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Your walk // Junhao [completed] by sukkapillu
Your walk // Junhao [completed]by Boooo
The runaway, art of fashion filled with beatiful models. Jun is a flirt and Minghao's walk makes his head dizzy. Will they come something during the big project togethe...
  • chinaline
  • junhao
  • seventeen
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the criminal // S.M.  by chickenbuttcameron
the criminal // S.M. by chickenbuttcameron
When Skylar's parents were arrested, she had to take over their business. She never wanted to be a criminal, but the only way out was by death. That is, until she runs...
  • shawnmendes
  • runaway
  • thecriminal
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The Runaways: Chase Stein x Reader by Writer_Reader05
The Runaways: Chase Stein x Readerby Writer_Reader05
Yn's old friends had been long gone. The only one she talks to is Chase, but then again, they are boyfriend and girlfriend. When the gang gets back together and discover...
  • chasestein
  • marvel
  • therunaways
My Life As A Substitute Singer... Book 3 by Delilah_savior-Queen
My Life As A Substitute Delilah Queen
This is book 3 of The Runaway! Please read books 1 and 2 to follow along. There will be more books to follow don't worry!!! Bree was asked a question by her friend who i...
  • sophiagrace
  • therunaway
  • book3
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THE SEPARATION // ronnie radke by fronkiethesweetbaby
THE SEPARATION // ronnie radkeby Nico
A new life began for Ronnie and I-- literally. Anger got the best of Ronnie and jeopardized our future. No one knew what the future held. Book 3 of The Runaway Series
  • ronnieradke
  • fir
  • fallinginreverse
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My Betrothed: A Deanoru Story by deanoru4
My Betrothed: A Deanoru Storyby deanoru4
A fan fiction about Karolina Dean, Nico Minoru, and Xavin. Inspired by the Hulu Series and the comics, with some added twists and personal inputs. *None of the images...
  • karolinadean
  • lipstick
  • lgbt
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THE DRIVER // rr + joshler by fronkiethesweetbaby
THE DRIVER // rr + joshlerby Nico
My name is Tyler Joseph, and I escaped my hometown with the help of my Uber driver. Book 4 of The Runaway series
  • frerard
  • bands
  • joshdun
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The runaway  ( laxus x reader) by Lilyc89
The runaway ( laxus x reader)by Lilyc89
You leave fairytail to go with your aunt to become a lady but later escape and come back to fairytail will it be the same
  • laxusreader
  • therunaway
The Angel of Anxiety [A Supernatural FanFiction] by thaliagrace3214
The Angel of Anxiety [A jordin
BOOK II ; A SUPERNATURAL FANFICTION After talking to Connie Fairborough, only one Winchester has regained hope that their friend Leila Connors is alive. Frankly, Dean Wi...
  • saintdymphna
  • connors
  • sam
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Edits & Layouts by goodbyeblues
Edits & Layoutsby goodbyeblues
GIVE CREDIT IF USED !!! Layout twitter: sunwentblack Edit Instagram: ourstorysalreadybeentold
  • williambeckett
  • twentyonepilots
  • decaydance
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the runaways  by dreamyydolanss
the runaways by dreamyydolanss
it was me and him, ethan dolan, that was us. we were known as the runaways.
  • graysondolan
  • ethan
  • grayson
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johnny ringo. || cte by maddisuede
johnny ringo. || cteby maddisuede
Johnny Ringo has died and gone to Hell. That seems pretty bad until he learns he has to sell his soul to Satan for his life back. Even worse, he has to kill people and b...
  • satan
  • thefallout
  • crowntheempire
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The Runaway by Shadow3456
The Runawayby Shadow3456
^Cover Drawn by me. Yes, the girl looks a little funky. Drawing hasn't been easy for me recently. XD^ A runaway from a foster home finds a hidden base that moves like a...
  • shadow3456
  • shadow
  • therunaway
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In Between Worlds by LeahMRubio
In Between Worldsby Leah Mae Austria
Rebecca White is just trying to live her life the way she wanted to. But stuck between a world filled with secrets, aliens and spies; a world with parties, classes and t...
  • fakingit
  • 13reasonswhy
  • therunaways
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The Runaways by baileypatricia
The Runawaysby Bailey Patricia
Presley Howard has been living an almost normal life with her parents and her two brothers, Trace and Justin. But when the Howard family gets in a crash leaving the thre...
  • runaway
  • ranaway
  • teenfiction
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The Run Away And The Circus by ClarissaBallerina
The Run Away And The Circusby ClarissaBallerina
A story where you, the reader can have the experience of what is to come if he/ she have a chance to live a life at the Circus...
  • circus
  • mystery
  • adventuresofthecircus
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THE RUN AWAYS by MariaLainhart
THE RUN AWAYSby Maria Lainhart
Bout a girl named Zendaya and her friend Kayden.
  • marialainhart
  • therunaway
  • run
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Different Beings by Annabeth1398Sage
Different Beingsby Annabeth1398Sage
-------------------------------------------- She is different. So is her friend. They are beings that are hated by other kind of beings. They blend in to stay out of the...
  • struck
  • alpha
  • justonelittlebite
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The Forest's Shadows: #1 The Runaway by SnowyNugget
The Forest's Shadows: #1 The Frying Pan Child
First book of "The Forest's Shadows"! Chapter 21 is in progress! Snow and her siblings discover a shocking secret that effects their future. As they travel f...
  • snow
  • therunaway
  • night
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