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Never Say Never by authornarmada
Never Say Neverby Narmada HN
Winner of CUPID's profile's "Unexpected Love" contest.
The Millenial Contest | New Adult by NA
The Millenial Contest | New Adultby New Adult
Challenge yourself to write something new and discover the New Adult life! Please note, the following contest and its rules are the creation of a team of Ambassadors and...
The Maze of Justice by Pretty_Snowflakes
The Maze of Justiceby Jana A.
In the name of joy, Gracia unwillingly agrees to join a party her friends invite her to. But, in a moment, everyone disappears. In what felt like a dream,she's locked in...
Hera's Choice by cabello_aesthetic
Hera's Choiceby countlessinfinites ∞
Twenty-one year old Hera Kingsley has had a difficult time with love. Juggling trying to survive a pandemic and find someone to really suit her interests has left her bu...
Camp Beaver by RosannaMI
Camp Beaverby Rosanna M. I.
Camp Beaver is a place in the middle of the forest, full of kids ready to have fun and lose their minds with hikes and lots of sugar in their veins. It's safe from meeti...
Zombie Cyborg  by -DarkVeil-
Zombie Cyborg by Elena H.B
Please beware that this book was written for the #NAcontest [Contest Winner] ****** What happens when Nova's friends unexpectedly di...
Once Upon A Red Door  by Smilingcarnation
Once Upon A Red Door by Muskan
Nancy Anderson, is a simple 20 year old girl. One night , her friends persuade her to go to a party she never wanted to go to. After much efforts from her friends she gi...
Troublemakers by hotbarista
Troublemakersby hotbarista
Text written for the Cupid Contest - Unexpected Love! Charles is a wannabe Troublemaker who unexpectedly meets his match when he least expects it...
Saving Them by Meastyrious
Saving Themby Diamond,M
'Should I save them or let them die in that room? Should I?'Cause in the first place,I don't really care at them. Yeah,I call them friends but is it worthy to risk my li...
The Oath by bringmeviolets
The Oathby bringmeviolets
For a while, my only interactions with the gods had been brief chance encounters. That changed a few months ago. It was the beginning of a hot summer, I was twenty-two...
Break Out ( Rewritten ) by carrotss1496
Break Out ( Rewritten )by Carrot1496
"The howls got louder. Hands trembling, she strengthened her grip on the door knob and turned it, not knowing what awaited on the other side...." 18 year-old V...