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Falling For Hades Son  (the wattys 2020) by JessicaAide
Falling For Hades Son (the Jessica Aide
Ashly Miracle has lived her life in fear, having been sexually abused as a child and then raped, she has learned the hard way to be careful with who she trusts. With an...
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The Most Gifted Student by gods_heros_monsters
The Most Gifted Studentby gods_heros_monsters
Ragnarok happened and now, Balder is the king. He decides to teach witchcraft the new Valkyries. But there's no one who know magic very well. So, Balder has no choice ex...
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Whispers With No Crown by Elladravenclaw
Whispers With No Crownby Ella Martinez
Brooke is a pretty regular girl, as they always are, she pretty much has her whole life set up. Finish high school, go to college, find love, get married, get a job, hav...
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Drifted Lovers: The Chocolate Raspberry [ON-GOING] by Joie_Cubacub
Drifted Lovers: The Chocolate Joie_Cubacub
Haru is a celebrity musician who seeks purpose in life. As he tried to conceal his loneliness and emptiness. Instead of finding himself, he had found one special person...
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Midnight Sun ❖ (Embry Call - The Twilight Saga) by misstonii
Midnight Sun ❖ (Embry Call - The elysian
A girl who'd spent her entire life in Forks, Washington thought she knew all the secrets of the town. Clearly, she was wrong. Gracie Biers is a 17 year old girl, one of...
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ÇØĐ3-Z | OpenNovellaContest 2020 by lafadene
ÇØĐ3-Z | OpenNovellaContest 2020by AD
He fights for his truth... She fights for his destiny... ***** ♥ VS♡ **** His karma is her power... Her choice is his mys...
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A Golden Lie [ Wattys2020 version ] by lady-barbie13
A Golden Lie [ Wattys2020 version ]by Lady Barbie 13
The Wattys2020 Version ... The world from his eyes. I stare with no memories to call mine. ... The screams halted at her throat and sweat swerved down her face. Her gre...
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Anger Issues by sedulan
Anger Issuesby 𝓪.
Angela Banson is a sixteen year old girl who has anger issues. Just when things couldn't get any worse after being forced to join a support group, she meets Jason Davis...
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Forcedly married to the person whom rejected me by SherlockNholmes
Forcedly married to the person Gucci
Elizabeth Connor, A former citizen of the village that despise her poor family. She's bright and shy, just like any other girl at her century. She had a crush on the pri...
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Love Happens by alwaysrenesmee
Love Happensby Ren
When Leah Carmen, the school's princess is cheated and dumped by her long time boyfriend and school's golden boy Sean Cooper, she is made the element of ridicule and hat...
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Hailey's Big Secret [First Draft] by XXlive_a_littleXX
Hailey's Big Secret [First Draft]by Salem
"What's happening to me?!" I asked, feeling my hands go numb. "Hailey, whatever you do, do NOT touch the crystal. Okay?" my dad yelled from the dista...
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USERNAMER by yxlloww
USERNAMERby yxllow
USERNAMES! credit appreciated Requests accepted ~~
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The Bad Girl and the Angel  by LesLaughLots
The Bad Girl and the Angel by Les❤️
|Completed✔️| "So you're saying you're an actual angel? From...Heaven." I asked him. "Yup. I was assigned to be your guardian angel ever since I was born...
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The Assassin Life by Chidioski
The Assassin Lifeby Chidioski
Young twenty year old John Black, finds out he is the next generation of a line of assassins that live in not only one but two worlds as he struggles to make a life-chan...
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The Living-Dead by walkermae
The Living-Deadby Maelynn the Walker
what happens when Charlie comes face to face with a scenario she always wished would happen? people - loved ones - die in front of her very own eyes
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Rejected by LiantheGirl
Rejectedby its me
Stacy was the bubbly and the shy girl, but one day her class mates rejected her and bullied her. After being bullied she stayed strong and she didn't notice that she's b...
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X, Y, Z by LiantheGirl
X, Y, Zby its me
Xantino, Yesha, and Zadiel and been best friends since they're 5 years old. One time, Yesha had already fall for Zadiel but Xantino likes her. Which one will Yesha pick...
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Runs in the Blood by Mochafrapee
Runs in the Bloodby T. Lanier
Sarah Wesley began to question her, actions, thoughts and feelings towards others at the young(ish) age of sixteen. With her mother obsessed with the family history, she...
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After a heartbreaking relationship, Alice swears to never get into other relationships. But can she hold her promises, when a boy called Harry appears in her life in LA...
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A Homeless Billionaire by UndeniablyCute888
A Homeless Billionaireby Ara Jimenez
Alex is a simple girl who lived in a normal life together with her so called parents, in her young age she experienced hard working because of poverty, she always ask he...
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