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LIVIE || DYLAN O'BRIEN by LexiePresta
{DYLAN O'BRIEN} {SOCIAL MEDIA FIC} On-screen, Liv Mason and Dylan O'Brien have natural chemistry. Playing childhood best friends turned couple on...
  • dylanobrien
  • kitsune
  • runner
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Honkai Impact 3rd, The last hope of humanity by AnaSniper22
Honkai Impact 3rd, The last hope AnaSniper22
Since the beginning of humanity, a force known as "Honkai" has tried to eliminate humanity. This is still a fact even today, where we have maidens with high Ho...
  • honkaiimpact3rd
  • fuhua
  • aichan
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Protecting A Druid [TEEN WOLF] by glader0
Protecting A Druid [TEEN WOLF]by WeirdAFfangirl
PROTECTING A DRUID [BOOK 1] The night Stiles gets kicked out of the pack, his life changes forever. He finds out a shocking secret about his family, and later on joins Z...
  • magic
  • teenwolf
  • theresa
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The Bubbly Russo|| Wizards of Waverly Place by NutellaEmpress
The Bubbly Russo|| Wizards of Nutella Empress
Megan Russo is the youngest daughter of the Russo family. She is a year younger than Alex. She is a very bubbly, positive person who tries to keep everyone happy. She is...
  • love
  • jerry
  • max
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          ashes, the maze runner. by hollvnds
ashes, the maze 𝒂𝒎𝒃𝒆𝒓.
all my dreams were turned into nightmares. the maze runner / newt the maze runner...
  • themazerunner
  • theresa
  • theflare
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Sythruk: I'm coming for you | book 2 by Marvy444
Sythruk: I'm coming for you | ThatWeirdOne
After Theodore is convinced to start dating Theresa. He then turns 16, the usual dating age, and loses his confidence. Can he gain his confidence back? Jake and Karolyn...
  • humanoids
  • theodore
  • superheroes
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Wizards Of Waverly Place by jassinski2505
Wizards Of Waverly Placeby Jasmin H
Alex Russo, now 25 years old lives in Los Angeles away from her home. Her family deicide to visit her not having seen her in some time. What her family don't know is tha...
  • jerry
  • theresa
  • justinbieber
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Hiraeth~Thomas, (The Scorch Trials)  by Stilinski_O_Brien
Hiraeth~Thomas, (The Scorch O'Brien obsessed
"How can you be homesick for a home you don't remember, for a home you never had?"
  • dylanobrien
  • thomas
  • thescorchtrials
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Teen Wolf and Maze Runner Crossover by lulu3290422
Teen Wolf and Maze Runner Crossoverby lulu3290422
Stiles, also known as Thomas, has no idea where he really belongs anymore. After losing his memories of Beacon Hills because of Wicked he's faced with all his new and ol...
  • lydiamartin
  • mazewolf
  • teenwolf
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Parallel Lines by sochill
Parallel Linesby Arielle C. (previously @EpicR...
Ryne Evers has the most normal - not to mention boring - life anyone could ever have. She goes through the pains of high school, has a boyfriend, fights off bitches, the...
  • shoot
  • carsh
  • meyers
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Traveler from the Future (Male Child OC X Honkai Impact 3) (Remastered) by user44057845
Traveler from the Future (Male DJ Abyss,Successor of Light
2014 year,a strong Honkai occurred in the city of Changkong.Kiana,Raiden Mei and Bronya three girls in the process of fleeing the Changkong,meet Muraka Himeko and at the...
  • maid
  • godkiana
  • anime
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The Maze Runner Zodiacs by trxnqxil
The Maze Runner Zodiacsby 🌙𝒆𝒖𝒑𝒉𝒐𝒓𝒊𝒄💫
Read the title lovelies ;) I couldn't find any of these so here you go. I present you the very first Maze Runner zodiac book ever written on Wattpad. Enjoy! ▪□▪ ACHIEVE...
  • newt
  • alby
  • minho
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The Ninja And The Assassin (Randy Cunningham X Reader) by AwksomeGirl789
The Ninja And The Assassin ( That Girl
You were a new girl at Norrisville High. You hoped that someone could be friends with you cause ever since Grade school you were kinda a loner. Why? Cause you were a Pro...
  • randy
  • justwriteit
  • randycunningham
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Surpassing Honkai (Saiyan Male Oc x Honkai Impact 3rd) by Hiroku6999
Surpassing Honkai (Saiyan Male Hunter Penkszik
Dbz x Highschool dxd x Honkai impact 3rd
  • himeko
  • dbz
  • bronya
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TMR IMAGINES / PREFS by snapapplejo
TMR IMAGINES / PREFSby joanna 🕸️
imagines/preferences from tmr series mostly preferences, sorry about the cover :-/ but you can give me suggestions and requests also included characters from tst and tdc...
  • brenda
  • scorchtrials
  • thomasxreader
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Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja: Ninja Norisu by KoeiGuy
Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Koei Guy
The following takes place if there were a season 3 of RC9GN. With the Sorcerer gone, McFist no longer wanting to kill the Ninja, everything was at peace in Norrisville...
  • bash
  • rc9gn
  • ninjanorisu
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Maze Runner Preferences/Imagines by catfigas
Maze Runner Preferences/Imaginesby Catarina
I'm doing thomas, newt, minho and gally preferences. About the imagines I'll do what you request. It can be any glader you want. You just have to comment or message me
  • theresa
  • thomas
  • mazerunnerpreferences
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Your the Only Girl? || Thomas || Maze Runner by JustAnotherAlec
Your the Only Girl? || Thomas || Call me Chuck
"No one survives a night in the maze." The voice known as Chuck say. Except me, Laina thought. Only two people knew she was locked in the maze that night and i...
  • nava
  • wcked
  • chuck
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A Gladers Little Sister by FANDOM_GEEK_13
A Gladers Little Sisterby FANDOM_GEEK_13
Let's say Gally has a three year old sister who was one day sent up in the box to the Glade. Will they remember one another, read to find out
  • thomas
  • sister
  • newt
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Fugget about it: the future  by queenofastrology
Fugget about it: the future by Princessmiacm
The present meets the future
  • barchie
  • teenwolf
  • stydiamartinski
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