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oh! darling ~paul mccartney~ by -strangebrew
oh! darling ~paul mccartney~by -strangebrew
"and thats a promise, love. i never break promises." its the year 1963, and the beatles are rising rapidly in popularity. everyone seemed to know of this popul...
"I Hated Sunsets" by -BlueJayBlues-
"I Hated Sunsets"by -BlueJayBlues-
I've seen the sunset, I've watched all of the colors that I will never see again sink into darkness. I hated sunsets, they reminded me of myself and how all of the color...
Act Naturally (Ringo Starr) by ziamslyfe
Act Naturally (Ringo Starr)by ziamslyfe
_completed_ Missy moves to London from California after her parents had died in 1960 She moves in with her strict proper grandmother. She meets Ringo Starr at the cavern...
The Big Book Of Classic Rock by thedoorsandthewhores
The Big Book Of Classic Rockby thedoorsandthewhores
Hi! This is a book for fans of classic rock This book will have the struggles of being a classic rock fan, funny textposts and much more! I hope you enjoy :)
Mel's Wacky Book of Classic Rock ! by JellyRollMel
Mel's Wacky Book of Classic Rock !by Mel
A book for all classic rock fans alike! I'll share opinions, memes, slices of life, and much more!
Keeping Up With The Beatlemaniacs by beatlegirl80s
Keeping Up With The Beatlemaniacsby beatlegirl80s
There is a certain time in your life when you start to obsess over something. It could be anything at all. And, unfortunately, some of us get diagnosed with 'Beatlemania...
1966 by youremy_wonderwall01
1966by youremy_wonderwall01
'It's ok to be afraid, being afraid means you're about to do something really, really brave' After he said that I...
Two of us by BeatleLover1960
Two of usby BeatleLover1960
Ronnie Price and George Harrison were the perfect match, all their friends knew it, but they could never see it themselves. They were both dark horses; if they didn't ha...
Blue Velvet by acediac
Blue Velvetby nimrah ☕
Ellie Byers was definitely and completely dead. That was the one thing Jackie Buchanan knew for sure and that wasn't going to change even when she decided to move on and...
What Are We Doing Here?  by DerWiseLemon
What Are We Doing Here? by Mlle Wilde
☆☆Inspired by conversations with friends & What Are We Doing Here by John Entwistle☆☆ // *All a work of fiction!! And for fun not historically accurate* 《If you'd like t...
The Outsiders - the Sequel.  by Kpwayment
The Outsiders - the Sequel. by Kyrie
Ponyboy Curtis thinks everything is going wrong for him. Can the message, "everything will be okay" get through to him? I hope that in this sequel to the class...
Remembering the Beatles by kiwi747
Remembering the Beatlesby KristyintheSky
Fab Four memories from people who were there