Yu-Gi-Oh! Oneshots [[COMPLETE]] by IzADerpCookie
Yu-Gi-Oh! Oneshots [[COMPLETE]]by Fused With Fanfiction
Title says it all. Requests are C L O S E D! When they open again, you can request from: -Yu-Gi-Oh! -Yu-Gi-Oh GX -Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds More information about requests inside! Y...
  • oneshot
  • yu-gi-ohgx
  • thiefshipping
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Thiefshipping one shots by ArtemisSilver478
Thiefshipping one shotsby Artemis Silver
Because why not. (COVER ART IS NOT MINE) -no smut (I'm sorry, but it's difficult finding any thiefshipping fics without smut. Where is just plain fluff?) -abridged pers...
  • thiefshipping
  • bakura
  • malik
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Yugioh oneshots by PandaNoob7
Yugioh oneshotsby PandaNoob7
It's in the title. I'll take requests. I'll only do x reader. Except if I feel like it! Okay?! Good. Let's get on with it already. Screw the description I've got a book...
  • 5ds
  • jackatlas
  • judai
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Guilty Pleasure by ArtemisSilver478
Guilty Pleasureby Artemis Silver
There is no immediate desire to settle down, but when he realizes he's stuck in an okay lifestyle, Bakura doesn't quite enjoy the idea of things being the way they are f...
  • mariku
  • odion
  • thiefshipping
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Alone Together (Yu-Gi-Oh! Wattys 2018) by ArtemisSilver478
Alone Together (Yu-Gi-Oh! Wattys Artemis Silver
After returning home from several months in an institution, Melvin emerges from his sane façade and goes back to doing what he does best; being a sadistic psychopath. A...
  • kek
  • yu-gi-ohwa2017
  • mariku
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Seqyn's Art/Junk-Book by Seqyn_
Seqyn's Art/Junk-Bookby Seb-o the Boi-o
A book full of art, story ideas, titles and unfinished what-not from me to you. <3
  • fanart
  • yuugiou
  • ryoudoesntrhymewithyou
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I See Heaven Inside You || Yu-Gi-Oh! AU by DisposableVillain
I See Heaven Inside You || Elliot
"Hi! Sorry to bother you; I know you probably get asked this a lot, but do you ever struggle with your faith because of your sexuality? - Anon." Malik Ishtar i...
  • malik
  • thiefshipping
  • angstshipping
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Saved Slave  by emeraldsangel456
Saved Slave by emeraldsangel456
After being auctioned off in a sex trade Marik begins to realize that his new master is not out to hurt and instead he finds himself falling for him.
  • romance
  • puzzleshipping
  • yu-gi-oh
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The Little merMarik (Yu-Gi-Oh! WA 2017) by ArtemisSilver478
The Little merMarik (Yu-Gi-Oh! Artemis Silver
Thiefshipping little mermaid parody With my own little abridged twist Marik, a merman, has always dreamed of the human world that he's forbidden to see. He has collected...
  • melvin
  • yaoi
  • mermaid
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YuGiOh oneshots: Please Request ideas! by AshCourt1
YuGiOh oneshots: Please Request Ash 'n Asher
I have decided to write some YuGiOh one shots. I hope you like 'em. Most of 'em will be about puppyshipping and thiefshipping, though. But, I'm open to trying different...
  • marik
  • ruoy
  • joey
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Book 2: Millennium Love (Thiefshipping) by Treacherous_Rex
Book 2: Millennium Love ( T-Rex
Bakura, ever since he met Marik, has always been fond of the blonde Egyptian. After Melvin (Malik) had taken control over Marik's body, Bakura has had fears recognized...
  • marikishtar
  • marik
  • thiefshipping
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Deathshipping Oneshots and What-Not by Seqyn_
Deathshipping Oneshots and What-Notby Seb-o the Boi-o
I feel as if the title should explain enough, but this is a collection of Deathshipping (Ryou Bakura/Yami Marik) Oneshots and what-not.
  • wattys2018
  • ryoubakura
  • oneshots
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random sketches by DeadAngelCat
random sketchesby DeadAngelCat
warning. this book may contain butts and gays :'3
  • thiefshipping
  • myart
  • deathshipping
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Lullaby For A Stormy Night by Irish_Nikki
Lullaby For A Stormy Nightby Irish Nikki
When there is a thunder storm, Marik is scared and can only be comforted by his best friend. Bakura. (Thiefshipping) Oneshot.
  • fluff
  • hurt
  • yugioh
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Marik X Bakura Oneshots by PokemonBecky
Marik X Bakura Oneshotsby PokemonBecky
This award winning story is a collection of stories written by me and Myka (her account will be linked somewhere). Also, don't you guys admire our beautiful part-time j...
  • thiefshipping
  • yamibakura
  • feefshipping
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Wrestling (thiefshipping one shot) by Skulluver13
Wrestling (thiefshipping one shot)by Skulluver13
(Abridged personalities) Marik and Bakura have the same PE class, and are doing a unit in wrestling. At the end of the unit, they have a tournament. To make sure that th...
  • marik
  • thiefshipping
  • ygotas
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Theifshipping/Deathshipping One~Shots by Era_the_Author
Theifshipping/Deathshipping Era_the_Author
These are hard to find and anything is aloud
  • comedy
  • marik
  • ryou
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Upcoming New Life by Ryouthebunny
Upcoming New Lifeby Ryouthebunny
This is a story about Melvin and Ryou's unpredictable accident. Warning it contains Yaoi. It also contain deathshipping and thiefshipping. May even have violent and lang...
  • thiefshipping
  • mpreg
  • ryou
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Bad (Yami Marik x Bakura) by T0X1C1T7
Bad (Yami Marik x Bakura)by
Bakura and Marik in the real world. Marik is a mob boss type guy, Bakura is a drug addict who got in with the wrong crowd. There is death and rape and drug use and it's...
  • psychoshipping
  • deathshipping
  • bakura
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