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Ink Blot by Skeletor___
Ink Blotby Rose
Kyla was an average 16 year old girl with an average life.Except for her crazy grandmother who believes in black magic.One day,Kyla was sketching what she imagined to be...
Dreamsnatcher by IzabellaRose
Dreamsnatcherby IzabellaRose
In a world full of creatures from our imagination, three humans stand out from the crowd. One of them is Alice Actson, a girl who lives in an orphanage with her two brot...
Endure The Art Of Cycling (TheWriteAwards2013) by SekYeeTing
Endure The Art Of Cycling ( SekYeeTing
“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them: A desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they ha...
Appointed (Rector Series Book One) - Rewriting! by Sunshinebby
Appointed (Rector Series Book One) Sydney Blake
"We were once human. But now we’re not sure. There was a time we were called American before the government started experimenting on young children with HIV. The ex...
Forgotten Shadows by BehindTheNiqab
Forgotten Shadowsby vanilla price
The son of a knight. The son of a king. The daughter of a healer. The daughter of the future. One curse. Two brothers. Three shadows. Four elements. King Edward made a m...
In Search Of Eden(The Write Awards 2013 Entry) by BeRemarkable
In Search Of Eden(The Write Rachel
Ruth, her brother Jason, and peer David Cummings, win plane tickets to an undisclosed South American location as a field trip. Little do they know, the teacher who sent...
Adrian (The Write Awards 2013) by infinitywrite
Adrian (The Write Awards 2013)by Jayliana Scott (Jay)
This story is not for the faint of heart. When Cleo reaches out to her best friend Adrian, she feels nothing. Literally. Suddenly, she is plummeted into a new world she...
Trapped #Wattys2017 by KaeC26
Trapped #Wattys2017by Kirsty
Leah is struggling to come to terms with her mental illness and is sick of hearing the voices taking over her mind. When running away from them she wakens up in a mental...
Facility by laura_and
Facilityby Laura M Anderson
Guest Inferior 4286 has a pointless existence, her memory has been ebbed away by the countless 'suppressors' that her swab offers her and her only human contact is throu...
The Little Life by Secret_Verbena
The Little Lifeby Secret_Verbena
A moment is all it take to change a life forever. This moment can change your life so much that never will you be the same. Wyatt McAlister experience it in a form of an...
Glitch (The Write Awards 2013 Winner) by _justcloseyoureyes_
Glitch (The Write Awards 2013 Megan
She is an Anomaly. No future. No freedom. No prospect of falling love. Or at least that is what they would have her believe... * In Freya Elton's society love is promise...
Revive by safe_sound_smile
Reviveby safe_sound_smile
A man being tossed out of an abandoned house, a boy stuck high above tall stone columns, and a teen that becomes invisible while growing a tree out his hands. How does a...