Invincible // Superman by Geekasauruz
Invincible // Supermanby Geekaraptor
"You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the...
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  • nightwing
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Dick Grayson (Young Justice Fan Fiction) by Marc_Anthony_Brown
Dick Grayson (Young Justice Fan Dick Grayson
When The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, and more of the Justice League is kidnapped by Cadmus Elite Force of Villains: Reverse Flash, Deathstroke, Metallo sent by Amanda Wal...
  • dickgrayson
  • robin
  • youngjustice
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Yandere! DC x Reader by 23Potatoes
Yandere! DC x Readerby BloodOfaWarrior
Have you ever loved someone so much that the very thought of them rips your mind apart? Have you ever loved someone so much that you would melt into a puddle at the ment...
  • batman
  • thejusticeleague
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The LEGO Justice League Movie by Navani_Nightshade101
The LEGO Justice League Movieby Pandamonium
Take:1 annnnnnnd......action! Hello again, Batman fans. My name is Bru-Batman. I mean Batman, my name is Batman. Forget what I just said before I................! ...
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DC  Trivia and Questions by Batboys_Lover1939
DC Trivia and Questionsby YoungJustice/BirdBoys lover
Ok so I really love Trivia. So for all you DC fans out there I really hope you remember your DC movies and TV shows I might make a Marvel one because love Marvel also ju...
  • trivia
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Lucy Quinn Oneshots  by NHPrincess2004
Lucy Quinn Oneshots by Cassandra Cain
Hi guys!! Here's my little book of Lucy Quinn and the batfamily Oneshots! I make chapters from requests and anything that pops into my mind!
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  • justiceleague
  • selinakyle
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ATLANTIS ➤ ARTHUR CURRY [1] by xWintersBabyx
ATLANTIS ➤ ARTHUR CURRY [1]by xWintersBabyx
❝She went to the ocean And jumped in the waves And prayed the darkness would take her away She gasped for air that wasn't there And let the sea consume her❞ ...
  • atlantis
  • thejusticeleague
  • brucewayne
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The De-aged Robin by RaverGrayson
The De-aged Robinby raven-123
What happens when Joker shoots some sort of beam at Batman, but Robin takes the hit, and turned into a babbling 3 month old baby. What will Bruce do...after all he never...
  • richard
  • youngjusticeleague
  • brucewayne
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Red Hood And The Outlaws (DC Teen Series) by Purple12Septembera
Red Hood And The Outlaws (DC Kimberly
A team is all about faith, kindness, sportsmanship and most importantly trust. Apparently the Outlaws have non of those qualities. An ex hero who had everything he had...
  • thejusticeleague
  • theoutlaws
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Machine Hearts: A Victor Stone Love Story by Dreamchaser1980
Machine Hearts: A Victor Stone WakandaForever
Victor may have had a rough life,but there was one thing that always kept him going. He had his girlfriend and she had been with him through thick and thin,but he had ne...
  • action
  • fanfiction
  • romance
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The unspeakable (editing) by snowbarry_lover
The unspeakable (editing)by Snowbarry
Caitlin snow is a new girl in central city. She starts her senior year at central city high. Along the way, she makes enemies and frineds. Barry Allen finds her amusing...
  • dc
  • justiceleague
  • thejusticeleague
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Throne of Atlantis// Aquaman by Geekasauruz
Throne of Atlantis// Aquamanby Geekaraptor
It all happened in an instant. One split-second decision and Camille's life changed forever. She was as average as anyone could be, as normal as the people in a crowd. S...
  • fantasy
  • batman
  • jasonmomoa
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Escape Velocity // The Flash by Geekasauruz
Escape Velocity // The Flashby Geekaraptor
"Lack of fear is not the mark of courage. It is the mark of idiocy. Courage is knowing fear and overcoming it."
  • action
  • theflash
  • barryallen
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