Daughter Styles  by typicalhxrry
Daughter Styles by Chloe
Harry Styles' daughter is no angel
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Kidnapped... ~Jai Brooks Fanfiction/Completed~ by AggeliannaX
Kidnapped... ~Jai Brooks GɧơŞŧ ơʄ mɛ
When their hate goes out of the racing track, blood shall be spilled. Fatal hate between Jai and Oliver will lead Jai to kidnap Oliver's sister, Darcy. His friends becom...
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The Unknown Cimorelli (Cimorelli/ Fifth Harmony/ You) [Wattys 2017] by Misfit0123
The Unknown Cimorelli ( madmads89
Y/N Brooks. She lives with her foster family. What do you think will happen when her real family finds her after 16 years? It all happens at a charity concert by Cimorel...
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Janoskians Imagines by XxLukesLoverxX
Janoskians Imaginesby Aysha
**REQUESTS ARE OPEN** It is what the title says If you want me to write you one just tell me in the comments Your name: Which boy: Sweet/fight/makeup: My first book ever...
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Teenage Desperate (Janoskians Love Story) by Charisse_Leah
Teenage Desperate (Janoskians Leah Brooks
It is about the five teenage girls who were best friends since they were little And they moved to australia. And suddenly they all meet the silly five teenage boys (The...
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Love Squared (Janoskians)*COMPLETED* by lindsey_penelope
Love Squared (Janoskians)* Lindsey
You know what they say, if seems too good to be true, it probably is. It's like taking all of my feelings towards him and doubling, no, squaring them. **beautiful cover...
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Janoskians Preferences by DayDreamDays
Janoskians Preferencesby QUEEN OF LOSERS
May or may not contain strong language, badboys, 50 shades of sexuality ;) *ahum* smut *ahum*, Drugs and alcohol.
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reckless // jai brooks by city-of-chaos
reckless // jai brooksby marr.
"oh come on love, live a little! After all, what's the fun in doing what you're told to?" - RECKLESS | 'reklǝs | adjective (of a person or their actions) wi...
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