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The Return by ashleyc94
The Returnby ashleyc94
Blake Paxton went to a senior year party. She was a quiet girl in a small town in South Carolina. Her dad being the owner of the Paxton's stores in town. A small town, n...
Backrooms Content!  by TimberWiththeLetterI
Backrooms Content! by Fuchsia
Its BACKROOMS CONTENT Im slowly going back to the fandom e And this might be mainly partygoers and partypoopers e YEET
The Return (Book One in the Wattpad Featured Return Series) by Cfunk3
The Return (Book One in the Cfunk3
"Why do I remember every detail of the day I was born? It's not just because of the dream; it's because today, October 10, 1997, will be the seventh time." El...
~The Return~ (Book Two of Dangerous Love) | #Wattys16 by Yellow-Sherbert
~The Return~ (Book Two of TayaBoo💕👑✨
⚠️If you haven't Read Dangerous Love first then go and read that before coming back here⚠️ "But as the Years Passed, She Missed Him More, Not Less, And her need for...
Festering Darkness by Silvan_Elleth
Festering Darknessby Sierra
After a failed spider mission, Legolas is left injured beyond what the Greenwood healers can help. Thranduil, worried for his son's Fea, sends him to Imladris for help...
THE RETURN - A Story of Unending Love  by GS_Stella
THE RETURN - A Story of Unending Stella
🏆 Winner of the NEW AUTHOR AWARDS - First place in the Mystery/Thriller category (20/04/2017) Highest ranking : #27 in Mystery/Thriller (on 04/02/2017) #29 in Mystery...
Simply Kingdom Keeper things by chew_10
Simply Kingdom Keeper thingsby chew_10
Just kingdom keeper things that pop into my head.
A New Life: a Spiderwitch Story by saltyredhead231
A New Life: a Spiderwitch Storyby SRH231
(Sequel to Got Each-Others Back: A Spiderwitch Story) 1 Year Later after defeating Norman Osborn, 19 year old Peter has taken online college to hopefully get a job in th...
12-08-80 by MoonbowMadness
12-08-80by Amy
Original story by I_CaRnT_SpeL, I am simply finishing it! Julian is a normal girl, excluding the fact that she can see the dead. Julian is astonished when she finds John...
The return by PageQuill
The returnby Drama Queen
Izzie returns to the place where she left everything nearly eight years ago. Did things really change since the last time she was here? Is there any chance for her to co...
JW Dominion: The Return of Rachel Grant  by natyliebautis14
JW Dominion: The Return of Natylie Bautista
This is the story of Rachel Grant and her return into the Dinosaur world. A place she left a long time ago. A place where she left in her past. But old habits always com...
Fantasies by Scarlet_Scarb
Fantasiesby ✦Jellie✦
I dunno bro. Here are some mini fantasies and scenarios. I made a f*cc girl named Charli and shes gonna be in a few of these too now. ~Btw, credit to me for the dang bo...
The Revival (Book Three in the Wattpad Featured Return Series) by Cfunk3
The Revival (Book Three in the Cfunk3
Resurrected once again, Ellie Blackwell now knows that there is no way to fight her destiny; so she decides to run, hoping that a new environment will wipe her slate cle...
How To Train Your Dragon 4: The Return Of The Dragons  (DISCONTINUED) by pikasqueakie
How To Train Your Dragon 4: The Loki
Hello! Quick note- this isn't cannon! It's just me missing the series and wanting to see what would come after the third movie. So,uh, I really hope you enjoy this- (FYI...
Chaos Walking Characters as Categories by acpmga
Chaos Walking Characters as acpmga
A few random categories of pop culture and other themes that I think suit the main characters of Chaos Walking.
Chaos Walking Childhood One Shots by acpmga
Chaos Walking Childhood One Shotsby acpmga
A few one-shots of ideas and head cannons that I have about the childhoods of the Chaos Walking characters. I wish we got to learn more about their backstories in the bo...
Bob & Regis Philbin 2: King K Strikes Back! by drfredphd
Bob & Regis Philbin 2: King K Dr. Fred, PhD
This is the sequel to my previous book Bob & Regis Philbin Stop The Chickens. Just sayin. Just when you thought that it was safe to buy your $20 Family Fill-Up, the ma...
Doodles  by Antimoose
Doodles by Antimoose
Hello there people, thank you for blessing this album with yer eyeballs. I bestow upon you the return of doodles with new characters (finally). So without further ado, e...
1700 Miles Doesn't Change Much by StraightOuttaChiTown
1700 Miles Doesn't Change Muchby James Mackey
The experience JJ would never forget. an average day just like everyday but today, today he endured more than just school, he endured something worse everyday, The Fact...