔾igi ༻༒
yesterday has forgotten us, tomorrow hasn't met us, but today is waiting for us and could just be our greatest friend. - atticus
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Love you to infinity//thasmin by doctor13who
Love you to infinity//thasminby doctor13who
(Follow on from my first story, Love you to the end of the universe, but you don't have to read it first!) Yaz and the Doctor are dating and travelling alone- Graham pas...
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Thirteenth Doctor one shots by doctor13who
Thirteenth Doctor one shotsby doctor13who
Thasmin, non Thasmin, thirteenxriver and non-romantic one shots too. A variety of story snippets from fluff, adventures to aus all featuring the thirteenth reincarnation...
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Love you to infinity and beyond//thasmin by doctor13who
Love you to infinity and beyond// doctor13who
The now engaged couple are weeks away from the birth of their first child, for Yaz this means fatigue, stress and anxiety. Baby manuals strewn around the place, the Doct...
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13th Doctor X Reader  by Indiaa3738
13th Doctor X Reader by doctor.jodie
You've been travelling with the Doctor for a few months when suddenly you start to notice something has changed. Will the Doctor ever open up to you? And will you ever u...
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Bad Wolf and Her Pup by psychobaby1199
Bad Wolf and Her Pupby Miss-Scifi
Soulmate AU Everyone on Gallifrey has a soulmate signified by a tattoo on their left wrist. Well, everyone except the Doctor. He was ok with the fact; after 900 years of...
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Up, Up, and Away by TardisAesthetics
Up, Up, and Awayby B
The 13th doctor and her friends, Yaz, Ryan, and Graham, crash land in December of 1927 after the TARDIS goes rogue. But something is off...
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Warm Her Heart: 13th Doctor x River Song  by typhoon56
Warm Her Heart: 13th Doctor x Typhoon 🐢
When the Doctor receives a distress call she will always answer it, but this time she won't be prepared for what she finds.
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Doctor Who - Trouble In Cardiff by who_news_
Doctor Who - Trouble In Cardiffby who_news_
When the Doctor is alerted of unusual activity in Cardiff, she gathers friends - Old and New- to stop one of her oldest enemies. The Cybermen.
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Doctor Who Memes and Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff 3 by psychoticsmileyface
Doctor Who Memes and Wibbly emo trash
The third book!! Yay!
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Echoes •Doctor Who book 1• by -arianagrxnde-
Echoes •Doctor Who book 1•by C H E L S E A 🦋
echo ˈɛkəʊ/ noun plural noun: echoes a sound or sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener. Known as being the loud mouth of She...
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Sergeant Smith & PC Khan - Thasmin (13th Doctor x Yasmin Khan) by kate84602
Sergeant Smith & PC Khan - kate84602
An AU where the Doctor is a sergeant at one of Sheffield's police departments. She takes a strong liking to Yaz, who has relocated there as a new constable. Feelings ens...
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Love you to the end of the universe//thasmin by doctor13who
Love you to the end of the doctor13who
Yaz and the doctor both have secret feelings for each other but are uneasy and unwilling to let them out. Another character also has similar feelings for Yaz which could...
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thirteenth doctor one shots (old) by whitttakerr
thirteenth doctor one shots (old)by whitttakerr
DISCONTINUED: CONTINUED IN "THIRTEENTH DOCTOR ONE SHOTS" ON MY PROFILE highest ranking: #1 in tvshow || all of my thirteenth doctor one shots. includes: thirte...
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