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Behind Closed Doors  by danilynn87
Behind Closed Doors by Danilynn
As Emma plans her upcoming wedding, she looks back on her time in Storybrooke. Regina and Emma have come a long way as friends, but are they keeping secrets from their p...
The Life of a Mistress by nlab21
The Life of a Mistressby Naliiiiii✨
"Whoever said being with a married man was fun? They lied. Let me tell you sis the drama, the heartbreak, the lies aren't worth the 5 minute of excitement. I was st...
A Mother's Love by nightinggyle
A Mother's Loveby xx
After Karlheinz married Cordelia, Beatrix, and Christa, he sought for another woman to become his wife. His gaze soon fell upon Y/N. She was a pureblood vampire with a s...
Simply Irresistible by glitter_charm
Simply Irresistibleby Javean A Francis
Ophelia Quinn thought she had everything, a sweet sister, a crazy persistent best friend and a company that makes her billions. Yet still there was something missing. Wh...
When Noura Met Zayd, Again by eclecticsunflower
When Noura Met Zayd, Againby sunflower
When Noura meets Zayd after years of separation, she's pleasantly surprised and somewhat perplexed that he grew up to be a decent guy. Noura can't seem to get past their...
CHIMERA (Vol. I) by aundreathewriter
CHIMERA (Vol. I)by Aundrea The Writer
If I could find a way to stop and rewind it all, I would. That's all I wanna do. Go back to the beginning. I don't know how far back. Maybe one year? Maybe two? Mayb...
The Affair. by mmisadventures
The mmisadventures
Alana Delgado never expected to one day come home from grocery shopping to her hard working, loving husband and realise just how much he grew distant and ignored her. He...
Dear Chantel by aundreathewriter
Dear Chantelby Aundrea The Writer
It ain't nightmares that scare me anymore. Or the fact that I'm the monster rooted in them all. No...the scariest part of being awake is facing the woman I love, knowing...
LOLA by berachahbless
LOLAby Blessing Izuchukwu
The incidence of reported cases of child molestation is surprisingly high with many unreported cases. "LOLA" is a story that borders on child molestation. It t...
❝I can't have what's not mine.❞ based on the song "not mine" by katie garfield short chapters COMPLETED
Falling  by claratarah
Falling by claratarah
They were the it couple. Adored by all they met and loved by everyone they knew. No one expected the tragedy which would befall on the Golden Couple. Authors note: This...
The Other Woman [h.s] by _DivineStyles_
The Other Woman [h.s]by _DivineStyles_
"Because I Was Born To Be The Other Woman, Who Belonged To No One, Who Belonged To Everyone. Who Had Nothing, Who Wanted Everything."
At The End Of The Day [N.H.] by DraftWritings
At The End Of The Day [N.H.]by Shubhika Verma
Celebrity life seems cool right? Paparazzi wherever you go, tons of cool interviews, a buzzing twitter and instagram account and last but not the least, millions of fans...
The Other Woman by SheWrites89
The Other Womanby SheWrites89
This story is about a sidechick who falls in love with a married man🤷🏾‍♀️ Read along to see what happens with Mia Jaceon and his crazy wife Tasha.
The Other Woman by witchyymoon
The Other Womanby witchyymoon
Brenna Andrews is an intelligent and quiet student pursuing her dream of being a social worker. Adam McClintock is Brenna's strong, charming, and extremely handsome boss...
From Atheist to Christian by xXGodsBabyGirlXx
From Atheist to Christianby Susy
A Christian Blog/Magazine If you have any poems, stories, or testimonies i will be more than willing to add them :) thank you and God bless! xoxo
The Other Woman by Zeesmusic
The Other Womanby Zee
A wife's perfect world is forever changed when a beautiful and mysterious woman captures the attention of her husband.
A F F E C T I O N by exoticfinn
A F F E C T I O Nby s
"Yours was all I ever wanted." // Classic romance from a not-so-classic point of view // #weneediversebooks #stopslutshaming
The Other Woman by addicted2wrds
The Other Womanby addicted2wrds
Nayomi appears to have the world at her fingertips. She's traveled the world, she's graced the cover of magazines like Vogue and Cosmopolitan, she has two top selling al...