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Priestess of Xiania by XianCarlXD
Priestess of Xianiaby Xian Carl XD
A world with so much fantasy where all GODS exist. It was a story in which the Priestess of Xiania was possessed by an evil. In order to save her, the life and love of t...
  • elements
  • spa2017
  • theshineawardsfantasy
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Flowers Of Salooma by rovingstar
Flowers Of Saloomaby NBS
There she was, standing beside Pournami, with her long black hair flowing down to her hips. He narrows his eyes and took a step forward. "What?! She looks just...
  • romance
  • demons
  • gemawards
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Of Blood and Shadow by ddixson
Of Blood and Shadowby Daniel D.
Alone in a small cell with no memory of how he got there, Aris escapes and accidentally unleashes an ancient cult in the depths of a dungeon. Aris is suddenly afflicted...
  • cursed
  • theshineawardsfantasy
  • curse
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Phoenix Ascending by illeanasophia
Phoenix Ascendingby ~ utopia ~
In which Amethyst Caldwell and her best friend Aventurine are on a risky journey to find Amethyst's supposedly dead father, meeting a mysterious boy and an unpredictable...
  • hiddengems
  • teenlove
  • youngadultreads
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The Key by AshlyBobo
The Keyby AshlyBobo
At a young age, they all realised that they were different. They all had powers. They swore that they would never tell anyone about their powers. Now, in high school, th...
  • abusivecontent
  • romance
  • theshineawardsfantasy
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The Fight for Jubilation by Zevaldrina
The Fight for Jubilationby Lady Calystene
Even those in Desolation can have hope ________________________________________ "I can help you..." she muttered, touching my cheek, "I can and I will...
  • ballet
  • medieval
  • adventure
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Root of the Dagger by JohnInTheUnderworld
Root of the Daggerby Janie Alexis
16 year old Elena Press leads an average life in the normal world, but her love for books is beyond average. She recently received a book that she had been wanting for w...
  • death
  • sad
  • love
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Daughter of Darkness by RKPriest
Daughter of Darknessby RKPriest
#161 in Fantasy~ In a land where magic belongs solely to the gods, Talia Kinsley struggles to hide the unpredictable power that her younger sister Willow seems to have b...
  • thesparkleawards
  • epic
  • fantasy
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A Royal Warrior by Alpacat
A Royal Warriorby Alpacat
Skela has always been proud of its military might, originally a land of ruthless warriors and evolving to a land of warriors with politics. The kingdom, though not large...
  • princess
  • featured
  • adventure
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Dauntless Raiders by Winter-Soldier
Dauntless Raidersby Rose Barnes
Dealing with sea creatures and looting treasure is a pirate's adventure. It's another adventure entirely to see just how a swordsman, two sorceresses and a mystical star...
  • dragons
  • swordsman
  • mystical
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The Consciousness Fundamentalists (Book 1) by Dark_Floppy
The Consciousness Jan Frederik Franco van Deven...
The Void Changes you doesn't it? Peter and Craig had a taste of insanity in the void after they discovered the properties of it... Voidless and Shapeless, however nothin...
  • spiritual
  • myth
  • theshineawardsfantasy
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Legendary Creatures Rising by Aquaticerry
Legendary Creatures Risingby Aquaticerry
Pigs don't fly and chickens don't breathe fire. Or do they? There's a place where they do, but humans want to study them for their secrets. Humans are generally not very...
  • adventure
  • roseawards
  • cow
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Snow by _forest_nymph
Snowby forestnymph
Snow White screamed from within the coffin. Rapunzel wandered aimlessly through the dry desert. Ariel banged noisily on the ice above her. Aur...
  • glowawards2017
  • notcompleted
  • death
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Lost In Battle by imagines_and_stuff
Lost In Battleby Elena
What begins as a business trip to Greece, soon transforms into an ancient adventure. When 16 year old Archimedes Perkins accompanies his mother on a trip for archaeologi...
  • greek
  • athena
  • gods
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Alice Lost in Wonderland by starlitchild
Alice Lost in Wonderlandby a💫
ON PAUSE PROBABLY FOREVER WE'LL SEE Alice is mentally disturbed. Simple. Her mind tries to cope with depression in such unimaginable ways possible. *This may seem chopp...
  • depression
  • love
  • heartbreak
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An Acolyte of Misery by Abstract-Thinking
An Acolyte of Miseryby abstract
Life is not fair. Every child is taught this from the moment they're able to understand it. The world favors the strong. And the weak? They are crushed beneath their fe...
  • theshineawardsfantasy
  • thinking
  • abstract
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