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Fairy | The Seven Deadly Sins | Estarossa, Zeldris, Meliodas X Reader by WolfiyChan
Fairy | The Seven Deadly Sins | Jabami Luca
(Y/N) (L/N). One of the strongest beings in the fairy realm. If she really tried then she could tsnad her ground in a fight against Meliodas, the dragon sin of wrath. (Y...
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A Heart Of His Very Own (Gowther x Reader) by Creampuff0330
A Heart Of His Very Own (Gowther Fairy Tail
"Gowther, is that you?" Y/N asked, slightly backing up. "Hmm? Oh, Gowther? Yes, that's me!" Gowther said as his hair turned to its original pink. &qu...
  • gowther
  • xreader
  • wattys2019
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The seven deadly sins x reader oneshots  by animehasmyheart
The seven deadly sins x reader Maddie<3
I do angst,fluff,lemon and anything you want! :)
  • diane
  • anime
  • thesevendeadlysins
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mind games (zeldris x reader) by zeldrissamaa
mind games (zeldris x reader)by zeldrissamaa
sorry guys idk what to write for a description yet but once i actually know what i'm doing with this ill fix it lmao
  • thetencommandments
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  • zeldrisxreader
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✉1/6 by -wrath
✉1/6by 「メリオダス」
Co-Host: (@_) In charge of coming up with scenario ideas and AUs. Backup Admin: (@_) In charge of accepting forms and making sure everyone follows the rules. Artist: (@_...
  • roleplay
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  • nanatsunotaizai
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 XReader One-shots from TDLOSK, TSDS, and FT by Creampuff0330
XReader One-shots from TDLOSK, Fairy Tail
Just some one-shots from some anime that I watch! Enjoy! Here are the anime included in the story: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. The Seven Deadly Sins Fairy Tail I don...
  • thesevendeadlysins
  • romance
  • fairytail
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A New World by Elizabethsins
A New Worldby Pixel-Glitch
it a love story about Gowther x Reader it may or may not have lemon
  • love
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Facts [Nanatsu no Taizai/ Seven Deadly Sins]  by moelang-d
Facts [Nanatsu no Taizai/ Seven moelang-d
The title says everything I guess :3
  • demon
  • meliodas
  • thesevendeadlysins
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The Seven Deadly Sins: Le huitième péché capital by EstelGames
The Seven Deadly Sins: Le huitiè Estel Games
Amber est une jeune fille amnésique, s'étant réveillée en plein milieu d'une forêt. Un jour, elle sauve un jeune homme du nom de Ban, qui l'aidera à lui faire retrouver...
  • thesevendeadlysins
  • fanfiction
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The Seven Deadly Sins {Ships} by xX1c00kie1Xx
The Seven Deadly Sins {Ships}by xX1c00kie1Xx
All the sins get together; with me their host. I'm going to tell them about some ships the fans and I have come up with!
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The Seven Sins;Envy(KaiHun) by kaihun_xo
The Seven Sins;Envy(KaiHun)by kaihun_xo
Oh Sehun always envied those with happiness. Born from a rich and problematic family,he never found a source of love.He wanted his love to be his happiness aside from da...
  • angst
  • sehunxkai
  • kaixsehun
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Male anime characters x reader by naomikira1
Male anime characters x readerby naomikira1
I'm planning on making this for only anime's cause you have to give love your anime's
  • readerxcharacter
  • narutoshippuden
  • anyanimeatall
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Allan is Real?! by Creampuff0330
Allan is Real?!by Fairy Tail
Gowther can change his features to look like anyone he pleases. For example, Pelio's mother. But his disguise, did he make that up, or does Allan really exist? I don't...
  • allan
  • gowther
  • thesevendeadlysins
The goddess (Ban x Reader) by brattycat100
The goddess (Ban x Reader)by Lily~Sama
hey! so this is abunch of Bs... but you are Lily, and you like Ban, Ban will like you... that's really it and before you ask about "Elaine" and "Jericho&q...
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  • sevendeadlysins
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My Weird Arts by ParisWhite271
My Weird Artsby Paris
this is a group of those weird pics you take and modify but whatevs. They are based off of an app called Gacha Life.
  • silly
  • funny
  • tsds
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The seven of high school by ElsaJaakkola
The seven of high schoolby Telmonautti
Elizabeth is a new student in Liones high and lets just say she stoles many hearts. When she meets the most popular group in the school The Seven Deadly Sins enemys and...
  • elaine
  • highschool
  • thesevendeadlysins
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I Didn't Choose You, My Heart Did by BlackFadedMoonLight
I Didn't Choose You, My Heart Didby 💙#BlueForSudan💙
As Merlin is happy to see all the couples together (such as Meliodas and Elizabeth, King and Diane, Ban and Elaine, Margret and Gilthunder and Veronica and Griamore), sh...
  • powerfulhuman
  • love
  • thesevendeadlysins
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Rivers Can Drown, Too by RoseWaterLily2003
Rivers Can Drown, Tooby Scathing Potato
The members of BTS are the seven deadly sins. You and your friends are angels. What will happen when they decide to turn your life around in a school where angels and de...
  • minyoongi
  • jeonjungkook
  • kimseokjin
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Love war /// king x reader by ZoeytheFox101
Love war /// king x readerby ZoeytheFox
Love war is a book about how 2 men fall in love with the same girl and fall in to a hateful state between the two. They manage to go so far where they are hurting each...
  • king
  • kingxreader
  • thesevendeadlysins
[The 11th Commandment] __ [Original] by Winnie_Winner
[The 11th Commandment] __ [ Winnie
<><><><><><><><><><><> Brittania had just now recovered from the threat of the new generation of demon...
  • thesevendeadlysins
  • escanor
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