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A Dorl Movie by DatJasmine
A Dorl Movieby fangirlling.jasmine
Corl meets Denis and Denis meets Corl in highschool. All of a sudden, there in a relationship! Find out next in A Dorl Movie! ( im so sorry lol im not gud with intros ;...
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thinking bout u(elijah best) by wetforlije
thinking bout u(elijah best)by lucian
elijah best. smut/fluff.
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Detch by WhichLeftOhWait
Detchby WhichLeft
Elijah goes on a trip with the pals, (excluding Braden, sorry I still love Corl's vids) and one day gets in an accident, or you might say a 'pickle' with Denis and Corl...
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Cuts (Sketch x Reader) by The_Pals
Cuts (Sketch x Reader)by Twiggy YT
You can break my heart into a million pieces, a million times over, but I will always keep picking them up and handing them back to you. - Someone rea...
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The Pals Rares by Sparkle-Beagle
The Pals Raresby Sparkle
⚠RULES!!!!! ⚠ 1.Dont ask where is pictures well he friend's pals with instagram or others im sorry im no tell you... 2. Dont Ask can i sent i never sorryyyy 3. Dont ask...
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Art Book Of The Pals by Sparkle-Beagle
Art Book Of The Palsby Sparkle
Welcome you see my art of the pals =) K bye.
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Gone (Sketch x Reader)✓ Book 1 by NicoleGamer9
Gone (Sketch x Reader)✓ Book 1by •★Nicole★•
⚠WARNING :⚠ Contains wrong spellings and grammars because this is my first story!! ♠DESCRIPTION : ♠ Y/N, a 17 year old teenage girl, who is living with her only...
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Sub And Gang One Shots by mrsdracomalfoy9
Sub And Gang One Shotsby Arendina James
Ships include: Alex x Sub (Salex) Denis x Corl (Dorl) This will be updated whenever I get ideas so it won't be scheduled. Sorry!
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Pals story ideas/Dorl one shots  by Kreative_Kat
Pals story ideas/Dorl one shots by 💜Kat💜
If you want to use these ideas you can. They are of the pals. Each chapter is a different story line.
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You and Me  by AntiandDarkLover
You and Me by Aṋ̮̭͈͜͝t̴̤͖͍͉͆̊̕͜ḭ̷̶̼̝S̹҉e͚...
*Completed* You were just an ordinary girl. He was just an ordinary boy. You both met at Sublex Cafe on Dorl street. He immediately fell for you. You were skeptical at f...
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What It's Like To Live With The Pals (ON HOLD) by --imdifferent--
What It's Like To Live With The gay-ass bitch
You go online and buy a something to figure out who you are related to. As you are looking you see a familiar name. Upon closer inspection, the name you see is Elijah Be...
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Closer ~ sketch fanfic  by notsohappycamper_
Closer ~ sketch fanfic by rylee:)
Y/n is a nineteen year old girl who is SubZeroExtabytes little sister. Horrid past comes, a confusing yet, somewhat loving future. Elijah and y/n aren't great friends at...
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Opposites Attract (Sketch X Reader) by ThePalsexe
Opposites Attract (Sketch X Reader)by Ur mom
"Well I mean, Opposites Attract, right?"
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i was walking with a ghost [Alex x Sub] Sublex/salex {Wattys2017} by Danika_Fuller
i was walking with a ghost [Alex IM TRASH~
sub was not a normal kid at a school. Alex was mainly normal, but he was gay. when they meet, Alex has feeling for sub, but can Alex ever confess? a terrible tragedy cau...
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I'm broken (Denis X Reader) by ThePalsexe
I'm broken (Denis X Reader)by Ur mom
Behind a Mask (Sub x Reader) by The_Pals
Behind a Mask (Sub x Reader)by Twiggy YT
A very Sally Face like fanfiction about YN and Sub.
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Together (Sketch x Reader) by Cake_Coke_and_Cats
Together (Sketch x Reader)by Super Long Name
❝Will we ever be together?❞ ❝No.❞ ⁂⁂⁂ ❝What even are we?❞ ❝Together....❞ * C O M P L E T E D * Y/N, a girl studying computer science and stuff at a college in Florid...
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Dorl~My little broken boi by Solanum_Lycopersicum
Dorl~My little broken boiby JJ💕
Corl has lived his whole life abused and alone, he's never had any friends and can't trust anyone, but when a so called bully starts noticing him feelings are formed, an...
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Dare The Pals {Completed} by WhoStoleMyDonut
Dare The Pals {Completed}by madi
A book where you get to dare The Pals to do something! Dm me or write in the comments your dares! c:
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Abused (Dorl) {Completed} by WhoStoleMyDonut
Abused (Dorl) {Completed}by madi
{Completed} Corl's boyfriend, Andrew, abuses him physically and sexually but Corl still loves him to death. Corl and Andrew are visiting Denis for 2 weeks. Denis doesn't...
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