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Memory Lane (Clouis) by linguae
Memory Lane (Clouis)by capite omnium mixto
Louis was a troubled young man who just got out from the boarding school. How fortunate he found himself in Clementine's school after that... >>(Clouis)<<
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  • romantic
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Oh, My Darling! || Louis x Reader by myminghao
Oh, My Darling! || Louis x Readerby helen ✧・゚:
It's hard to believe that two individuals can fall in love during such difficult times. But even though everything else is dead, the same can't be said for romance. &quo...
  • walkingdeadgame
  • twdglouis
  • twdgviolet
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Remember The Living [THE WALKING DEAD GAME FANFICTION] by sorrowsmorrows
Remember The Living [THE WALKING Megan A.
When the dead comes rolling around, what do you expect a vulnerable 13-year-old to do about it? Nothing - what can they do? The best chance they have is to pair up with...
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Homeless -Clementine x Louis- [Highschool AU] by Olena_MU
Homeless -Clementine x Louis- [ Pringles
"Who's that weirdo with the hat ?" "Doesn't she live in that alleyway ?" She just kept her head down and kept on walking . ...
  • louis
  • bullying
  • clouis
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The Walking Dead: Eye for an Eye by Blakewolf1
The Walking Dead: Eye for an Eyeby Blakewolf1
What if Clementine was taken by the raiders that night instead of Louis or Violet? What would happen and who will be there for her? (This is from my AO3 and fanfic accou...
  • death
  • beatings
  • twdgclementine
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The Undead Love... A Walking Dead Game Fanfic... #Clouis by Sh4nDR3ader
The Undead Love... A Walking Sh4nDWrit3r
A short story about a young girl called Clementine, this story is kinda like a remake of The Walking Dead Game, season 4 of course! It's more focused on her love life be...
  • minnie
  • assim
  • willy
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clouis 🍊 - smut 🍋 - angst - fluff - oneshots by clouistine
clouis 🍊 - smut 🍋 - angst - clem needs a hug
mostly smut and fluff, occasionally angst (or maybe not..) fanfiction and oneshots of this cute couple there are no rules to this book, but ofcourse louis and clem will...
  • clementine
  • louistine
  • marlon
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Things That Are Lost by ian466
Things That Are Lostby ian466
When Carver learns about the plan to escape, he demands that the other walkie-talkie is returned to him, and the person to give it to him is a little girl.
  • thewalkingdeadgame
  • twdg
  • twdgfanfic
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Twdg Sad Pictures/Fanart  by InsanityLover828
Twdg Sad Pictures/Fanart by ♡
These are some sad Pictures/Fanart of Twdg
  • thewalkingdeadgame
  • other
  • heartache
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Twdg Ship Fanart  by InsanityLover828
Twdg Ship Fanart by ♡
Here are some Pictures/Fanart of Twdg Ships 💕
  • guyxgirl
  • guyxguy
  • cute
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Twdg Male Characters x Readers  by InsanityLover828
Twdg Male Characters x Readers by ♡
A few Twdg characters x readers one-shots :) 💕 [No More Requests/Closed For Now, Until I Decide To Take Them Again]
  • one-shots
  • javier
  • arvo
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Twdg Funny Pictures 😂  by InsanityLover828
Twdg Funny Pictures 😂 by ♡
This are a few funny pictures/fanart I found on the internet :) [Finished until I find more funny Twdg pictures xD]
  • twdg
  • other
  • memes
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The walking dead One-shots by clemmbaby
The walking dead One-shotsby Jesssbaby
A book of Telltales the walking dead one-shots! Request scenes and characters from any season!
  • ajtwdg
  • gabetwdg
  • sarahtwdg
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break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored as f*ck by clouistine
break up with your girlfriend, i' clem needs a hug
clementine everett ; - formerly known as clementine marsh, her parents died in a accident clementine doesn't like talking about, and lee everett and carley everett adopt...
  • twdgclementine
  • twdgclem
  • twdgfanfic
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Apocalyptic Love - A Gabentine Story by X4NTH0
Apocalyptic Love - A Gabentine X4NTH0
They've been on the road for years since they escaped the McCarroll Ranch as for the last three Years its just been them and AJ. But when their car crashes, they wake up...
  • clementine
  • gabegarcia
  • thewalkingdeadgame
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Apples // Clementine x female reader by DeviantClem
Apples // Clementine x female Deviant.Clem
I grew up with Clementine, one of my first friends. When the dead started walking, Clementine hid me in her tree house. A man named Lee found us and the took care of us...
  • ajtwd
  • clementine
  • minervatwdg
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Twdg Theories and My Opinions On Things  by InsanityLover828
Twdg Theories and My Opinions On ♡
💙 I just talk about theories and other things for Twdg :)
  • theories
  • rantingaboutstuffinthegame
  • clementine
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~Just a romantic~ clouis by Hkskye
~Just a romantic~ clouisby Haven
In a universe where the apocalypse was non-existent, Clementine had just moved to Washington, meeting Louis and his group of friends. They become good friends Until one...
  • twdlovestory
  • skybound
  • drama
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Roommates by MaxinePhantom
Roommatesby bi4vi
Clementine never expected to become friends with her new foster-sister, but to fall for her? - Preview: Clementine felt an odd sensation, maybe it was because she was ki...
  • thewalkingdeadgame
  • lee
  • violentine
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TWDG Memes by MaddieTheTrashPanda
TWDG Memesby ᴹᴬᴰᴰᴵᴱ
Read the title. !!Completed book! Check out "TWDG Memes 2.0" for more!!
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  • haha
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