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Bitten || Teen Wolf (Theo Raeken Fanfiction) {UNDER HEAVY EDITING AND REVISION} by CinderMouse
Bitten || Teen Wolf (Theo Raeken Sassi Mouse
UNDER EXTREME EDITING AND REVISION. BE WARNED! - At this time, Bitten may seem confusing but I am currently working on each chapter individually before I republish the...
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• Bullet Proof • by Mimi_Writess
• Bullet Proof •by Mimi
"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" **** She is beautiful. She is kind. She is smart. She cares a lot for others, j...
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Beautiful Sin | Theo Raeken ✓ by mikkiandnackk
Beautiful Sin | Theo Raeken ✓by hiatus
"Where there is love there is no sin... unless you're in love with Theo Raeken." Entering her senior year alongside the pack, Kendall Argent is reminded exactl...
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anchor | thiam by louush
anchor | thiamby louush
Social Media AU. If you want it in french I posted it on twitter (ahufflepuffsau)! Si jamais vous le voulez en français je l'ai posté sur twitter (ahufflepuffsau)! Star...
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Little Paws by LOUIS_TOMMOS_WIFE505
Little Pawsby LOUIS_TOMMOS_WIFE505
Theo and Liam have a one night stand. They thought they could ignore it and forget it happened, but fate had other plans.
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The Youngest Black -DISCONTINUED- by LemonMirangz
The Youngest Black -DISCONTINUED-by LemonMirangz
Teen Wolf/ Harry Potter crossover Cassiopeia Walburga Black is the youngest and only daughter of Walburga and Orion Black, younger sister to Sirius and Regulas Black. Ca...
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Perennial by In_A_Land_Of_Fandoms
Perennialby In_A_Land_Of_Fandoms
Tessa Dunbar is Liam's adopted sister, taken in by the Dunbar family when her parents were tragically killed in a car accident on her sixth birthday. Liam and Tessa were...
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Kitsune || Teen Wolf by -serenityy
Kitsune || Teen Wolfby Serena
"A 'Keze' Kitsune? What's that?" "Kaze. A Kitsune of the wind." "Cool.. With a K!" The meaning of the name Aira is of The Win...
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forgotten ༄ liam dunbar ✔ by hazuuuh
forgotten ༄ liam dunbar ✔by 𝚑𝚊𝚣𝚎𝚕
𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐆𝐎𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐍 || "Emilia's existence was erased from everyone after the Ghost Riders had taken her, but later defeated, and everyone returns, her existence was...
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Teen Wolf Imagines by Starksparker
Teen Wolf Imaginesby Kaylee
*Smut/Sexual Content/Mature/18+ ----- To request an imagine, just read the first paragraph of the Prompt list. Requests are always open for whatever unless stated otherw...
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Bitten~Liam Dunbar by teenwolflife1192414
Bitten~Liam Dunbarby Dumbar
"It's ok." I tried to reassure him. "No." He hissed through his bared teeth. His eyes flashed golden. "It will never be ok."
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Theo Raeken Imagines by james-buns
Theo Raeken Imaginesby El 🐱
These are all the Theo and Cody imagines that I've written so far. Enjoy xx.
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Drowning | Nolan Holloway ✓ by mikkiandnackk
Drowning | Nolan Holloway ✓by hiatus
"I'm drowning. Drowning in fear." Fear is a constant state for Alice Calder, a surviving victim of the Beast's rampage several months ago. Before she only look...
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Quit  ・  Theo Raeken by siIvermist
Quit ・ Theo Raekenby 𝒋𝒂𝒔
Hannah Blake was falling in love with her pack's mortal enemy. On a scale of one to ten, how screwed was she? ━━━ theo raeken x oc ...
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Dark Side of the World // S.S. [Book Two] by TheQuietHufflepuff
Dark Side of the World // S.S. [ TheQuietHufflepuff
Nearly a month and a half after the death of a beloved pack member, Scott and his pack must travel outside the U.S. to rescue someone close to them, but not all goes acc...
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Teen Wolf Imagines by authenticmiya
Teen Wolf Imaginesby Imagines❄️
Teen Wolf Imagines ;) Scott McCall Stiles Stilinski Derek Hale Isaac Lahey Liam Dunbar Aiden Steiner Theo Raeken Jackson Whittemore
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LOVE BUG ━━ isaac lahey by benswyatt
LOVE BUG ━━ isaac laheyby ㅤ
isaac lahey and gwen renaldi are perfect for each other... it's too bad she doesn't know he exists. teen wolf social media au, isaac lahey x oc benswyatt | 2019
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Believe In Yourself |THIAM| by AndreaDunbarSL
Believe In Yourself |THIAM|by Dunbar Raeken
Social Media/ AU Real Life It gets... INTENSE! Completed [September 27th 2019] {Under Editing}
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Nefarious » Theo Raeken by _toxicity
Nefarious » Theo Raekenby Mol
Note: This was written a while back so a lot of it is badly done and a lot of issues are poorly tackled. Kara Dunbar promised herself no drama when she moved to Beacon...
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Evermore ❖ Stiles Stilinski [3] by mei1524
Evermore ❖ Stiles Stilinski [3]by mei1524
"You're gonna forget me." "I won't. No, I won't. I won't." She denied. "Em, you will." He said softly, "Just try to find some way to...
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