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The Silence by fuckthemangos
The Silenceby 𝘮𝘪𝘢
- - - - - - - He loved her so much more than he loved himself. Bruce, 33, had been excogitating his farewell tour with Iron Maiden with such reluctance as he confronted...
What Happened to the Doctor's Daughter? (Doctor Who Fan Fic) by HGH327fanfics
What Happened to the Doctor's H.H.
Jenny is back and searching for the Doctor who is traveling with Amy and Rory. Jenny is ready to have more adventures but now that the Doctor has regenerated it makes it...
AU: Is the Doctor Real {Book One}   by Mikefox61
AU: Is the Doctor Real {Book One} by .⋆ 𝒥𝒶𝓃𝑒 𝒮𝓂𝒾𝓉𝒽 ⋆.
Natalie Stone, age 17, like most Whovians have dreamed of meeting the Doctor. Then, that dreadful question followed her everywhere: Is the Doctor Real? But one day, all...
Travel With Me by Getindarling
Travel With Meby @Getindarling
Draco Malfoy had always thought of himself as ordinary. He never thought he'd get to explore the universe with an alien who goes by the name of the Doctor. And there's s...
Tick tock goes the clock(doctor who x child reader) by Reaper-fire
Tick tock goes the clock(doctor Reaper-fire
Tick tock gose the clock The doctor is amazing but even he can't save everything. Y/ns planet was one of those things, a fixed point in time but one of them could be sa...
Trapped in Time (Doctor Who Fanfiction) by DoctorWhoFanatic77
Trapped in Time (Doctor Who Ilyssa
"My sister always used to say that a dream was a mystery wrapped in an enigma. I think I understand now what she meant." Wounded by the loss of her sister, Je...
The silence by MollyTiernanMartin
The silenceby MollyTiernanMartin
This is a book about a mute child .In only a beginner but I'll try my best !!
Silence by raggedy-man
Silenceby raggedy-man
After meeting the enigmatic and time-traveling Doctor, a seemingly average high-school girl named Hannah finds her self deep within the confines of a plot to wipe out th...
The Silence by msamylawrence
The Silenceby Amy Lawrence
The experience of being alone and dealing with the initial silence that comes with it. Syllable poem: 5, 3, 5
Shared Future: A Star Trek And Doctor Who Fanfic by kirstwrites
Shared Future: A Star Trek And kirstwrites
The Vulcans are isolating themselves from the UFOP, and Troi and Riker are alone on Vulcan to deal with the social and political consequences. Meanwhile, the Enterprise...
Love Never Forgets by blue_custardis
Love Never Forgetsby blue_custardis
A kind of AU, where the Doctor and River has a daughter. But with a new time baby comes a new chance for the Silence, and the little family is captured. With the excepti...
The Silence by maddiebows
The Silenceby Maddie Bowman
This is a story that I wrote when I was about 12. Thought I'd just put it on here for you lovelies to read :)
The last regeneration (Doctor who)  by JaydDow
The last regeneration (Doctor who) by Saltandpepper13
The doctor after 14 regenerations say's good bye to his last companion, Sarah Jones. It's not easy for him, as he walks around the TARDIS for the last time, coming apon...
The silence in the world  by IrvineBenard
The silence in the world by Reuben Omagwa
A short story with a support video description of the events on how the world has been shrinked by the pandemic. Rekindled hope and appreciation of everybody's participa...
Samantha Piper {Doctor Who Fan Fic} Book One by Annabelle_Whit
Samantha Piper {Doctor Who Fan Annabelle_Whit
{Book One in the Samantha Who Trilogy} Samantha Piper is Amelia Pond's best friend from her childhood. She had spent the night at Amelia's home on that night. The night...
Silence Shall Fall by jordanfett
Silence Shall Fallby Jo
After North America goes up in flames, Abi and her friend, Liz, move to London to try to start over. When Abi applies for a job at the one place she fears in London, a s...
 The Silence by KainatRahimi
The Silenceby kai3nat
"a story of an afghan girl dunia" It all started when dunia was born in afghanistan and her father left her because he wanted to have a son not a daughter. du...