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Best I Ever Had by ukendeavour
Best I Ever Hadby UKEndeavour
When Tina found out about Bette's affair she left. yet things didn't go as planned for her. she started a new life which will bring her back to LA. But things have also...
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Pretty Little Liars/OITNB/Vampire diaries/Gossip girl/Lost girl/The L word by 1D_Loverrrr
Pretty Little Liars/OITNB/ PLL_is_Life
What would happen if you put the main characters from.. Pretty little liars, The vampire Diaries, Orange is the new black, Gossip girl, Lost girl and the L word together...
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Maze >> Stray Kids by hyunjinslogic
Maze >> Stray Kidsby 𝕳𝖆𝖗𝖑𝖊𝖞
#5 in stray kids series ❝it's remind me of home...❞ ❝wow, is it because my name is Sydney?❞ ❝no, because you're you, you're beautiful, amazing and make me fee...
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Behind Closed Doors (tibette)  by Revo-lutions
Behind Closed Doors (tibette) by Revo-lutions
Who ever thought that the chemistry seen on "The L Word" between Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman would unfold beyond the cameras. Learn the truth about what...
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Et si c'était vrai... by milaie69
Et si c'était milaie69
Et si leur amour avait dépassé fiction? Et si Jennifer Beals et Laurel Holloman avaient eu une aventure comme toutes les fans de série ont un jour spéculé? Et si c'était...
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Celebrity by ukendeavour
Celebrityby UKEndeavour
Broadcaster and talk show host Bette Porter has found love and the world would love to know (this story is unedited and is as it was when i wrote it TEN years ago)
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Shot in the dark by ukendeavour
Shot in the darkby UKEndeavour
When Tina found out about Bette's affair she left. yet things didn't go as planned for her. she started a new life which will bring her back to LA. But things have also...
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This is us by ukendeavour
This is usby UKEndeavour
10 years ago I wrote this story. The story starts one month after season one finished. Bette and Tina have to choose to either start again or make a clean break. A new s...
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Me Gustan Mayores (BWMM) by issajamaicanqueen
Me Gustan Mayores (BWMM)by °•Carib🇯🇲motion•°
Read and you'll find out🌺
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the L word oneshots by jazzieDxox
the L word oneshotsby jasmine deville
one shots of my favourite L word characters
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Catch The Spy (GxG) by Briatanny
Catch The Spy (GxG)by
Zoe (18) works as a Spy for her gang, The Faceless Snakes. Her latest task is to kidnap the daughter of The Mirror Pistols boss, Cara (19). Cara is next in line to lead...
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Not Yet •A BeetleJuice X Adam Fanfic• by daddybeetlejuice
Not Yet •A BeetleJuice X Adam Daddy Beetlejuice
What happens when you take a sexual demon named BeetleJuice and put him in a room with a shy ghost named Adam?
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Falling for Mikey tua by Synamen_Mcclease
Falling for Mikey tuaby Synamen_Mcclease
you are the new girls in town and you start falling for a guy named mikey butt his friends seem to like you to thing tend to get dirty
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Forever Us by SabreenaLowe
Forever Usby SabreenaLowe
Forever Us is a story set in the state of Maine. It follows two college students, Sara Matthews and Hadin James. Sara meets Hadin at the University of Maine and falls qu...
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𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐋𝐄𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒 ✰ B. KROL & J. GARAY  ☓ by toasterblake
𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐋𝐄𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒 ✰ B. taylor
❝ hey, whoever this is, text me! i would love to talk to you ! ❞ IN WHICH he lets the crushing over take him and he falls for the popular boy highschool au benji...
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Colorful Soulmates (gxg) by Briatanny
Colorful Soulmates (gxg)by
(Inspired by the Tik Tok trend) Hailey has always been told that when she meets her soulmate she would see color, after spending 18 years in black and white she doesn't...
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The Table Isn't Big Enough! #TheLWord by wxtch_bxtch
The Table Isn't Big Enough! 𝖗 & 𝖘
A story in which six friends gather for brunch at someone's house, but yet there aren't enough seats, and especially not for some big news. ~ • The L Word: Generation Q...
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Cleric of Life by echokoshy
Cleric of Lifeby Leothepup
While one tries to ignore it, the other is intrigue and decides to persuade it. But when that decision only ends in heartbreak, and while the other still refuses to admi...
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The "L" Word: Generation Q by jooowilson
The "L" Word: Generation Qby J.M Wilson
The morning after the party, the gang gathers around for the latest gossip, secrets, and betrayal over brunch. Sophie is nowhere to be found, Finley has a new girlfriend...
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•The Orders•  |JENLISA| by JinhaKim527
•The Orders• |JENLISA|by JKLM.1627
Jennie came back from New Zealand after 5 years she continued her studies and career there in South Korea and met someone unexpectedly that will turn her world upside do...
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