The Unknown Cimorelli (Cimorelli/ Fifth Harmony/ You) [Wattys 2017] by Misfit0123
The Unknown Cimorelli ( madmads89
Y/N Brooks. She lives with her foster family. What do you think will happen when her real family finds her after 16 years? It all happens at a charity concert by Cimorel...
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Hired for Luke brooks by salvatorewifey
Hired for Luke brooksby salvatorewifey
Katie harper is a normal teenage girl, but what happens when she is asked to be Luke brooks 'pretend' girlfriend because he needs to show fans he has more feelings? It's...
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Sex Slave Luke and Jai Brooks by Loly_diva
Sex Slave Luke and Jai Brooksby Loly_diva
Most important: My parents are bitches! Hi Luke, Hi Jai.. Your our sex slave Fuck Pranks Dares YouTube
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Lucinda Sahyounie (Janoskians) *EDITING* by fjkkd_xo
Lucinda Sahyounie (Janoskians) * 🌟🌟🌟
Book One in the Lucinda Sahyounie series. *"I've lost count of how many times I have read this book and I still love it." - Courtneyb122201* *"Still readi...
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Janoskians Imagines by XxLukesLoverxX
Janoskians Imaginesby Aysha
**REQUESTS ARE OPEN** It is what the title says If you want me to write you one just tell me in the comments Your name: Which boy: Sweet/fight/makeup: My first book ever...
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