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Mine by prankadoodle
Mineby prankadoodle
Everything changed when they met each other. G!P Perrie
  • leandre
  • paddy
  • onedirection
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Wrong Timing by prankadoodle
Wrong Timingby prankadoodle
What if Perrie comes back after leaving Jade with that one text? And what if she comes back and realized that it was too late? Sequel to Wrong Sent
  • larry
  • jakesy
  • perrie
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Break Her Heart by prankadoodle
Break Her Heartby prankadoodle
She had been the school's heartbreaker. Boys, and even girls, have been drooling around her as always. Everyone wanted to be in a relationship with Perrie Edwards, the o...
  • jerrie
  • thirlwards
  • littlemix
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Jerrie OneShots by cxndid
Jerrie OneShotsby someone102030
Jerrie OneShots I sometimes do this when I'm bored ;P But anyway, I hope you guys like these stories because I wrote them for you guys :)))
  • jade
  • edwards
  • thirlwards
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Jerrie Family by ZiallHeroes
Jerrie Familyby ZiallHeroes
Love will find its way... g!p Jade, preg! Perrie
  • jesy
  • jade
  • littlemixfanfiction
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Just Friends? || Jerrie || by jaaxiinee
Just Friends? || Jerrie ||by Max
"What if we can be more than friends?" "Best Friends?" :D "Ow, right. I see. yeah. We're Best Friends now" :((
  • leighade
  • lesy
  • leighannepinnock
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Instagram - Jerrie  by Jerrie_otp
Instagram - Jerrie by Jerrie for life
Perrie Edwards is a very known model working for many clothing brands. Her best friend is Jesy nelson who is also a model. Jade thirlwall is a known international singer...
  • lm
  • jerrie
  • jadethirlwall
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Three Wishes || Jerrie by gyle09
Three Wishes || Jerrieby Just Gyle
"Can I make my last wish now?" Jade's voice bubbled up with emotion as Perrie stood up, less straight than usual. She nodded and Jade stood up as well, facing...
  • pez
  • jesynelson
  • baba
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Jerrie One-Shots by littlethirlmix
Jerrie One-Shotsby Samantha
Jerrie One-Shots that I write. Not consistently updated. Some will contain smut. Feel free to send me requests and I'll do my best to write them for you =)
  • jerrie
  • mature
  • thirlwards
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Just a Bit by JerriesPoopey
Just a Bitby fish and chips
Pure Jerrie fluff and feels. Read and enjoy <3 *COMPLETED*
  • jerriethirlwards
  • girlxgirl
  • lgbtq
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You're My Soulmate | Jerrie  by jocelynswiftie
You're My Soulmate | Jerrie by Joc-uh-lyn
A story where two best friends go on a crazy journey to find their soulmate. based on a camren one shot by jaureguicabello5eva on ao3
  • secretlove
  • bestfriends
  • secret
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Annoying || Jerrie by ItsJustJerrie
Annoying || Jerrieby zeey
Jade Thirlwall, 17 years old, is very bubbly, talkative and jolly at heart. Sometimes, she gets to be very annoying and irritating and so stubborn. She doesn't even care...
  • jerrie
  • thirlwards
  • perrieedwards
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Fake Love (Jerrie Fanfiction) by fangirlrosie03
Fake Love (Jerrie Fanfiction)by fangirlrosie
"I wish that this could be real. I wish that you and me, we could be real. I wish that we could have everything. But all that we have is... a fake love." A/N...
  • littlemixfanfiction
  • jerrieisreal
  • jerriefanfiction
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Falling Again by JerriesPoopey
Falling Againby fish and chips
Jade and Perrie. Perrie and Jade. Best friends forever, or so Perrie thought until one day Jade leaves without even a goodbye. Years later, Perrie's business hires Jade...
  • jade
  • jerrieisreal
  • pinnock
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Could This Be Real? • Jerrie (G!P Perrie) by ghostinjerriexx
Could This Be Real? • Jerrie (G! Jeed Edwards
Perrie Edwards, a fantastic surfer, who had won many awards and medals for her talent. Originally from the UK but was living in L.A, near a beach as it would be easier f...
  • ariana
  • arianagrande
  • thirlwards
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snapchat | j.t&p.e by Fan_Girl_xx
snapchat | j.t&p.eby Fan_Girl_xx
in which a girl accidentally types in the wrong snapchat name.
  • thirlwall
  • thirlwards
  • nelson
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This Is Our Life by SofiaPereira20
This Is Our Lifeby SofiaPereira20
Instagram Fic. Jerrie. Now I Can't See You Anymore Universe. A Fic through the years of Jerrie's life. Can be read alone.
  • marriage
  • romance
  • perrieedwards
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Pre-School [Jerrie AU] by JerrieStares
Pre-School [Jerrie AU]by jul (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
"It all began with Pre-School." Perrie is a pre-k 4 teacher at Little Friends Pre-School. Jade is a single mother to her lovely daughter, Arabella, who goes to...
  • thirlwards
  • jerrie
  • jadethirlwall
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.RED. // Jerrie ~ BOOK 2 #Wattys2017 (Completed) by okixem
.RED. // Jerrie ~ BOOK 2 em ♡
"I love you more than you'll ever know." "Then why did you leave me?" "Because I'm in love with someone else. I'm sorry.." "Why did...
  • gay
  • jerrie
  • jade
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Just can't let her go (Jerrie) by LMand1Dlover
Just can't let her go (Jerrie)by LMand1Dlover
jade thirlwall was always picked on by everyone for absolutely no reason but there's one person who knows how to really toy with her emotions. perrie Edwards stuck up an...
  • little
  • jerrie
  • mix
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