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She's the One by KateAnnee
She's the Oneby Kate
George Scott, a prince of Eastwood high-school along with the rest of the football team ruled the school corridors. Alongside their princesses, the cheerleaders. But to...
  • pastelawards2k18
  • romance
  • football
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Lion's Cage by Bloomin__Queen
Lion's Cageby Vesna K.
There is one person in our whole world which has a power. That person is our Prince. He can freeze time. He controls it. Plays it like he wants. And then there is me. A...
  • wattys2018
  • completed
  • time
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The Badboy's Normal Girl by Anasogzz301204
The Badboy's Normal Girlby Anasogzz301204
Lyra of 17 yeara old is a NORMAL girl on her last year of High School at Mirrow High School, she is not a nerd, but not a stupid girl, her life is perfectly fine, bot a...
  • good
  • school
  • bad
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The Saga of an Ordinary Indian Girl  by anupamarrao
The Saga of an Ordinary Indian Anupama R Rao
Description coming soon... Cover by: the one and only @moonbeautie!
  • school
  • friends
  • southindian
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Ring of Justice ( A Typical Nigerian Play) Completed And Edited.  by Amana-Deena
Ring of Justice ( A Typical Johlaherday
Ring of justice is all about A typical Nigerian polygamous( Igbo) family... Amaka got married to Emaka and after six years of childlessness, his mother brings in Amarach...
  • hatred
  • jupiterawards
  • royalroseawards2018
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Problems of the Hart  by demidork25
Problems of the Hart by Krystal Jennifer Evans
Alexis Hart is homeless. When she is kicked out of her own house, Alexis is sure she is doomed. But help starts raining on her from all strange directions. An Heir engag...
  • thenewyearawards
  • richboys
  • lovetriangle
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Poetic by shaziie_kay
Poeticby U'thimna
Of a teenage girl who didn't know how to verbally express herself so she wrote all of it down.
  • random
  • florang2019
  • starlights2k18
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Things She Wrote by shaziie_kay
Things She Wroteby U'thimna
Inside of the mind of a teenage girl. Her thoughts, ideas and random musing based off of things happening around her.
  • mvwawards
  • poembook
  • girl
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Jason Momoa is my Guardian Angel?!?! by ReginaReids
Jason Momoa is my Guardian Regina
This is about what happens when you hit rock bottom with a splat and finally have no choice but to ask for help from the Big Guy Upstairs. And when he decides to answer...
  • comedy
  • recovery
  • aquaman
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First War by sunshine_dust
First Warby Sunshine
Being a werewolf is great, but being an omega is not so great when people find out. You are treated like dirt. However, for Camilla Sketcher it's different. She doesn't...
  • history
  • father
  • respect
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Wanna Be Friends? || √ by nira014
Wanna Be Friends? || √by NiRa
Hi guys! it's a Halloween gift for you all from me. Hope you will enjoy reading it. "Roses are red, violets are blue. There is someone right behind you!!!!!!" ...
  • creepy
  • scary
  • fear
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Jake's Price by Ellie186
Jake's Priceby Ellie186
Not just another story where a gang leader falls in love. When Zak's older brother, Damon, is killed by a rival gang it is up to Damon's best friend to fill the gaping h...
  • brothers
  • loss
  • badboy
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Don't Breathe |✔ by --epeolatry--
Don't Breathe |✔by °•°e l s i e w e n°•°
That was it. Nothing was out of the ordinary...except me. I looked... not normal. My hair looked thin and wispy, skin sagged and sunk in around my protruding bones, and...
  • scary
  • shortstory
  • horror
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Garnished With Love 💕 by _miss_idealist_
Garnished With Love 💕by _miss_idealist_
A reflection of your unsaid feelings . ❤ It's a book containing poetry which will mesmerise your soul and enthrall you . A perfect dessert to your hearty meal of love...
  • insanity
  • poemhub
  • dream
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Chord of Love (Complete and unedited) by Amana-Deena
Chord of Love (Complete and Johlaherday
Anabella Andrews is her father's princess. Daughter of a wealthy business man who never knew her mother. She was treated like a princess all through her life. Her dad ma...
  • royalroseawards2018
  • family
  • hatred
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Never Let Go [Hiatus Till May 2019] by Sphinxvi-ir
Never Let Go [Hiatus Till May 2019]by Sphinx_Uchiha
Madara had fallen. Previously the Angel Of Salvation, he had succumbed to the darkness of mortals and turned into a dark angel, bearing all the hate and despair in the w...
  • theroyalawards2018
  • madara
  • fantasy
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Born A Leader by LavenderGalaxy47
Born A Leaderby LavenderGalaxy47
A Teen Wolf fanfiction. Tessa Brooks, her brother Jason, and her parents move to Beacon Hills after Tessa has a horrific vision of a new alpha killing innocent people i...
  • thegalaxyawards
  • allisonargent
  • teenwolf
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The Secluded Park Bench|✔ by --epeolatry--
The Secluded Park Bench|✔by °•°e l s i e w e n°•°
Alex was the boy who no longer wanted to live. Haley Green was a well known YouTube star who just needed a true friend. This tale tells you how a boy with no one to lov...
  • abusiverelationship
  • friendship
  • shortstory
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School And what we do in it! by Judyharris1414
School And what we do in it!by Judy Harris
"It is really funny and high key relatable." - GowriNandanag (Completed/editing) **** This book is about all the weird things teachers do and ask us to do. It...
  • theroyalawards2018
  • funny
  • teen
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Love Note by akorns
Love Noteby ◇ к. ◇
~2nd place winner of The Chaos Awards 5~ ~4th place winner of The Book Worm Awards~ "I put in my combination and opened it up, to see a small, pink piece of paper f...
  • lovenotes
  • regalawards2018
  • teen
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