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Mental Illness Put Into Words!! by Marivelisse5
Mental Illness Put Into Words!!by Marivelisse Pagan
My way of letting my depression, anxiety,Bipolar disorder etc out...
In The Mind Of A Maker by CamdenStuart
In The Mind Of A Makerby ginger snap
Original, depressing, locked iPhone notes from yours truly.
Paper Planes || A Bunch O' Poems by melodic_butterflies
Paper Planes || A Bunch O' Poemsby Akeyna
A collection of astronomically different poems ranging from the fear of being left behind to a pigeon crossing the street. Feeling like the happiest person alive to feel...
Fragments by IronAce
Fragmentsby IronAce
First uploaded poem. I just love how you can write/read something, and the more you go over it, the more you can find different meanings, interpretations, or nuances hid...
My Mind by PrincessLyoka
My Mindby PrincessLyoka
A physical documentation of the mind of the PrincessLyoka, a young teen writer with Asperger's Syndrome. Here you might find story ideas, rants, unofficial sequels (late...
New Beginnings   (Sanders Sides Fan-fiction) by Frangwen366
New Beginnings (Sanders Sides Frangwen366
These characters belong to Thomas Sanders Virgil (Anxiety) must get past the horrible ghosts of his pasts with the help of his friends. Will his enemies become his fri...
The Tragic Tales by Wrathaholic
The Tragic Talesby Wrathaholic
A collection of Tragic Tales that me, and my friend Juan Ortiz (who is an amazing writer) are working on. The main story & ideas aren't mine, I merely gave the story a...
The Boy Behind the Blinds by Eve_Isabelle_N
The Boy Behind the Blindsby Eve_Isabelle_N
"Everyone deserves a standing ovation at least once in their life."-wonder
The Mind by Mettalia17
The Mindby Mettalia Haze
This is the story of a bunch if girls who have mental super powers!
 The Mind by loveislostbae
The Mindby loveislostbae
the mind is a very dangerous place to explore yet some people seem to love the exciting attributes of the mind. They find it enticing but as it was said the mind is a ve...
Lonely Soul by MamaMikiara
Lonely Soulby Mason/Miki
This is anything I come up with. This can go anywhere. So warnings right now. I can go to a bunch of things that could trigger about anything to very nice and sweet. Bar...
Madness by cjhernandezwriting16
Madnessby CJ Hernandez
Poem written, all from phrases and clauses rearranged from the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Fade away:The journal  by Ivey1oo
Fade away:The journal by Ivey1oo
A little book for me...maybe you too,straight from the heart...Fading away into my thoughts again. NB:This is for all who live more in their mind and heart than the grou...
The Mind: Kgwedi and Kelello by JonathanMoshoeshoe
The Mind: Kgwedi and Kelelloby Jonathan Moshoeshoe
The story is a Journey of Kgwedi In Everyday Life. This time He is not alone because He meets this new "person", unknown to him. The both live life together an...
feelin by CyerraSanchez
feelinby Cycy
pain loss greif self blame guilt low self-esteem saddeness love etc
Slow Motion by ToTrendy
Slow Motionby Brittany Finley
How things slow down with out you knowing.
~{Psychological time with Rosie}~ by Rose_Doing_Stuffs
~{Psychological time with Rosie}~by RoseWantsToGoHome
poetry, quotes, philosophy, psychology, thinking deeply with the mind, deep thoughts, etc. I will be posting in here thoughts I've had about feelings, emotions, the huma...
The mind by tierraa_love
The mindby tierraa_love
Pain come in so many different languages it's up to you to control your mind.