THE WOLF AND THE RAVEN | Ubbe Ragnarsson (EN) by gothcrypt
THE WOLF AND THE RAVEN | Ubbe lacrymosa
❝ Or you open this thing now, Eileen - Ubbe growled - ... Or I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your fucking door down! And you will not want me to do it. ❞ gothcry...
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Who Killed Markiplier - Explained by youtuberfanngirl
Who Killed Markiplier - Explainedby Inactive
This book is going to give you all of the answers (that I know) to help you figure out that same old question; what really happened to Markiplier?
  • seer
  • colonel
  • damienthemayor
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The Seer (my version) by HarryFleuTV
The Seer (my version)by HarryFleuTV
This is my version of The Seer comic series by Madam Macabre
  • action
  • jeffthekiller
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Who Killed Markiplier? One Shots. by SepticEye_Fan
Who Killed Markiplier? One SepticeEyeFan
I... really wanted to make this because I have lots of ships! I will take request but this time I'm not messing up! I will put my own ideas in here. I hope my ideas are...
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Yandere Vikings x chubby reader by Yandererulz
Yandere Vikings x chubby readerby Yandererulz
A bunch of yandere (because they're the only types of stories I can do) oneshots on different characters of the show Vikings with you.
  • yandere
  • hviserk
  • athesltan
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Faded (Jeff x korbyn) by PGGaming100
Faded (Jeff x korbyn)by PGGaming100
Korbyn is a college student with a special power.since her mother got into an accident it's her duty to become the next seer in her family. A seer is an important person...
  • love
  • korbyn
  • slender
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Dr. Locklear X Korbyn (The Seer) by xBECKADROWNEDx
Dr. Locklear X Korbyn (The Seer)by Benjamin
Yep. And commence the nosebleeds. *Keels over and dies from Lock's overpowering aura of hottness*
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