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Band aids - a Newtmas AU by _Newts_limp_
Band aids - a Newtmas AUby Holy ravioli
Newt is a suicidal teen who feels he is worthless. Thomas as has had feelings for the boy for a short while but doesn't know much about him. Will he still feel the same...
  • tmr
  • thekillorder
  • dylmas
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I'll Stay With You (Sequel to Stay With Me) by LuLuOnFire
I'll Stay With You (Sequel to Dartford Goblin
The Gladers believe they are safe with their rescuers from WICKED, and no longer destined to fight off deadly Grievers. But that is far from true. Floral must lead the G...
  • thomas
  • kihonglee
  • romance
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After the Death Cure (IN EDITING) by Hermione_Tea
After the Death Cure (IN EDITING)by 차
Read The Death Cure or else you won't know a thing. You have been warned After The Death Cure is based off The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. This story takes pla...
  • thedeathcure
  • thescorchtrails
  • romance
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The Scorch (NewtxReader) Book 2 by carrot_top2015
The Scorch (NewtxReader) Book 2by Yasss
They finally did it, they escaped the maze. They thought they was free... And safe. (y/n) thought she could see her family again and be happy with Newt and his family. B...
  • fanfiction
  • thescorchtrails
  • xreader
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The Scorch Trials:Newt's Little Sister(Aris x Reader) [UNDER MAJOR EDITING!!!] by toxicnewtmas
The Scorch Trials:Newt's Little hiatus
(Y/N),her brother,and their group just escaped their maze and they get taken to W.C.K.D head quarters but they don't know that and Aris seems to catch (Y/N)'s attention...
  • themazerunner
  • tmr
  • harriet
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Thominho-one shots  by ronj0527
Thominho-one shots by ronj0527
This story is for my love of thominho (Thomas and minho from Maze Runner) There are probably not anyone who's is gonna read it. I will maybe take requests I DO NOT OWN T...
  • mazerunner
  • newt
  • oneshots
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The Maze Runner Jokes by berthad77
The Maze Runner Jokesby bertha
Some random Maze Runner Jokes. [Spoilers] [All requests are open] All characters belong to James Dasher
  • tmr
  • thescorchtrails
  • thomasbrodie-sangster
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Dying Love by 8TheSurvivor8
Dying Loveby TheSurvivor
This story is about a girl who escapes the terror of the maze, and meets a group of boys, where she gets a special relationsship to one og the charming boys., as they go...
  • sad
  • adventure
  • thescorchtrails
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She was supposed to be the last subject sent into the Maze, but that was before Thomas did the unthinkable. She was the only subject who's memory didn't get wiped, and...
  • tmrminho
  • tmrnewt
  • tmrimagine
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Waiting for My Prince Charming (A Thomas Brodie Sangster Fanfic) by NewtieRunner
Waiting for My Prince Charming ( Newtie/ Sangster Runner
Nelly Cloud is an 18 year old girl who lives in Los Angeles, California. She has just graduated from high school and now lives in her own apartment by herself. She hears...
  • arianagrandemusic
  • thomasbsangster
  • thomassangster
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The train by primrosethistle101
The trainby primrosethistle101
We all know that Sonya and Aris were rescued from the train taking them and many other subjects to WICKED's facility by Thomas and the right arm whilst trying to save Mi...
  • groupb
  • thescorchtrails
  • thedeathcure
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♡Key to happiness♡Newt by Taylah2112
♡Key to happiness♡Newtby ~OneLove~
There's a new greenie in the glade. Except there's one thing, it's a girl! She has to deal with teenage boys who haven't seen a girl in years, a mean tough guy who wants...
  • thescorchtrails
  • newt
  • jamesdashner
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I Feel You Again(Book 2-Sequel to I Feel You) by sleepingwithmelons
I Feel You Again(Book 2-Sequel Killjoy
After escaping the Maze, Annah and the Gladers thought they were safe from the terror they've been facing for years. What happens when they realise only new terrors will...
  • minho
  • thomas
  • newt
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Shameless》 TST by lionsbby
Shameless》 TSTby Alyssa Cruz
"But I'll always be there for you, I'll always be there for you. I'll always be there for you, girl I have no shame."- The Weeknd Being in a relationship, Mia...
  • crank
  • tmr
  • dylenaau
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Salvation|Thomas by LovelyRomanoff
Salvation|Thomasby LovelyRomanoff
Walking Dead/Maze Runner Crossover I found them outside of the walls of Alexandria, he could have let me die, but he didn't. With his help, can we find a cure for human...
  • maze
  • crossover
  • walking
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Promiscuous » NEWTMAS & DYLMAS ONESHOTS  by skystxlinski
Promiscuous » NEWTMAS & DYLMAS skystxlinski
The title says it all
  • boyxboy
  • themazerunner
  • oneshotcollection
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Will poulters little sister (x reader) by Hooiman_being
Will poulters little sister (x Hooiman_being
(Y/N) Poulter is an actress that works in films such as the maze runner series alongside her big brother will Poulter and her crush (shhhh) Dylan O'Brien.
  • thescorchtrails
  • thomasbrodiesangster
  • willpoulter
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The Pain (The Maze Runner FanFic) by kittycat_girl
The Pain (The Maze Runner FanFic)by kittycat_girl
Geocol was a abused 18 year old girl when she wakes up in a cold box traveling upward as she noticed her cuts were showing she tried to hide them but there was nothing t...
  • gally
  • themazerunner
  • thescorchtrails
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