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Winter Fire [ Book 1 ] ✔ by tallisaurus
Winter Fire [ Book 1 ] ✔by Avelley Ellis
On the second jump, Claire's bad leg gave way and she felt herself tumbling forward. A cry of surprise escaped her and Claire was certain she was about to topple off the...
  • fiction
  • prince
  • thephoenixawards
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Serendipity | A Teen Wolf/Supernatural Fanfiction by Skye-GodlessLostSoul
Serendipity | A Teen Wolf/ Skye
"So what is she? Some sort of new were-creature?" "She's human." "You're joking." "He's not." Beacon Hills has faced a...
  • supernatural
  • angels
  • thephoenixawards
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Peyton's school life diary (Leaving home) by Maryqueen-
Peyton's school life diary ( Angie_writes
HIGHEST RANKINGS: 295 out of 574 in discovery 17 out of 101 in jadepettjohn 73 out of 200 in brokenfamily 182 out of 553 in recovery Cover credits: Me Peyton diary tel...
  • talentawards2018
  • drama
  • familylove
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How Can We Live Like This? by QuasarRadiation
How Can We Live Like This?by Beth
-Gorgeous cover made by @Bloody--mascara Thank you, :) -- In the far reaches of an old country road, a little red house stands alone amongst fields of grass and wild flo...
  • aaron
  • thephoenixawards
  • cousins
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The Starstepper by Degal_Heartfang
The Starstepperby Fluffbutt
Have you ever wondered what it's like to have never lived? To never have been born? Never had a single breath, or have never eaten? To have never of felt the wind, or th...
  • starlight
  • ariel
  • sunburst
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Never Let Go [Hiatus Till May 2019] by Sphinxvi-ir
Never Let Go [Hiatus Till May 2019]by Sphinx_Uchiha
Madara had fallen. Previously the Angel Of Salvation, he had succumbed to the darkness of mortals and turned into a dark angel, bearing all the hate and despair in the w...
  • the11thhourawards2018
  • fantasy
  • love
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Nissa by sarcastic_sarah417
Nissaby Total Fangirl TBH
When all hope seems lost, Nissa, a young faerie gets an exciting job offer. **THIRD PLACE WINNER IN THE SHORT SHORT STORY AWARDS**
  • joboffer
  • flying
  • thephoenixawards
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Runaway by Degal_Heartfang
Runawayby Fluffbutt
Finally, after Annabelle finally escapes the closet, she is greeted with a new threat, Ed and Lorraine. On the run from them, she meets a unlikely friend along the way. ...
  • chucky
  • killers
  • thephoenixawards
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A Loner's Ballad by manasvitaa__
A Loner's Balladby manasvita
❝ It's worthless, reeling over broken expectations and harsh realities. ❞ Highest ranking: 1 in #poetries and #ballad. @manasvitaa__ all rights reserved.
  • romance
  • sadpoems
  • feelings
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The Struggle for LOVE by storywriter47
The Struggle for LOVEby storywriter47
"If you have LOVE in your life, then you have EVERYTHING". Lisa and David fall in love with each other. But people around do not let that happen. They try thei...
  • youngadult
  • popular
  • friendship
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American Catseye by kourtnienet
American Catseyeby Kourtnie McKenzie
Feline Society #337 directs Hooman #1 and Hooman #A on how to save the world from the Babylonian Brotherhood. Currently in-progress story. #5 Conspiracy Theory | October...
  • poetry
  • humor
  • cats
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Deception by AnkeLiebert
Deceptionby AnkeL
Being bullied leaves scars on your life, and no matter how hard you try to forget about them, they'll never fade. So when Amelia is given a chance to get even, she takes...
  • bully
  • deception
  • bullying
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Cobalt by sarcastic_sarah417
Cobaltby Total Fangirl TBH
Stella Williams hates the superheroes in Venus City. Quinn, one of her best friends, happens to be Cobalt, the city's favorite superhero. Stopping muggers and saving p...
  • finesseawards2018
  • heroes
  • secret
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Bright Side | Young Justice by Skye-GodlessLostSoul
Bright Side | Young Justiceby Skye
Wally West is dead, Dick Grayson left the Team, and Bruce Wayne adopted another kid. A lot has happened. Not mention the Light has created another plan and it may be t...
  • youngjustice
  • barbaragordon
  • artemis
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Bourne A Diamond (First Draft) by Hamster_Lord
Bourne A Diamond (First Draft)by Hamster_Lord
Warning: Majorly addictive reading material ahead. Read at your own expense. Sixteen year old Kaylee Boardman is an only child. Her Dad died in a skiing accident when s...
  • thephoenixawards
  • jasonbourne
  • sisters
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I bring you words by SkylarSkullRider
I bring you wordsby E.Grace
A collection of poems, a grouping of words. Lovely cover by @VinylLights Winner of the Pyschiadelic Awards poetry category
  • poems
  • universe
  • starlight
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The Wolf Within: A Forsaken Novel by Littlest_Smok
The Wolf Within: A Forsaken Novelby Smol Smok
Raelynn Kazimer is bitter. But she has every right to be. She is different. Forsaken. Raelynn was just fine living in the forest, staying as hidden in the shadows as s...
  • government
  • vampireromance
  • wolfgirl
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True Fear: Sweetie by Degal_Heartfang
True Fear: Sweetieby Fluffbutt
The first book of my new series: True Fear. Meet Lyra Miles and her brother, Lukas Miles. Lyra and Lukas lives in a small town of Graceville, Florida, with their friends...
  • wendigo
  • fighting
  • lukas
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Molten Miracles by outofthelabyrinth
Molten Miraclesby outofthelabyrinth
// where She was a Dragon And it was time she flew //
  • hiddentreasures
  • sad
  • young
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The Battle by SquirticusMaximus
The Battleby Squirt :D
Two sides, Stuck in an eternal dance, To fight, to win, to live, to lose, to die. A dance not for the faint of heart, But for the bold and courageous. Both going for th...
  • shortstory
  • flowers
  • minilibraryofthought
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