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The Ex Factor by TheArtToFiction
The Ex Factorby TheArtToFiction
Three years after their breakup, Aubrey and Raven are focused on raising their son... separately. With both of their careers at their heights, things couldn't be better...
Castle: Their Story 1 by KatherineHoughton
Castle: Their Story 1by DreamGirl47
Castle and Beckett are getting married, after the wedding comes the honey moon, and after the honey moon Castle, Beckett, Alexis and Martha went to filipines for a week...
The Chim Factor by NotJustASmallGirl
The Chim Factorby NotJustASmallGirl
At that start of the story Cheryl is 30 and Kimberley is 32. Cheryl and Jean have been together for a year at this point but they are not married only living together. ...
The X-Factor Contestant || Larry Stylinson AU by crazy_mofo1993
The X-Factor Contestant || Larry crazy_mofo1993
Louis Tomlinson is a 22 year old singer, also judge on The X-Factor. Harry Styles is an 18 year old contestant on The X-Factor with a dream to be a singer. What happens...
Facts About Jade From Little Mix by xXCharlotteNdubzXx
Facts About Jade From Little Mixby Charlotte
Here are 20 Facts about Jade Thirwall who is best known from the girl group called Little Mix. You might know all of these facts about Jade or you might know some or mig...
Blue  by marianacierra
Blue by marianacierra
Water. Ocean. Swimming. White. Hair. Help. Pounding. Crying. Blue.
Fireproof • {Harry Styles} by -lovethevoid
Fireproof • {Harry Styles}by love the void
finished - november 27, 2018 "'cause nobody saves me, baby, the way you do." or In which he's a light in all of her darkness.
25 Facts About Little Mix by xXCharlotteNdubzXx
25 Facts About Little Mixby Charlotte
Little Mix are a girl group with four talented British girls with big voices who stormed into the musical world in 2011. If you're a fan of Little Mix, check out the mos...
Forbidden Love by peekaboozerrie
Forbidden Loveby peekaboozerrie
The Edwards and the Malik's. The families completely envy each other...well their mothers do. Perrie and Zayn may have been friends when they were little bit once they...
Forgotten (Reece Bibby fanfic) by mariaiskool11
Forgotten (Reece Bibby fanfic)by mariaiskool11
Promise me you won't forget about me." I said tearing up again. "I could never forget you Ally," he said. Until one day he forgets all about me. He come...
Back To December. |Niall Horan & tu| - CANCELADA by itsdanhoran
Back To December. |Niall Horan & itsdanhoran
Audicionar para The X Factor le cambiaria la vida a la pequeña _______ de tan solo catorce años, la cual no tenía idea de lo difícil que sería lidiar con la fama. Y much...
starlight 💚 lerrie by adidalerrie
starlight 💚 lerrieby ✨ Char ✨
"I figured I might as well scoop out the competition. I'm Perrie." "I'm Leigh Anne." 💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚 When Leigh Anne auditioned for Starligh...
Simon Cowell's My dad? by JustCowell
Simon Cowell's My dad?by Simon Cowell
When i think of Simon Cowell I think of a mean honest man who hates everything and everyone except people who have a special place. But when I think of him as a Dad... M...
Emblem3 Love Triangle (Wesley Stromberg Fan Fiction w/ Keaton Stromberg) by Californiamollie
Emblem3 Love Triangle (Wesley Californiamollie
I'm Payton Chadwick. Well yeah... My brothers Drew. I've known the boys my whole life and I've been through everything with them. And we've all been "just" bes...
A Life Worth Living by myjoycia1
A Life Worth Livingby myjoycia1
This is the story of two best friends with different stories and the same dream who follow their hearts. There will be heartbreak and victory, gains and losses, and an o...
It just kinda happened by EmmaGlasow
It just kinda happenedby Flower girl
Two lovers are forced apart by management causing them to have a secret love Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles
The Singing Competition by lifeasadirectioner16
The Singing Competitionby lifeasadirectioner16
Lana Lewis, a quiet girl from a small town in Northern England decides to try out for a UK televised singing competition. While standing in line waiting to audition she...
Being Famous by Aiden_13
Being Famousby Aiden_13
Cheryl is walking around London when she gets a call from Simon Cowell. He wants her back on The X Factor. She says yes. The first day of auditions she sees a guy she ne...
Sweet Hearts (Matt Terry)  by Uk_Fangirl01
Sweet Hearts (Matt Terry) by Uk_Fangirl01
Olivia, Alison, Amy, Balla and Alexis form the girl band Sweet Hearts, who are finalist in on the X Factor. It has always been their dream to sing. But will moving into...
A love like War.//Stereo Kicks ~Reece Bibby. by 1994tate
A love like War.//Stereo Kicks Lauren
The X factor really can change lives, in such significant but magical ways. If it wasn't for the X factor, I wouldn't be where or who I am today.