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Daughter of Ice and Bone by Airzae
Daughter of Ice and Boneby Airzae
After Aino is blamed for the death of a bear, she must go on a quest to clear her name, and retrieve the people of her village who were taken to the land of the dead. A...
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Élphame by AnnabethC
Élphameby L. N.
It's getting worse. Not now. Why now? It's been dormant for weeks! Naomi thought, squeezing her hand repeatedly into a fist to try to suppress the faint tingling in the...
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Lif and Lifthrasir - Asgardian Tales - Book 1 by BaileyBookandSketch
Lif and Lifthrasir - Asgardian BaileyBookandSketch
Power has a price. No Half Bloods know this better than the Lifs and Lifthrasirs, possessing the power of Yggdrasil itself, able to manipulate the dimensions of Life and...
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Thor's Champion: A Competition [CLOSED] by TheMythological
Thor's Champion: A Competition [ TheMythological
The gods have sent out the call. They are in need of a mortal to fight alongside them and battle the darkness that encroaches upon our worlds. Do you have what it takes...
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Cursed: The Legend of Sleeping Beauty by BaileyBookandSketch
Cursed: The Legend of Sleeping BaileyBookandSketch
Long ago, the Kingdom of Alagil was cursed by a Dragon for their greed and lust for power, the Royal Family having seized the entirety of Gold Thread she made for the pu...
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Sphinx Critiques by TheMythological
Sphinx Critiquesby TheMythological
Are you brave enough to go before the Sphinx? Are you clever enough to impress her? Apply here and find out
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Lif and Lifthrasir - Gates of Hel - Book 3 by BaileyBookandSketch
Lif and Lifthrasir - Gates of BaileyBookandSketch
Geaes plan for destroying the Half Bloods through sheer force is coming to pass as monsters overwhelm the lower Realms and flood into Midgard from Tartarus - the monstro...
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Lif and Lifthrasir - Breath of Life - Book 2 by BaileyBookandSketch
Lif and Lifthrasir - Breath of BaileyBookandSketch
The Tournament of Heroes is underway and under more scrutiny than ever before as tensions rise between the 9 Realms. With a new Realms' War, possibly worse than any oth...
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Siren Song: A Review Book by TheMythological
Siren Song: A Review Bookby TheMythological
We know what you seek- a voice to bring you to another world, a tale to haunt your dreams. Read on to find stories so beautiful, they may just drive you mad.
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About The Mythological by TheMythological
About The Mythologicalby TheMythological
This book has all you need to know about our account and the resources we provide. Read on to learn what we're all about, as well as how to be added to our reading list!
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