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The Slytherin Queen- Year 1 by Lumina_Rose14
The Slytherin Queen- Year 1by The Slytherin Queen
(y/n) Lovecharm, A descendant of Merlin and eldest daughter of the Lovecharm family, her life was marked out for her. But with the start of her life at Hogwarts, the eve...
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I Fight For Her by EverlarkCatoniss
I Fight For Herby Liz
*A Wattpad Featured Story* *Completed* *A Spin on Cliches* PUBLISHED w Wattpad Books: June 16, 2020 Her life seems perfect. His life is tearing at the seams. She's the...
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Adopted by Colby by colbygalaxy
Adopted by Colbyby oomf
It's basically in the title. This girl, Ellie, gets adopted by Colby and stuff happens. If you want my honest opinion, I think it's a good story. You should click on tha...
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DON'T TOUCH HER by beniochaaaan
DON'T TOUCH HERby lightdreamer3
Simula pa lang nainis na si Hazeth sa inasta si Sean ng magkabanggaan sila. Lalo pa noong tawagin sya nitong Dwende at halikan sa gita ng hallway ng campus. Nainis din s...
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THE DEAD ZONE | by CaptainAndrews
THE DEAD ZONE |by Amanda Andrews
Alone, in a world overrun by the reanimated dead, Mira thought she had already lost everything. Up until she met the trio Flynn Brown, Jax and Cameron Chase. She didn't...
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Power Play by cherrykimono7
Power Playby cherrykimono7
****PLEASE note that this story contains a lot of smut. Feel free to read it though **** Not your ordinary dom and sub story. "Tonight my ass is for only one of yo...
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MY EVIL PRINCESS by huynhtienphuc
MY EVIL PRINCESSby Huỳnh Tiến Phúc
My Evil Princess is a story written by Cukkort, a special gift for Zhu Xu Dan. It is about a Princess with a revenge plan, to make her enemy payback by destroying her tr...
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Love, Luna by Elipsoe_
Love, Lunaby Savannah Slusser
You always hear the stories about the Alphas of the pack. But what if a pack didn't have one? The Raven pack, the only pack in the state of California and the 3rd large...
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Target by Operative_Seven
Targetby Warrior
When the virus spread I only had one plan: simple but effective, I fully intended to die... So why didn't I just stick to the plan? This is not the happy origine story I...
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extraordinary by itznotparker
extraordinaryby Parker
"You girls will have a hard time doing lyrical dancing to Post Malone," Nathan jokes with the biggest smile on his face. "I think you'll find many people...
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therapist| mattia polibio by angeldolans
therapist| mattia polibioby - αℓуѕѕα🦋
a girl falls in love with her therapist.
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үσυ cαη'т ℓσvε мε! {Draco Malfoy x [OC] Andrea Benton} by Emo__Jirou
үσυ cαη'т ℓσvε мε! {Draco Malfoy ♡𝔸𝕤𝕙♡
"You can't love me!" She yelled. "Why not?" He asked. "Because I'm the complete opposite of you! It would never work!" She answered. "...
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Not In Black & White by LonWolf27
Not In Black & Whiteby Meeghan Marais
I never believed in fate or destiny but what I do know is that from the moment I saw him, there was an attraction and what I didn't realise was that I'd chosen him, even...
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--- (WORK IN PROGRESS) by kadisgurl
"Mate." What I did? I laughed out loud. That was probably the last reaction the handsome man was expecting to receive from me as his brows were quick to knit i...
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the doctor by 5secsmendes
the doctorby A
"Why do you hate going to visit your brother?" "It's not that I hate going to visit him, it's that I haven't visited him in six years, and now he's a doc...
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Ace by JanelleeXOXO
Aceby JanelleeXOXO
Alexandra Grace, the best nurse in New York is asked to relocate and work full time for the young multi-millionare named Ace. Ace Anderson is an arrogant and stubborn p...
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Lo Recuerdo Todo (Oscar Diaz/ OMB) by kindaintoitlemmeknow
Lo Recuerdo Todo (Oscar Diaz/ OMB)by kindaintoitlemmeknow
"Even if you don't, princesa, I remember..." he smiled into my shoulder where his lips were. I slowed the pace, trying to figure out what that meant. He moved...
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the tide | colby brock by dreamysnc
the tide | colby brockby h
the beach had always been sophie's safe haven- the sounds from the tide pulling her out of any bad spot. but after an unlikely series of events, she finds safety within...
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Stealing The Bad Boy's Heart by loveorrunaway
Stealing The Bad Boy's Heartby Soleil
Everyone falls in love with the bad boys! Why is it like that? But are the bad boys that bad? Maybe someone can bring out their good side? Will Bailey Stevens, a sophomo...
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