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People Don't Change  by senioratlas25
People Don't Change by ..
{COMPLETED} After WW2 has been declared over Third Reich was trying to escape from the grasps of USSR. But things went horribly wrong for Reich and he eventually ended u...
•In Love With A Librarian• (ThirdUnion | Omegaverse AU)  by CrackedButter
•In Love With A Librarian• ( Crackhead_Butter
[In this AU everyone is separated by two breeds, wolves and foxes. I don't support Nazism, this is just for fun and is not meant to be offensive. This also has nothing...
Not just black and white | Rusame | Discontinued by ashnicholas8014
Not just black and white | AshNicholas8014
America and Russia have never really gotten on. But America starts to feel things for Russia and vice versa.After dramatic events that get in the way of the two will Rus...
~Psychos can't Love~ by The_name_is_Taavi
~Psychos can't Love~by 𝚃𝚊𝚊𝚟𝚒
After The Third Reich was foolish enough to go into Soviet's Land he got captured and his pity life got much worse that it already was. His childhood lover Soviet union...
Locked with u [ReichxSoviet] by StrawberryChoco72
Locked with u [ReichxSoviet]by StrawberryChoco72
World wars ended long time ago, and everybody forgave Reich for starting world war 2, everybody except Soviet. One day Reich is meeting Soviet in the shop, and starts an...
Make a change || Countryhumans USSR x Third Reich || WilteredDandelion /Hatman  by WilteredDandelion
Make a change || Countryhumans Dead account
"why can't you just kill me? I deserved it, didn't I?" I asked in a rather cold manner, as if I wanted myself to lying dead already. The response was something...
The Bad Guys Club by tig_biddies
The Bad Guys Clubby tig_biddies
A club for a the bad bitches of history (warning this story consists of countries such as Third Reich and Ussr if you are offended by things like that I suggest you not...
Third Riech x Ussr (Slow Updates) by SongLyric19
Third Riech x Ussr (Slow Updates)by WhoStoleMyBEER
So I was bored and wrote this, and I may post weird. So enjoy!
old Countryhuman x Reader [Complete] by JuniorOppai
old Countryhuman x Reader [ •●AL●•
[Old counties x f!Reader] it is (y/n)'s 8th year on high school and soon she is going to be a historiography she's been a pretty good student inside there campus no one...
Countryhumans Shorts by fuhrer_brot_
Countryhumans Shortsby siktir git uyu
Some drawings/animations I did about any kind of meme n shit you search for, comics and more mEmE- read it [ cover by me]
Now Father's | Countryhumans by KaisonKoi
Now Father's | Countryhumansby KaisonKoi
This book have nothing to do with my first book "Comrade..." --- It's a sunny day and beautiful as well! birds singing and happy people walking around--- but...
A Comforting New Reality by ColoradanGoatMan
A Comforting New Realityby ✨Goat Man ✨
(Slow updates!) The Axis power, the three countries that had allied together during the war met a miserable fate, as for when they died what remained of their souls had...
In the arms of a soldier~Countryhumans-Third Reich and USSR by dustyanimation101
In the arms of a Chicken nugget Dusty
This is my first book on Wattpad so sorry if it sucks!•• In the arms of a soldier is placed in WW2 when fighting, USSR starts to fall in love. He doesn't believe it at f...
cigarette burns / ussr x third reich by germancommie
cigarette burns / ussr x third alex
this ship is a guilty pleasure and i cant stop myself from writing abt it dhmu </3 cover art by Tosha • Pipka • on <3 if you dont like this ship please dont r...
Countryhumans Headcanon Oneshots by FindeMeinGeheimnis
Countryhumans Headcanon Oneshotsby Napoleon
Ships to expect most: • Russia x Poland • Reich x USSR • Third x Union • Third x USSR (differences will be explained later) • Hungary x Austria
Twisting Past: Old Countryhumans X Reader by Scp-Whirl049
Twisting Past: Old Countryhumans Scp- Whirl049
10/2/21 A rewrite of one my popular stories Old Countryhumans X Reader. I decided to rewrite the story after 2 years of not stepping into the Fandom.. I do have school t...
Third Reich x Ussr {Story) by ninaduplisse
Third Reich x Ussr {Story)by MrBanditRusski
Hai guys, SOrRy FoR mAkIng more stories all the time. Now this is the another CH ship story, Lol
Traitorous love by Luvielolli
Traitorous loveby Luvielolli
The story begins after WW2 september 3 1945... The world is back at peace J.e and reich knowing what they did and UN gave them a lesson Though... Reich and J.e... They...
Tangled Up by rockafellastreet
Tangled Upby I like doves.
This is a very gay book. Few smut, mentions of rape, Fluff, Angst, & critical humor appear in this book because why not. Right enjoy. :3 Credit to @Swoftgermanyy for mak...