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The Man Who Ruled [THE WORLD]  (Male Dio Brando Reader x RWBY) by ytrkhgfd
The Man Who Ruled [THE WORLD] ( Ytrkhgfd
What would happen if a thousand year-old vampire was unleashed upon Remnant? Let us see... Note: I've only watched/read parts 1-4 of JoJo and I forgot a lot of stuff abo...
Two Different Demons by Slick_SonWuKong
Two Different Demonsby Slick_SonWuKong
You are a half rare breed of vampire and half human then turned half demon Vampires just like demons are thought to be myths and amongst the people that know about demon...
Boku No Hero Academia x Stand User Male Reader by 123456789_abcd
Boku No Hero Academia x Stand 123456789_abcd
Life hasn't always been kind to M/n. Not only was he born poor but his mother died in childbirth, leaving him to be raised by a deadbeat father. After his father's death...
A Student's Cursings On This Wonderful World! (Remake) by CallMeLiam0
A Student's Cursings On This Jokashi Urusaijo
A student by the name of Liam Davis dies an average death like anyone else and gets transported to another world. Konosuba and any series referenced are not owned by me...
My Second Chance at Life, but it's Filled with Demons. by Slick_SonWuKong
My Second Chance at Life, but it' Slick_SonWuKong
First of all this is a male reader story. For most of the first part there will be faint/ little to no signs of who your love interest will be. Y/N is just minding his b...
DIO Male Reader x Nanatsu No Taizai (NNT) by Danieru_Requiem
DIO Male Reader x Nanatsu No The_Mysterious_Masked_Man
Why are we still here... Just to suffer. I don't wanna keep writting wryyy
Za Warudo in Demon Slayer by BookEater725988
Za Warudo in Demon Slayerby BookEater725988
Alright so I was reading some fanfics of reincarnated human dio as the main protagonist. So, in this book I will have the main protagonist as a vampire. Also, the protag...
My Hero: The World(Bnha X jjba) BOOK 2 by Fluffyplatypus25
My Hero: The World(Bnha X jjba) KingExperienceOverHeaven
Danny's Fought Children, BDSM Dentists, his Manhoe Father, a Sociopathic Stand User and Some Edgelord with a handfetish... what will he face next
Jojo Stands Adventures  by Bizzarecrystal
Jojo Stands Adventures by Zariya Hutchins
Ever wonder where the stands go when they aren't being summoned. Well there's a world for stands Created by a Stand called [QUEEN]( like the band) join Star platinum, Cr...
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Golden Wind:The Stand That Can Rule The Universe by TrueSaiyanMaster628
Golden Wind:The Stand That Can DIVINE BEING
After the defeat of DIO but a child in a room was there and he had a stand as well.
Malfunction by ArcofUA
Malfunctionby ArcofUA
Izuku went missing after All-Might left him. now a full year has passed and the licance exam is starting, however, an unexpected person begins to wipe out the compition...
Stardust Crusader of The Hero Academia by ItWasDIO
Stardust Crusader of The Hero ItWasDIO
Yare yare..... You guys have another story for you... Gimme a break...
izuku the 5th Son Of DIO by ZiaurTuhin7
izuku the 5th Son Of DIOby Ziaur Tuhin
this basically a sequel to mind vs might a villain deku fanfic but I'm gonna give him the world at the 3rd encounter with the slime villain.
Male Stand User Reader x Megumin by A_Stand_User
Male Stand User Reader x Meguminby A_Stand_User
After you died you got reincarnated into the world of Konosuba. You will meet many new friends and a little explosion loli.
I'm the apex of all living thing(Diovsrwby) by _Abstractz_
I'm the apex of all living thing( _Abstractz_
The xiaolong blood only contain 2 numbers yang and tai, but what if there was a dark secret that was keep for years, the secret of the man that can rule world
✨【DETOUR SEVEN】✨ by Knightsofyi
✨【DETOUR SEVEN】✨by Knightsofyi
7 men from different timelines (and universes), took a slight detour at the end of their lives. Fate took an unexpected turn for them, transporting them to an entirely d...
Hetalia Headcanons by vagabond_angel
Hetalia Headcanonsby 10do
Hetalia Headcanons, AU's, Scenarios, Pictures, Memes Basically anything Hetalia related *cries in Hetalian aggressively* *sips tea aggressively* *plays piano aggressiv...
stand user in a new world (malereaderXkonosuba) by nasher1413
stand user in a new world ( nasher1413
first story probably gonna be bad Also I don't own jojos bizarre adventure or konosuba
My stand academia by that-one-nobody420
My stand academiaby Alexander Hitt
Hello my name is Izuku Midoryia but you can just call me deku in my world everyone in the world has a spirit living inside them. We call these spirits stands. every stan...
JJBA Book by 444Lin888
JJBA Bookby sorry i snapped-
i don't have any ideas why did i make this book but- this will contain: -headcanons -one shot -boyfriend scenarios -Ask/Dare them -what will happen if -funny moments ...