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Cell Buddies | n.m by m0-renita
Cell Buddies | n.mby mia
Contains mature content and explicit language! You've been warned. Highest ranking: 2 #Nate Maloley ©m0-renita you CANNOT translate this book.
oblivion [hg] by skambaby
oblivion [hg]by skambaby
❝do i ever cross his mind?❞ in which a girl is oblivious to the love a boy has for her UNDER EDITING - © all rights reserved to @skambaby
Cali bound (A magcon story) by paytond1011
Cali bound (A magcon story)by Payton
Ariel,Crystel and Lexi go to Cali for 2 months and run into some people on the way.
Haimish | J.G. Fanfic by Jacksbootay
Haimish | J.G. Fanficby ❤️
HAIMISH: (hey-mish) adjective. Homey: cozy and unpretentious "But Jack Gilinsky you'll never understand the feeling; it's almost haimish in a sense"
The friendship is over(Shawn mendes, jack Johnson and kalin white fan fic) by Mendes_babe_KKS
The friendship is over(Shawn Krystal, Kayla, and Sara aka...
This is book about Sara Krystal and Kayla its been 7 years since they met, Krystal and Sara are best childhood friends but then Krystal got Kayla so she is in their fri...
snapchat // hayesgrier by dreamyhayes
snapchat // hayesgrierby babygirl.
in which a curious young teen accidentally sends a snapchat to the wrong person. and that small mistake, ends up changing her life.
Randomness Of MEEEH by johnsonsdesire
Randomness Of MEEEHby Z
Hey its Gilinsky! Ill try to make a book of myself and my queen❤
The Battle • Gilinsky by jilinskyxgohnson
The Battle • Gilinskyby s.k
Isabelle Whitesides and Jack Gilinsky had fallen head first for each other in high school. Three years into the relationship Izzy falls pregnant at age 20, with their ba...
A Cheater (Maarison and Jadison fanic) by obey_jackie_xD
A Cheater (Maarison and Jadison Jackie
Madison loves Jack but it all goes downhill after she goes to a high school party without him and meets Aaron. She ends up pregnant. But who's kid is it Jack's or Aaron'...
the babysiters my brother? by allycat4532
the babysiters my brother?by Ally Cat
Avery is just an average teenage girl, Shut off to all social media sites, Has an interest in music, And her mother abuses her. One day her friend found a babysitter, Th...
D.J & J.J(a jack Johnson fanfic) by live_love_him
D.J & J.J(a jack Johnson fanfic)by Caci
D.J is loner and a reject.Until she bumps into Jack Johnson. Jack Johnson is a viner, musician, and loved by all the ladies...until he bumps into a girl who doesn't know...
Complicated Affiliations// Jack & Jack by officialomahalane
Complicated Affiliations// jess
Is history more important than the present
Burglars by eatincashew
Burglarsby Ahsxcashew
Two gangs. One from each. Same house. Same time. In which a girl from one gang robs the same house as a guy from another gang.
Just friends (Sammy Wilk) by slut4sammy
Just friends (Sammy Wilk)by slut4sammy
After 19 years of living in Louisiana being best friends with Aaron, Sam, moves out to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. What she didn't expect to appear so soon was the...
bad kids by Elizabethswaggy123
bad kidsby Elizabethswaggy123
Elizabeth vera is a 17 year old that lives in wisconsin but every changes when she moves to omaha and meets the jacks and sammy
Forever and Beyond by eatincashew
Forever and Beyondby Ahsxcashew
Some people may have "always" others have "okay" but we have "forever and beyond" {©eaтιncaѕнew~©aнѕхcaѕнew}
Why Us by giggles1231t
Why Usby giggles1231t
Six little girls lived in a old little run downed orphanage in California, they were all beaten called names, even were threatened to be killed by their mean orphanage m...
Unforgettable | Cameron Dallas Fan Fiction by camdallaswho
Unforgettable | Cameron Dallas camdallaswho
Kayla Smith your average 19 year old finally starting her last year of school. Never failing to get straight A's Kayla is all about school. Until one afternoon when she...