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Destiny: Izuku Midoriya's story by GYRAZAL1234567
Destiny: Izuku Midoriya's storyby GYRAZAL1234567
Idk. I'll write a description later
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THE TAKEN KING  by PabloChavez115
THE TAKEN KING by XEsquizofrenia
Oryx(male reader) is taking a pluge down into Saturn after his defeat from a group of well know guardians when a portal opens and sucks him in. He is in a mysterious lan...
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Slave to the Crown by Dovahqween
Slave to the Crownby Muzz
What happens when a Guardian cannot see the "good" that the Traveler has done anymore? When they cannot see beyond the destruction that it brought in its wake...
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The Crucible by bleububbletea
The Crucibleby Bleu
Four drunken friends take on the formidable crucible. What could possibly go wrong? A lot. Warning: Cussing. (Side warning- this is my first attempt at a short story...
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Redemption by Descend34
Redemptionby Descend
Can even the Taken King steal ones freedom? All rights of Destiny belong to Bungie
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Destiny Fanfic by VoidStalkerLK
Destiny Fanficby VoidStalkerLK
Hey guys just a side project I thought of doing while I waited for things
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Destiny Chronicles: Maya by Descend34
Destiny Chronicles: Mayaby Descend
A request from a fan about her Awoken. Still in progress.
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Forsaken by Jared_pjm
Forsakenby Jared_pjm
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Destiny: King Rising  by TehDawsome
Destiny: King Rising by TehDawesome
This is a story about 2 Guardians searching for a relic that may be able to locate any hive able to take oryx's throne. But things turn out a little different.
The Taken King's terrible relationships by the_pirate_spy
The Taken King's terrible the_pirate_spy
This story describes the daily struggle of the taken king, who has to put up with various amounts of shit on a daily basis, whether it be from his kids, his friends,his...
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Destiny: The Corrupted Guardian by the_lost_ghost
Destiny: The Corrupted Guardianby Alex R.
Reaper-8, Alex, and Cera have defeated the Taken King, but little did they know, a part of his soul survived and now seeks revenge in a corrupting way that could break t...
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The Taken King by Kiryusei
The Taken Kingby Ryusei
Ezreal Simax, a man with a certain goal. A man that has had many experiences. A man who is still on his journey to being a legendary guardian. Ezreal has accomplished ma...
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Pillar of Grace by Descend34
Pillar of Graceby Descend
Another Destiny story which is still in process of being finished. This too was written for a friend. I take a lot of request.
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Destined to fail by RowanBarber
Destined to failby Djerun
"Uh...what the hell?..." "Where are we?" "In a book" "Ugh why do we have to suffer?"
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Just a Warlock by SmazzyNinja
Just a Warlockby SmazzyNinja
The last thing Red remembers is dying, then he's awake and running away from Fallen and finds himself at the Tower where he's assigned to a patrolling team that gets why...
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Gyro Soul: A Short Story by Descend34
Gyro Soul: A Short Storyby Descend
A story I did for my good friend Gyro based on the game Destiny.
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Destiny: The Taken King by MannyAMunoz
Destiny: The Taken Kingby PivotMasterEcho
Manny's quest begins from his resurrection, from beginning to end. Follow him and his comrades through a plight of action, adventure, and a whole lot of Taken, as they t...
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The Titan by Dragonterd11
The Titanby Ethan Gordon
It's been 9 years since he had defeated Aetheon- nearly 50 since Twilight Gap, and 100 since he was first resurrected. Talos, by then, known to most as the Hammer, was r...
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Destiny Chronicles: Malok by Descend34
Destiny Chronicles: Malokby Descend
I felt Malok didn't have enough time to shine so here our my thoughts on him. (All Destiny rights belong Bungie. )
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