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Thana by PeterPanLOL88
Thanaby Cailyn Qualls
Thana is the daughter of the God Tyr. Most people would wonder why he would visit such a place like Kattegat. The truth is Odin told him if he takes his daughter there s...
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  • ragnar
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Dr. Locklear X Korbyn (The Seer) by xBECKADROWNEDx
Dr. Locklear X Korbyn (The Seer)by Benjamin
Yep. And commence the nosebleeds. *Keels over and dies from Lock's overpowering aura of hottness*
  • locklear
  • theseer
  • masky
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Yandere Vikings x chubby reader by Yandererulz
Yandere Vikings x chubby readerby Yandererulz
A bunch of yandere (because they're the only types of stories I can do) oneshots on different characters of the show Vikings with you.
  • sigurd
  • aethelwulf
  • yandere
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Faded (Jeff x korbyn) by PGGaming100
Faded (Jeff x korbyn)by PGGaming100
Korbyn is a college student with a special power. Since her mother got into an accident, it's her duty to become the next seer in her family. The seer is one of the most...
  • theseer
  • romance
  • korbyn
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The avatar of magic by theseerofAbjaune
The avatar of magicby The Seer
Really the avatar of magic? Could you come up with a dumber name? Well I guess it's correct but it is far from who I really am. My voice isn't one you will or would want...
  • abjaune
  • theseer
Dangan rompa and Dangan ronpa 2 one-shots! ( because of boredom) }:D by scribblenotes20
Dangan rompa and Dangan ronpa 2 *°~Scribble Sempai~°*
here is another story thing because I'm bored. also these will be written by me so bring in requests! I'll gladly write them. but if you want some pacific stuff like pl...
  • theseer
  • sdr2
  • creepypasta
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The Seer (Continuing Series) by RamonaFlowersxX
The Seer (Continuing Series)by RamonaFlowers
This is a story that I have created based off the comic "The Seer". Which is created by the one and only "Madame Macabre", the story will have all of...
  • creepypasta
  • madamemacabre
  • theseer
The Seer RP by XxTamara97xX
The Seer RPby Allison Angel
Read and see
  • creepypasta
  • madamemacabre
  • theseer
What Happened To Us by GraceCP666
What Happened To Usby Creepypasta Stalker
CREEPYPASTA STORY!! including the slendy cast Jeff the Killer Korbyn JumpingEagle Scarecrow Girl Ticci Toby BEN Drowned Bloody Painter Puppeteer Zero Pinkimena Smile Dog...
  • creepypasta
  • theseer
  • meh
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The Seer by omnesquimicat
The Seerby di
Her kind was long gone. Her family was dead. The Government was out to get her. She was in mortal danger. Delphi did not know that. Delphi has lived on the streets of Og...
  • theseer
  • adventure
  • thriller
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The Seer by sirlittleprince
The Seerby Jaden White
I am not super. I am not pure. I do not have a “power”. But. I see the world in a different way to everyone else. I guess this makes me a seer. People have f...
  • philosophy
  • theseer
  • sciencefiction
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The Lost Ones by GraceCP666
The Lost Onesby Creepypasta Stalker
CREEPYPASTA STORY!! including the slendy cast Jeff the Killer Korbyn JumpingEagle Scarecrow Girl Ticci Toby BEN Drowned Bloody Painter Puppeteer Zero Pinkimena Smile Dog...
  • jeffthekiller
  • murder
  • theseer
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Guardian of The Seer by NightDreamsyessi
Guardian of The Seerby NightDreamsyessi
Philia Timor has never met a challenge that she couldn't face. But one day in order to achieve her goal of being apart of the royal gaurd the king gives her the task tha...
  • creepypasta
  • madamemacabre
  • theseer
The Seer by TeamFosterKeefe101
The Seerby TeamFosterKeefe101
Jason's mom has a secret. Jason's dad is a Seer. A Seer is a powerful mage. But his dad is not just any Seer, he is the most powerful Seer there has every been. One of t...
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  • amazing
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the fight for sanity by heckiplier
the fight for sanityby heckiplier
dark still isn't completely in control of the two souls he has prisoner. damien is completely lost and terrified, the seer is quiet. the colonel has lost his mind, and s...
  • themayor
  • thecolonel
  • antisepticeye
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The Creepy Ending by RossieXJeff
The Creepy Endingby RossieXJeff
A Creepypasta book about how some CP's met each other before they 'actually' met...
  • adventure
  • fanfiction
  • creepypasta
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What Comes First:Sequel to Sally's Old Friend by writingdreamer15
What Comes First:Sequel to Sally' writingdreamer15
It's been a year since the girls became friends again. Sally wants Cassandra to move in with the rest of the creepypastas. As life is going good,a new enemy appears to c...
  • slenderman
  • creepypasta
  • masky
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