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The School For Good and Evil: After ever after by TheEaterOfSnowGlobes
The School For Good and Evil: S N O W G L O B E
THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL FANFIC Agatha and Tedros arrive in Camelot and to the mixed up romance and troubles of a (pre) married life. Sophie starts her job as the ne...
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BURN by pumpkinpaperweight
BURNby pumpkinpaperweight
agatha of gavaldon is a princess, and she has a secret. several, in fact. she's pretty good at keeping them, by now. tedros of camelot is a king, and he has a secret. ju...
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Happily Never After (Tagatha/the school of good and evil) by PoppyDelevisa
Happily Never After (Tagatha/the Poppy Delevisa
When Agatha wishes her happily ever after was with Tedros, Sophie and Agatha are transported back to the School for Good and Evil. But Sophie wants another happily ever...
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The Wizarding World || SGE fanfic  by queeninclumps
The Wizarding World || SGE fanfic by Jen 🍯
School for Good and Evil characters in a Hogwarts AU
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Love Defies  by queeninclumps
Love Defies by Jen 🍯
Tedros had taken Merlin's Spell to spy on the girls, solely because he'd assured himself that he wouldn't even see Agatha. Now here they were: roommates.
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Gin Mills and the Goods  by pumpkinpaperweight
Gin Mills and the Goods by pumpkinpaperweight
tedros is the popular, glamorous new performer at the illicit speakeasy known as club avalon. he's also a runaway- a rich man's son with a tenuous link to the dark under...
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I'll find you || Tagatha fanfic by queeninclumps
I'll find you || Tagatha fanficby Jen 🍯
What if Agatha had run away from Avalon when Tedros gave that pink rose to Sophie? What if she ran too Foxwood, and met a certain set of twins?
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Spite || A Tagatha AU by AshOwl86
Spite || A Tagatha AUby AshOwl86
"But sire ,you cannot choose the future queen of Camelot simply out of-" "Spite?" Tedros raised an eyebrow. "Watch me." -- Years ago King A...
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Reunited and Reignited by happypanda1864
Reunited and Reignitedby Tiffany
PART 2 OF A SERIES book 2 of 3 first book: Days at Camelot High Agatha and Tedros broke up 10 years ago. What happens when these two ex lovers see each other again? Wil...
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The Mermaid Princess {Gray x Reader} Ft. The School for Good and Evil by XxTheFairyQueenxX
The Mermaid Princess {Gray x ♥︎ Kate Quintanar ♥︎
『Was #1 ɪɴ ɢʀᴀʏ ғᴜʟʟʙᴜsᴛᴇʀ 』 (Y/N) was princess of the sea and all she ever wanted was to do was become human. One day, (Y/N) went to look for the only person in the...
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My Other Car is a Gilded Carriage: Alex Vs the School for Good by pumpkinpaperweight
My Other Car is a Gilded pumpkinpaperweight
(2ND GEN) (COMPLETE) Alex, believe it or not, is aware she has famous parents. Thanks... But now, the wishes-she-didn't-have-to-be-a-Princess of Camelot thinks she prob...
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Be Gay, Do Crimes: Ros Vs Everything, Apparently by pumpkinpaperweight
Be Gay, Do Crimes: Ros Vs pumpkinpaperweight
Rosalind hadn't thought it would be so difficult. Go to the School for Good and Evil, take the rank of Class Captain, make sure her twin brother doesn't get any bother...
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SGE reacts by themysteriousmaple
SGE reactsby Lost Cities Media
I noticed that there aren't a lot of SGE reacts so I decided to make one! SGE crew will react to anything! 😊Currently #4 in SGE and #5 in schoolforgoodandevil 😊 (Curr...
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Is it really Ever After? by ElianaJRose
Is it really Ever After?by ElianaJRose
Five years after the fall of the School Master... A dangerous disease, a misconceived romance, a shocking announcement... In the midst of it all, true Evil rises again...
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Days at Camelot High [complete] by happypanda1864
Days at Camelot High [complete]by Tiffany
FIRST PART OF A SERIES book 1 of 3 What if Agatha and Tedros had never gone to the school for good. What if they never had to fight in a war against a hundred year old...
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I Wish I Was A Witch by hesterfanficfornow
I Wish I Was A Witchby HESTERfanficfornow
Hestadil but in a normal highschool Hester is changing schools due to some problems at her old school. Only to find that some of her past confrontations come back to her...
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the envious moon by pumpkinpaperweight
the envious moonby pumpkinpaperweight
(do you quarrel, sir? / quarrel, sir? no, sir. / but if you do, sir, I am for you. / I serve as good a man as you. / no better / well, sir / say better, here comes one o...
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all the time in the world by pumpkinpaperweight
all the time in the worldby pumpkinpaperweight
Agatha had thought she was doing rather well at this whole "modern world" business until now. "Let me guess," The albino girl behind the counter says...
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The School For Good and Evil: New Ever After by QueenFireWriter
The School For Good and Evil: RedWriter101
After Sophie accepted Rafals proposal, Agatha and Tedros looking for a way to sneak into the castle and finding out that Aric is Lady Lesso's son a mysterious teenage gi...
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