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LIVIE || DYLAN O'BRIEN by soulfulstiles
{DYLAN O'BRIEN} {SOCIAL MEDIA FIC} On-screen, Liv Mason and Dylan O'Brien have natural chemistry. Playing childhood best friends turned couple on...
A Certain Boy and Summer of Memories (A Honkai Impact 3rd Fanfiction) Volume 2 by Riguill01
A Certain Boy and Summer of Riguill01
Summer vacation has officially started. What better way to spend it but to go to the beach? - such was the thought process of a certain cutest principal in the whole wor...
Losing Game - Newt [The Maze Runner] by nebulaclouds
Losing Game - Newt [The Maze angelica
"are you questioning my methods?" "i'm not questioning them i'm saying they're bloody stupid." "oh you really know how to sweet talk me, love.&q...
Guardians, and Valkyries (Honkai Impact 3rd x Destiny 2 reader/Oc) by BlueberryZavala
Guardians, and Valkyries (Honkai The Claimer Of Ass
Two brothers, on the run, trying to survive, and live on their own. They both decided to run all the way to Japan, although it seems that Japan was being overrun, by mys...
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Subject X1- The Leader ✔︎ by ralexx07
Subject X1- The Leader ✔︎by alexx
"𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝑚𝑎𝑧𝑒 𝑤𝑎𝑠 𝑗𝑢𝑠𝑡 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑏𝑒𝑔𝑖𝑛𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔" ♡︎ Subject X1 also known as Violet was affected by the flare, not as others were affected. Sure she w...
Maze Runner Imagines/Preferences (Requests Open) by catfigas
Maze Runner Imagines/Preferences ( Catarina
I'm doing thomas, newt, minho and gally preferences. About the imagines I'll do what you request. It can be any glader you want. You just have to comment or message me
Protecting A Druid [TEEN WOLF] by glader0
Protecting A Druid [TEEN WOLF]by WeirdAFfangirl
PROTECTING A DRUID [BOOK 1] The night Stiles gets kicked out of the pack, his life changes forever. He finds out a shocking secret about his family, and later on joins Z...
Short Honkai stories. by Dashas37
Short Honkai Alex Clark
Many short stories about the valkyries and the agents. They will fall in love and make tight bonds with them
Maze Runner Imagines ➪ maze runner series by celestialcalista
Maze Runner Imagines ➪ maze cosmic sans*~” * ; .
.maze runner .scorch trials .death cure open to suggestions! - Copyright © 2018 by celestialcalista All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, d...
Capitan (honkai impact 3rd x Male reader) by newone036
Capitan (honkai impact 3rd x new one
My story of the Capitan with his adventure with his valkyries
Hiraeth~Thomas, (The Scorch Trials)  by Stilinski_O_Brien
Hiraeth~Thomas, (The Scorch O'Brien obsessed
"How can you be homesick for a home you don't remember, for a home you never had?"
What's Wrong With You? (Male Reader X a random Zombie in Honkai Impact 3) by NTMafia
What's Wrong With You? (Male NTMafia
Also.... Reader will X Honkai Impact 3. Don't ask me why, or the council of Water Sheep will angry. Description : Y/n L/n was one of the survivor from New York, after th...
𝐏𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐀 | NEWT₁ by wentmad
Honkai Impact 3rd things  by CrimsonMassacre
Honkai Impact 3rd things by CrimsonMassacre
Memes and random stuff to do with Honkai. (Still going)
Captain (Honkai Impact 3rd x Male Reader) by Mezmoreye
Captain (Honkai Impact 3rd x Mez
A story of you as the cap n such stuff like that. You will interact with your valkyrja (that's how it's spelled) throughout the story im going to tell you, bond with the...
Mutant And Proud/Newt X Reader\ by Alexisnap69
Mutant And Proud/Newt X Reader\by Alexisnap69
Mutation was the thing of the past during the X-men time. Years has passed and mutantions stop,but its come back during the time of the flare. People with supernatural a...
TMR IMAGINES / PREFS by snapapplejo
TMR IMAGINES / PREFSby joanna 🕸️
imagines/preferences from tmr series mostly preferences, sorry about the cover :-/ but you can give me suggestions and requests also included characters from tst and tdc...
Born To Be || Honkai Impact 3rd Fanfic (Rewritten) by IndecentPlanc
Born To Be || Honkai Impact 3rd Planc
This is a rewritten book, and basically the whole plot is this: "What if Dr.MEI failed to seal The Final Herrscher? But rather sealed, The Final Herrscher lose its...
Jojos In Honkai-verse (Also Reader X HI3) by NTMafia
Jojos In Honkai-verse (Also NTMafia
WARNING : SPOILERS FOR STONE OCEAN. This story take place in alternate JoJo universe, when Jotaro actually defeat Father Pucci, who wants to reset the universe. But Jota...
Honkai Impact Dread by ForeverBlackRose20
Honkai Impact Dreadby DreadfulRose
This is fanfic about my favorite mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd. Only Character I own is Mars and his sister Scarlet. (I have other original characters but Im still maki...