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Rivers Can Drown, Too by RoseWaterLily2003
Rivers Can Drown, Tooby Scathing Potato
The members of BTS are the seven deadly sins. You and your friends are angels. What will happen when they decide to turn your life around in a school where angels and de...
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Wrong World! (Fairy Tail and The Seven Deadly Sins) by Creampuff0330
Wrong World! (Fairy Tail and The Fairy Tail
The Seven Deadly Sins were sent on a mission by King Bartra: to eliminate yet another ally of the Demon Race. But things didn't go quite as planned.... I don't own The a...
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Love war /// king x reader by ZoeytheFox101
Love war /// king x readerby ZoeytheFox
Love war is a book about how 2 men fall in love with the same girl and fall in to a hateful state between the two. They manage to go so far where they are hurting each...
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Fight for her love|Reader,Zeldris,Meliodas and Estarossa by mutlifandomxbaby
Fight for her love|Reader, ᎪN ᎾᎢᎪKᏌ
"If need be brothers..we will fight for y/n's love."One of the demon brothers spoke. She's had all three of them wrapped around her finger for 3000years
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Fairy | The Seven Deadly Sins | Estarossa, Zeldris, Meliodas X Reader by WolfiyChan
Fairy | The Seven Deadly Sins | Jabami Luca
(Y/N) (L/N). One of the strongest beings in the fairy realm. If she really tried then she could tsnad her ground in a fight against Meliodas, the dragon sin of wrath. (Y...
  • readerxmeliodas
  • zeldris
  • jericho
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In Your Dreams ~Melizabeth~ [Undentified Hiatus] by Thatoneakwardfella
In Your Dreams ~Melizabeth~ [ Your Cringey Author-Chan
-This book is in modern ages- ~~~~~~~~~~ What if you closed your eyes every-night and drifted off to sleep just to realise your dream is more or so reality. To see someb...
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Anime Cinematic Universe by Digimonghost5
Anime Cinematic Universeby Digimonghost5
The name speaks for itself
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My Nirvana by BlackFadedMoonLight
My Nirvanaby 💙#BlueForSudan💙
As Ban had lost too much in his own life, he started to have the memories of Elaine's best moments in life before she died, even the ones with him, as these memories hel...
  • life
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  • soulmatesau
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[The 11th Commandment] __ [Original] by Winnie_Winner
[The 11th Commandment] __ [ Winnie
<><><><><><><><><><><> Brittania had just now recovered from the threat of the new generation of demon...
  • nanatsunotaizai
  • merlin
  • ban
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Sirius The Jaeger✔oneshots,lemons and limes by Katfics_546
Sirius The Jaeger✔oneshots, kat♡
#1 in yuliyjirov #1 in yuliy x reader lemons #2 in yuliy #4 in sirius the jaeger 2019/05/16 There arent alot of these so I decided to make one -- hope you enjoy reading...
  • yuliyxreaderoneshots
  • yuliyxreader
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 XReader One-shots from TDLOSK, TSDS, and FT by Creampuff0330
XReader One-shots from TDLOSK, Fairy Tail
Just some one-shots from some anime that I watch! Enjoy! Here are the anime included in the story: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. The Seven Deadly Sins Fairy Tail I don...
  • romance
  • fairytail
  • thesevendeadlysins
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The Sins of Fairies (The Seven Deadly Sins x Fairy Tail) by LionSinSunGod114000
The Sins of Fairies (The Seven Zachary ‘Xavier’ Rae
Meliodas and the Seven Deadly Sins have finally dealt with the Demon Race once and for all, and so decided to travel to Fiore for a vacation. It all seems okay... until...
  • nnt
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  • gowther
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I Didn't Choose You, My Heart Did by BlackFadedMoonLight
I Didn't Choose You, My Heart Didby 💙#BlueForSudan💙
As Merlin is happy to see all the couples together (such as Meliodas and Elizabeth, King and Diane, Ban and Elaine, Margret and Gilthunder and Veronica and Griamore), sh...
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Beauty is queen [SDS fanfic] by Ladylight-Daya
Beauty is queen [SDS fanfic]by LadyMercy
The Ten Commandments are blessed with a girl of pure heart. She is their very own grace and perfection, their salvation in this war. Cringe story~
  • malescula
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  • thesevendeadlysins
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Howling [Nanatsu no Taizai] by lemoncreamm
Howling [Nanatsu no Taizai]by lemoncreamm
In this universe, demons are the equivalent of Were-animals, and goddesses are huntresses of said werecreatures. Fairies and Giants are the protectors of nature. These w...
  • nanatsu
  • deadly
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mind games (zeldris x reader) by zeldrissamaa
mind games (zeldris x reader)by zeldrissamaa
sorry guys idk what to write for a description yet but once i actually know what i'm doing with this ill fix it lmao
  • gowther
  • merlin
  • thesevendeadlysins
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The Seven Deadly Sins One-Shots by lyv_sprite
The Seven Deadly Sins One-Shotsby Zip
My favorite anime is The Seven Deadly Sins and I wanted to make a one-shots book for the series. This book will be based around the sins themselves but people like Eliz...
  • ban
  • thesevendeadlysins
  • king
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Meliodus x reader {{seven deadly sins}} by Aya_Campbell
Meliodus x reader {{seven deadly Aya_Campbell
What's happens when Elizabeth dies and 16 years later Meliodas meets Elizabeth's reincarnation? Read to find out
  • fanfiction
  • meliodasxreader
  • meliodas
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When the Sun & Moon Fall in Love by Aqua5512
When the Sun & Moon Fall in Loveby Aqua
This is the story of the goddess Elizabeth and how she fell in love with a demon. They both met in high school but during this time a war began. What should happen when...
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