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Family Is Forever by heavymetalnerd777
Family Is Foreverby heavymetalnerd777
This story is going to eventually involve all of the Muppets, but this story (or soon to be series) will mainly be about the Electric Mayhem band, and Floyd's adopted li...
It's A Muppet Life: A Muppets Fanfiction  by heavymetalnerd777
It's A Muppet Life: A Muppets heavymetalnerd777
I've always wanted to put myself in a story of my own, welp, that's happing now! This story will be about me and my real best friend, Paige, fellow electric mayhem fan a...
The Many Misadventures Of Doctor The Frog by muppfan55
The Many Misadventures Of Doctor muppfan55
The Many Misadventures Of Doctor The Frog (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Frog Pajamas) The Time Lord known as the Doctor is on an alien planet, definit...
The Electric Mayhem Drama (Warning Nsfw) by SkyRGray135
The Electric Mayhem Drama ( Allen Alien
The Muppet band we all know called the electric mayhem quit the muppets to start their own career. But things aren't as easy as it seems. As we all know Floyd and Janice...
Hiroko And Super Mario Interactive Adventure Game by Mia_Ramirez_A113
Hiroko And Super Mario Mia Ramirez
Can You Help Mario Save Princess Peach And Help Hiroko Find Hitoshi Who Suddenly Disappeared? Note: Only Own My OCs. Hira And Hiroski Are Completely Absent In This One...
Janice Meets Sonic The Hedgehog by Blackpaw2020
Janice Meets Sonic The Hedgehogby Julia Bennie
Janice discovered a golden ring that takes into another world. plus it's after Sonic defeated dr. robotnik.
Julia goes to Hollywood bowl by Blackpaw2020
Julia goes to Hollywood bowlby Julia Bennie
This story is about how I saw The Muppets at the Hollywood bowl.
The Little Mermuppet by muppfan55
The Little Mermuppetby muppfan55
Once upon a time, in an underwater kingdom, there lived a merpig named Annie Sueriel. The pig always longed to go to the surface, and one day, during one of her dangerou...
Just Fucking Kermit the Frog Memes by RonSwansonsMom
Just Fucking Kermit the Frog Memesby Kermit Is My Senpai
Im dumb and bored and Kermit makes me happy. 🐸I don't own anything related to Kermit🐸
Crossoveronpa by ConkerTheWolf
Crossoveronpaby ConkerTheWolf
A Danganronpa Crossover of different characters from games like Danganronpa, Doki Doki Literature Club, Undertale, Cuphead and more! Even Anime and Movie characters from...
Off to college  by MandiTheFrog
Off to college by Mandi 💚✨
Mandi officially finished high school and is off to a new chapter in her life. Having to leave her family and friends behind. How will she be?
I've been waiting for the day we'd meet again.. (KERMIT THE FROG X RED) by kermitthefrog1955
I've been waiting for the day we' kermitthefrog1955
this is a fanfic about one of my OC'S ''Red'' she's a muppet and she's had a crush on kermit since they met at daycare but since kermit was with miss piggy she couldn't...
Just me and you  by MandiTheFrog
Just me and you by Mandi 💚✨
Mandi finds out that she's having a baby but after her boyfriend finds out, he leaves and Mandi's stuck to go through it all alone. When Mandi finally tells her dad what...
Electric Mayhem One Shots!!! by stardustdingdong
Electric Mayhem One Shots!!!by penis music
guess who has a new special interest and writes stories about them nonstop (hint it's me) Ships: Floyd Pepper & Zoot Dr Teeth and Lips
My Mother.. by MandiTheFrog
My Mandi 💚✨
Mandi gets into a tragic accident and it causes Kermit to fall into a hole of stress. As he decided to call Miss Piggy to help, she begins to realize how badly Kermit ne...
sick by MandiTheFrog
sickby Mandi 💚✨
after a deadly virus spreading around California, no one knew it would catch onto one of the muppets. Who is it? What is the virus? Will this member of the group live?
When We First Met by MandiTheFrog
When We First Metby Mandi 💚✨
Kermit and Miss Piggy both begin to remember when they first met. Kermit was only five years old when he met a young 3-year-old pig. They became the best of friends but...
||The Muppets Alvin and The Chipmunks Adventure|| by cartoonnerdgirl
||The Muppets Alvin and The Jeanette-Angel
The Chipmunks and The Chipettes go on a trip with Dave to Las Angela but when Theodore meets Walter the two discover that a evil oil man named Tex Richmen wants to tire...
Labyrinth Short Scenarios by KarinaDeSousa65
Labyrinth Short Scenariosby Pink Strawberries
⚠️Sarah is 18 years old.⚠️ LABYRINTH SHORTS!
A Merry Muppet Christmas  by MandiTheFrog
A Merry Muppet Christmas by Mandi 💚✨
A depressed little frog began to wonder how life would've been if she was never born after disappointing her father on Christmas Eve. Find out as Jim's spirit takes her...