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The Prince and the Spiderman (Peter Parker x Male OC) by nightcrow92
The Prince and the Spiderman ( Nightcrow
During the events of Civil War "Team Ironman" recruit another member Arash Mohammadi, also know as "The Prince of Persia", after the events are over...
1000 Days of Harry Potter by violenttulips
1000 Days of Harry Potterby MJ
Andromeda Tonk's untimely death leads to an unexpected custody situation for her grandson, Teddy. He begins splitting time between his godfather and his cousin, who have...
Exclusive Rebellion by splattering
Exclusive Rebellionby 𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐧
where carmen and chloe burn The Exclusives. © 2019 splattering
bing! - drthh chatfic by 0URL0V315G0D
bing! - drthh chatficby ishimaru supremacy
literally just a drthh gc. v2, v3, and udg will not be here. ships; naegi x togami, owada x ishimaru, ogami x asahina, kirigiri x ludenberg, kuwata x maizono, and fukawa...
𝔽𝔸𝕃𝕃 || Brightwin by ray_fics
𝔽𝔸𝕃𝕃 || Brightwinby RAY_FICS
"His insides claws at his heart to stop beating faster than ever just at the glance of the beautiful boy. His knotted guts urging him to spill out the words that ar...
Ending  by saranewlifeuinforit
Ending by saranewlifeuinforit
And when she looked at him. That was all he needed in his life. Someone to look at him like that. Like he was the water and she was the fire. But she needed him anywa...
Eugene - The Haunted Doll (BxB) by PARAGONKING
Eugene - The Haunted Doll (BxB)by PARAGON KING
A "The Haunted - The Witchpoint Case" prequel. A mother and daughter begin to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly a...
Dawn of a New Life (ON BREAK) by -ReedV
Dawn of a New Life (ON BREAK)by Reed Violet
Villain Deku story made by -ReedV and it's as original as I can get! -:-:-:- Mild gore, language, suicide attempt, depression, sadness, and... FEELINGS -:-:-:- Read to f...
Superheroes United: Book 0.4 When the immortal angel Ian Galloway travels to a parallel universe, he discovers a new threat that forces him to team up with Allen Kingsma...
✔️Never Knew I Could Be So Evil | VillainDeku AU Crossover by NerdyGamerTheWeeb
✔️Never Knew I Could Be So Evil | Charisma
I will warn you now. This was my first fanfiction. Read at your own caution, because it's BAD. I'm remaking it into a much better plot, but if you're not patient enough...
F.R.E.S.H.M.E.N. [A Pokemon High School Story] by Volixagarde
F.R.E.S.H.M.E.N. [A Pokemon High Volix Writing Help
Friends. Rivals. Enemies. Sports. Honors. Making out. Everyday. Nothing's like it. Lumiose City High School, home of the Lumiose Litleos. Until now, it was a relatively...
The Outsider (BoyxBoy) by PARAGONKING
The Outsider (BoyxBoy)by PARAGON KING
Superheroes United: Book 0.5 When an intergalactic warrior crashes and tells of conflict in his home world, Aaron Nivans decides to fight a war, discovering his true des...
Lily Evans by gunsnships69
Lily Evansby gunsnships
How Jily fell in love through random shenanigans and a tiny bit of heartache, told from Lily's POV, third person. Currently being rewritten. Published on
My Robo Boy (END) by fafatan
My Robo Boy (END)by Shu Jin Chen
main character @vinkastarkBees THANKS FOR READING ❤
Boyfriends of Naruto (REQUESTS CLOSED) by NarutoCoupleFanfics
Boyfriends of Naruto (REQUESTS Tabitha Marie Saxxtins
Characters from the "Naruto" series as the boyfriend of [Name] [Surname].
Superheroes United - The King Of Diachron by PARAGONKING
Superheroes United - The King Of PARAGON KING
Superheroes United: Book 1 When legions of robotic aliens start invading the Earth, the forces defending humanity have no choice but to turn to a group of unlikely super...
When She Stepped Into the 'Real World' ( a Vampire Knight story ) [COMPLETED] by aLovelyHeartAche
When She Stepped Into the 'Real Denise Petel
Mira Toya has a messed up past, and she doesn't see herself doing well in the future. She is forced to take on her mothers wish as helping to bridge the gap between huma...
Pemberton Academy by KananiNeko
Pemberton Academyby Mia Kanani
The dorky bookworm Sabrina Wyngrove is about to start her first year at Pemberton Academy Boarding School, the high school where her parents met. There she makes friends...